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Carina Lau Ka Ling (劉嘉玲)

carina lau lau ka ling

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#81 stina


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 06:14 AM

i love her. she's so pretty. she looks so great for her age! i think she and tony should get married.


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Posted 09 September 2006 - 06:21 PM

ahh... so she's still not married yet? I heard people say she should marry to Tony from posts dating before 2004.

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Posted 03 March 2007 - 10:05 PM

Posted Image
Tony Leung Trusts Carina Lau Did Not Cheat
Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau Ka Ling have been dating for 17 years. Earlier, rumors spread that Carina was involved with wealthy Taiwanese merchant, Guo Taiming.

Holding hands, Carina attended a charity ball and family wedding with Mr. Guo. Afterwards, she flew back to Hong Kong on Mr. Guo's private jet and accompanied him on a tour of Hainan Island as well.

Allegedly, Tony was dissatisfied with Carina's high profile exposure with Mr. Guo. To pacify Tony, Carina booked an early skiing trip with him to Hokkaido earlier.

Appearing at the Hong Kong Film Expo yesterday, Tony was in good spirits and responded to Carina and Mr. Guo's rumors, "Carina has already responded accordingly to the press's questions. But I can tell you with complete confidence that I trust Carina entirely."

Reporters were quite respectful towards Tony and did not press the issue further. However, they asked if Mr. Guo asked Tony to film a movie, would Tony accept? "I will not answer any hypothetical questions raised." Tony requested reporters to change the topic.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Carina's Response to Rumors with Mr. Guo

Carina had explained earlier, "Mr. Guo is my friend. The press printed photos of Mr. Guo's hand on my thigh, but the effect was a result of the camera angle. There is no need to complicate matters further."

"Each time I am spotted with a male friend, everyone thinks there is romantic involvement. But they are just normal networking and social events. There is no need to hide anything. I don't consider them to be anything more. Tony never questioned me about them either."

Tony has been nominated for the Best Actor Award for his role in "Confessions of Pain" in 2007's Hong Kong Film Awards. He is happy that he has been nominated and whether he wins the award will be dependent on luck.

Tony's movie, "Infernal Affairs" was remade by Hollywood into "The Departed," starring Leonardo Di Caprio, and won numerous Oscar Awards.

"Confessions of Pain" has also been picked up by Hollywood for a remake. Tony is proud that Hong Kong movie scripts have international recognition, proving that there is much talent in the Hong Kong film industry.

Credit: http://jaynestars.com/index.php?name=News&...cle&sid=818

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Posted 30 March 2007 - 01:48 PM

I think Carina should not have posted the photo above. Its not fair to tony but luckily they are fine . ^_^

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Posted 19 May 2007 - 09:39 AM

I really love her attitude. Love her series and her accent. =] i think she looks really elegant. she hasnt beeen in much movies lately though...hope to watch more of her movies in the future x)

#86 Guest_DeepInMyHeart_*

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Posted 06 July 2007 - 06:55 AM

Posted Image
Carina Lau's Bar Faces Downturn in Business
Carina Lau Ka Ling's bar, Muse, opened in Shanghai last year. Numerous celebrities and friends frequented the bar initially and business was good. However a report indicated that after the initial reception, business has slowed down significantly.

Carina's bar is located in the northern district of Shanghai. Although it is a short distance from the other bars in the area, it is off the beaten path.

Allegedly, several bars in the vicinity have already shut down due to lack of business.

Credit: jaynestars.com

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Posted 16 November 2007 - 06:54 AM

I think she's really hot... Especially when she curls her hair...

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Posted 19 January 2008 - 04:14 PM

I always believe Carina and Tony will last 4eva. They hv been 2gather 4 so long and they trusted each other. I hope the paparazzi knows how to respect others and dun create untrue statements for the sake of their sales !! It's so unprofessional :thumbdown

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 09:32 PM

Posted Image

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEntertainmentUniverse
Source: Mingpao

Rumored Tony Leung's Proposal to Carina Lau on Red Carpet

Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau recently has been rumored that their marriage will be approaching, besides marriage rumors there has also been rumors that Carina is pregnant. Leading Actress Carina did not deny marriage rumors. The two's love relationship has been going on for 20 years, Emperor isn't rushed but the Eunuchs are rushed. Some Mainland Fans wrote up a story of how Tony would do a romantic proposal to Carina on the Red Carpet of the Hong Kong Film Awards tonight. The story had been spreading online and now everyone is waiting for the good show. Unfortunately, Carina will not be attend the award ceremony tonight, there will only be Tony in the 'show'.

Last year, Tony Leung and Carina held hands as they walked down the red carpet of the award ceremony - they were said to be one of the important 'spotlights' of the year. This year rumors say that Tony and Carina would get married, some fans from Mainland said that Tony would propose to Carina on the red carpet, are these words true? It has been said that this year Tony and Carina's 'good time' is coming up, it is estimated that Tony will fufill this promise. Fans hope that Tony could build up courage to propose to Carina on the Red Carpet, this is their wish.

