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AF needs funding again

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AF needs donation, or we're in trouble..

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How to join and help the AF-team?

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Hong Kong Movies

This is where all HK movies can be discussed!

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Hong Kong Idols

  1. Hong Kong Female Artists
  2. Hong Kong Male Artists

Hong Kong Male and Female Celebs can be discussed in here.

  • 1,250 topics
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Modern Time HK-Series

  1. Modern HK Series Archive
  2. Come Home Love 愛回家
  3. Missing You 幸福摩天輪
  4. Friendly Fire 法網狙擊
  5. Inbound Troubles 老表,你好嘢!
  6. Season of Love 戀愛季節
  7. Reality Check 心路GPS
  8. A Great Way to Care 2 仁心解碼 II
  9. Slow Boat Home 情越海岸缐
  10. A Change of Heart 好心作怪
  11. Awfully Lawful 熟男有惑
  12. Triumph in the Skies II 衝上雲霄II
  13. Sniper Standoff 神槍狙擊
  14. Brother's Keeper 巨輪
  15. Will Power 法外風雲
  16. The Hippocratic Crush II On Call 36小時II
  17. Bounty Lady My盛Lady
  18. Coffee Cat Mama 貓屎媽媽
  19. Outbound Love 單戀雙城
  20. Queen Divas 新抱喜相逢
  21. A Time of Love 愛情來的時候
  22. Ruse of Engagement 叛逃
  23. Swipe Tap Love 愛我請留言
  24. Rear Mirror 載得有情人
  25. Never Dance Alone 女人俱樂部

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Ancient Time HK-Series

  1. Ancient HK Series Archive
  2. The Day of Days 初五啟市錄
  3. Bullet Brain 神探哥倫布
  4. Beauty At War 金枝慾孽(貳)
  5. Karma Rider 師父‧明白了
  6. Always and Ever 情逆三世緣
  7. Return of the Silver Tongue 舌劍上的公堂
  8. Gilded Chopsticks 食為奴
  9. Storm in a Cocoon 守業者

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