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Meeting Mike He (completed)   (53 chapters)  
Starring: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Ariel Lin, Cyndi Wang, Ken Zhu  
fan123 no rank   18085 2-6-2011
MAID for You   (1 chapters)  

B2ST, Big Ban  

AsianCuteness no rank   283 31-5-2011
Take A Deeper Look   (5 chapters)  
Jay Park  
misselly425 no rank   242 31-5-2011
He is the one   (2 chapters)  

Gui Gui-Wang Zi-Aaron

animelov31 no rank   1394 29-5-2011
Maybe it's love, maybe it's not   (5 chapters)  

Show Luo and Rainie Yang

Supporting casts:

SHE, Makiyo, Mike He, and Xiao Gui

SRtogether no rank   772 28-5-2011
Ads *****   818 28-5-2011
December, in love with Mr. Pig   (3 chapters)  
Cast: Show Luo-Rainie Yang-WIlber Pan-Barbie Xu-Sandrine Pinna-Ady An-Van Ness Wu  
Shelma Ibrahim no rank   743 27-5-2011
Too Close to My Heart   (1 chapters)  
Rainie Yang + Joseph Cheng  
MADE IN HEAVEN no rank   367 24-5-2011
I Told You, Now I Have To Kill You   (1 chapters)  

Jaycobisl no rank   272 24-5-2011
Love Puzzle   (37 chapters)  

Show Luo, Rainie Yang,Aaron Yan and Hebe Tien, Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou


Kenxtreme no rank   4210 22-5-2011
My Child   (17 chapters)  

Super Junior, U-kiss: Dongho, MBLAQ:Mir, SNSD: Jessica

dolen899 no rank   1143 19-5-2011
It All Begun With A Fall   (2 chapters)  
Main Stari  
yusotsau no rank   263 18-5-2011
Changes of the Heart   (36 chapters)  


TaylorJoy137 no rank   1194 15-5-2011
Fate's Path   (6 chapters)  
Aaron Yan and Gui Gui  
no rank   445 12-5-2011
Cruel Intentions   (1 chapters)  
YunJae & JaeWon  
missxripley no rank   921 12-5-2011
Special Agents   (32 chapters)  

Show Luo, Rainie Yang,Ariel Lin, jay Chou, Hebe Tian, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Gui Gui and Xiao Xiao  

Kenxtreme no rank   3161 2-5-2011