Carina Not Attending, Tony Leung One-Man Show
Last night Carina was in Taiwan to attend a Fendi event, she was asked by reporters if she thinks Tony would propose to her in tonight's Film Awards ceremony? She smiles and said that she did not hear about it, but she plans to stay in Taiwan for a few more days. Tony will be giving an opening speech at the awards ceremony tonight, as Carina will not be present, its a one-man show for Tony.

"Everyone has a wound and a dark side"
Last night, after Carina watched film after film, she became touched. Rumors said that Carina told friends after drinking that everyone has a wound and a darkside, must face them nicely. After Carina said that, people felt touched and that it had a profound meaning.

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Posted 28 April 2008 - 08:59 PM

Translated by: kingkongit27 @ Asian EU
Source: Mingpao

Carina Lau proclaims she will get Married for the sake of her mother

Carina Lau and Tony Leung have both proclaimed that they are preparing to get married. Her father passed away last year and one of her biggest regrets is not being able to let him see her wedding. She hopes that while her mother is still present she is able to attend her wedding and not feel any more regrets in the future.

Life After Marriage
Yesterday, Carina attended an event for Longines Watches in Shenyang. She says "I am very happy. I have been with Tony for about 20 years. We support each other in all area's of life and work, just like husband and wife. Marriage is just for ceremony but I will not avoid this. I hope my mother can attend my wedding and see my happiness. If I do get married this year I will let everyone know immediatley". Asked whether she would retire from the entertainment industry like her friend Faye Wong after marriage? Carina laughs "I am not someone who is easily influenced. I enjoy working and life after marriage will not be very different.

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Posted 20 May 2008 - 01:07 PM

Carina Lau Announce Marriage with Tony Leung

The long-anticipated marriage of Hong Kong actors Carina Lau and Tony Leung will take place later this year.

Lau, 43, revealed the news on Saturday during a commercial appearance in the northeast Chinese city of Shenyang. The Taiwan media reported the pair would officially announce the wedding date during the red carpet show of the 61st Cannes Film Festival next month.

Posted Image

It's said that Lau started planning the marriage with Leung, 46, when her father passed away two years ago. She hopes tying the knot with her boyfriend of 19 years will provide some comfort to her mother.

#92 lkwan


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Posted 06 June 2008 - 01:05 PM

Hurray.Finally they are getting married.Not only her mom, we hv been waiting for this good news for so many years.

#93 foreverleila

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Posted 11 June 2008 - 09:02 PM

Tony Leung and Carina Lau to get married in October
Wednesday June 11, 2008 Hong Kong
Translated by: dragon888 @ Asian EU
Source: Mingpao

Rumour has it Tony Leung and long standing girl friend Carina Lau iare to tie the knots soon.This marathon romance spans has 20 years . The media is very interesting in their forthcoming marriage. Earlier on there were some speculations that they were preparing for the wedding to take place at The Four Season's Hotel in which 38 tables have been booked for this October. They will break the good news in good time. Among the guests honor list, they have invited from Thailand to be their master of ceremony. After that they will go to Europe for their honeymoon.

The two families were seen having lunch together at restaurants to discuss about the wedding plan. There were report saying that the two have been delaying getting married because of Feng Shui. It would affect Tony's career if he was to get married before he is 46 years old and have children. He will be 46 on 27th July. Hence they can get married after that. Fay Wong is invited to attend the wedding.

Spokes person from when asked to clarify the rumour, replied that as far as the company is concerned, there is no news from Tony himself about the wedding plan. The two families seen having dinner together to celebrate.

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#94 lkwan


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Posted 17 June 2008 - 02:06 AM

Can't wait to see their wedding pics. Have been waiting for so many years.

#95 mv_288

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Posted 24 June 2008 - 07:35 PM

Posted Image

Translated by: dradon888 @ http://asianeu.net/forums/
Source : Mingpao

Carina Lau not wearing her diamond ring

Carina Lau attended a promotion event in Shuchou yesterday. fiancee Tony was not there. Rumour has it she hasn't been wearing her engagement ring . It was because she is worried people would ask her when the wedding day is. She appeared for only just 20 minutes . When asked by reporter about her wedding date and whether it will be held in her home town , she replied " Hopefully , I will have a stable home." She didn't exactly answer the question.

#96 foreverleila

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Posted 29 June 2008 - 09:09 PM

After 20 years marathon courtship, Tony Leung and Carina Lau decided to get hitched. They want to create another page in their lives. There is rumour that the wedding will be in October and it will be held in Hong Kong. But another rumour from Taiwan says they have planned the wedding day on 21st July in Bali, under the blue sky and white cloud, hoping to get blessings from relatives and friends.

