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My Greatest Love: A Promise of Happiness - My First Romance   (7 chapters)  
Wu Chun  
ceresxiaoru no rank   481 9-9-2011
Bitches VS Bastards (R)   (1 chapters)  
Park shin hye, yoon eun hye, jang  
stinkytofu6 no rank   471 5-9-2011
Enchanted Ella (R)   (13 chapters)  
Ella Chen (S.H.E) FenLunHai: WuZun/Chun Jiro Wang Aaron Yan Calvin Chen  
stinkytofu6 no rank   2635 5-9-2011
Natural Attraction (Rated for R)   (13 chapters)  


stinkytofu6 no rank   2676 5-9-2011
Jian Dao Gui   (8 chapters)  

S.H.E.(Hebe, Ella), Fahrenheit(Arron, WuZun), GuiGui, Mike He, Wangzi, Jerry Yan

stinkytofu6 no rank   1092 5-9-2011
Ads *****   818 5-9-2011
The Devil's Lair   (4 chapters)  
Aaron yan, WangZi, GuiGui, Hebe, Big Bang, Fahrenheit and Mike  
stinkytofu6 no rank   808 5-9-2011
Remember The Forgotten...   (2 chapters)  
All of SHINee...main are Jonghyun, Key and Minho 


cindy92pillay no rank   353 1-9-2011
Remember The Forgotten...   (1 chapters)  

cindy92pillay no rank   193 1-9-2011
Eotteokhae?! I've fallen for an Idol!!   (1 chapters)  
bebeth1996 no rank   420 28-8-2011
Longing for each other   (13 chapters)  

Show Luo and Rainie Yang

Kenxtreme no rank   2876 27-8-2011
Day By Day   (3 chapters)  

Main Cast: 伍 family
-mum: Louise Lee
-dad: Ha Yu
-oldest child/ daughter: Charm  

tvblover no rank   217 21-8-2011
My Greatest Love: A Promise of Happiness - My Beautiful Soul   (7 chapters)  
Aaron Yan  
ceresxiaoru no rank   383 20-8-2011
Love That Never Stops   (5 chapters)  
Hebe Tien and Aaron Yan  
Kenxtreme no rank   849 20-8-2011
The chosen ones...   (1 chapters)  

Characters: 2min, eunhae, ky  

rainbowFAIRY no rank   215 17-8-2011
Trials and Tribulations   (39 chapters)  
Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin  
Kenxtreme no rank   5009 13-8-2011