Title AuthorRankViewsUpdate
It's Nothing but LOVE   (2 chapters)  
Rainie, Alien, Aaron, Hebe, Joe, Ariel, Show  
SIMPLYaRainieLover no rank   477 19-10-2011
Faith In You - Main Characters and Synopsis   (1 chapters)  
Rainie Yang-Show Luo-Xiao Gui-Sandrine Pinna-Aaron Yan-Gui Gui  
andrinayang no rank   555 18-10-2011
Striving For Justices   (1 chapters)  
Characters; Bowie Lam Raymond Lam Ron Ng Bosco Wong Ruco Chan Charmaine Sheh Elena Kong Tavia Yeung  
Anonymous_21194 no rank   263 18-10-2011
Tick Tock-Star Star Star   (1 chapters)  
Yoona, Taecyeon, Jessica (SNSD), SNSD, 2pm  
rayda4life no rank   291 15-10-2011
Lost   (2 chapters)  
Rainie Yang, Show Luo and others~  
Ellsweetella no rank   553 8-10-2011
Ads *****   818 8-10-2011
Get Over You   (7 chapters)  

Linda Chung, GEM, Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Janice, Fala, Niki Chow

rayda4life no rank   707 8-10-2011
Love Letter   (16 chapters)  
Rainie Yang - Show Luo - Kashii Yu - Jolin Tsai - Mike He - Wilber Pan - Ariel Lin - Barbie Xu  
andrinayang no rank   2056 7-10-2011
Beautiful Mistake   (7 chapters)  
sweetheart4show no rank   1261 4-10-2011
My Greatest Love: A Promise of Happiness - My Favorite Song   (7 chapters)  
Jiro Wang, Reen Yu  
ceresxiaoru no rank   282 4-10-2011
To Where You Are (Completed)   (100 chapters)  

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, and other TVB Artists

dp6170 no rank   2434 2-10-2011
Unchanged Hearts   (3 chapters)  
Show Lo  
yaya730 no rank   387 25-9-2011
The Other Side (Rated)   (1 chapters)  
Kim JaeJoong (main), Kwon Boa (main), Jung YunHo, Kim JunSu, Park YooChun, and more.
RaeRae no rank   443 24-9-2011
Hidden Desires   (1 chapters)  
sweetlimz no rank   275 22-9-2011
seconds   (1 chapters)  
diamondmist no rank   236 17-9-2011
L.O.V.E   (1 chapters)  
show luo, rainie yang, cyndi wang, alien huang, hebe tien, and others  
yuli luo no rank   327 16-9-2011