Different wedding rumours

Since the announcement of Tony and Carina's wedding plan, the exact date of the wedding has been the subject of the reporters. Some suggested 42 year old Carina wants to have a baby. Some claimed the venue of the wedding has been booked for October at Four Season Hotel. Others said the wedding is planned in July after the filming of "Red Cliff". They even said invitation cards have been sent for a July wedding, they claimed Carina had confirmed that.

Yesterday the news from Taiwan stated that the couple is getting married in Bali on 21st July. They have booked the entire hotel and are inviting all their relatives and friends.

Entired Hotel booked for the wedding

Carina had said before she and Tony have been through a lot and they are both very mature about their relationship. Now is the time for their lives to enter into another phase. It was thought that Carina had planned the wedding since January. But the date of the wedding was only decided not long ago. Since they have made the decision, they wanted their relatives and friends to have a good time, not to be disturbed unnecessarily. They have booked the entire hotel, even providing return air tickets for the relatives and friends to celebrate their wedding.

#97 mv_288

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Posted 04 July 2008 - 07:31 PM

Posted Image

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Dragon888 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Report from Korea: Tony Leung and Carina Lau to get married in Paris

Although Tony Leung and Carina Lau have been together for 19 years and had already announced their wedding plan, they are not giving much away. They kept the venue a secret and also asked their relatives to keep their mouths shut too. As a result, there have been numerous rumours regarding wedding dates and venues of the wedding.

Yesterday the media in Korea had joined in the rumours because Tony is now well known by the Koreans following "Red Cliff" and " Lust Caution". A Korean magazine reported " Ending 20 years marathon love story, Tony and Carina to get married soon". It also reported they will have the wedding in Paris.

Ray Lui 呂良偉 : Wedding day set for October

Good friend of Carina, Ray thought the wedding day was set for October. He is surprised now it has moved forward to July. He was going to invite Carina, Rosamund Kwan 關之琳 and Donnie Yen 甄子丹 to visit the Dujiang Dam area in the hope that the school would be rebuilt.

#98 foreverleila

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Posted 14 July 2008 - 07:37 PM

Wong Kar-Wai to Direct Leung-Lau Wedding
Monday July 14, 2008 Hong Kong

One of China's most famous star couples want their wedding to feel like a romantic movie. Tony Leung and Carina Lau have invited award-winning director Wong Kar-Wai to help them work out their wedding details.

Wong, the best director at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, will be the chief curator for Leung and Lau's much-discussed wedding in October, the Oriental Morning Post reported Monday.

Wong's 2004 film "2046" won Tony Leung a best actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. He is also a long-time friend of the couple.

Art director William Chang, who took part in almost every film by Wong, has been invited to work with him again, the report says. Chang will be responsible for designing Lau's wedding gowns and ensuring that the wedding is "visually stunning."

Tony Leung, 46, and Carina Lau, 42, have been dating for nearly 20 years. Reports about their wedding plans have been making headlines since they began sending out invitations last month. Yet the couple has kept the date and other details under wraps.

Rumors suggest that a lavish, star-studded wedding will be held in October, but others say it's actually scheduled for this month.


#99 foreverleila

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Posted 14 July 2008 - 08:57 PM

Why I'm marrying Carina
Saturday July 12, 2008 Singapore

HONG KONG - Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai has revealed why he is finally marrying his girlfriend Carina Lau, saying they made the decision because of her father's death.

Hong Kong's most closely watched showbiz couple have been together for 19 years before he surprised everyone in February by saying that they would marry this year.
WAKE-UP CALL: On-off lovers Tony Leung and Carina Lau will finally get married this year after the death of Lau's father last year prompted the couple to want to speed things up.

He finally said why in a recent TV interview in Shanghai, in which he also gave a rare peek at his relationship with Lau.

'Why are we getting married this year? Possibly it's because Carina's father died last year,' Apple Daily quoted him as telling Chinese TV host Cao Kefan. 'She felt that while our families are around, we should let them witness what they ought to witness.'

Leung also revealed what made them tick as a couple. 'I'm more of a loner and quieter, with few friends.

'We're well-balanced as she's cheerful and has many friends. If you're alone for too long, you'd hope for some excitement but not too much.

'But after a while, when there's a meeting with many friends, I will feel happy. And it's fun.'

Asked if Lau regards him as her source of strength, he said: 'She looks strong but is inwardly weak.

'I am both strong outside and inside. We match. So when she feels confused about things and is perplexed, I will tell her not to worry.'

Asked how they sort out any squabbles, he revealed what may be the secret to their long-lasting relationship.

'I will avoid confrontation... calm down a bit and view the issue objectively. Life's too short to fret over things.'

This article was first published in The Straits Times on July 10, 2008.

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Posted 15 July 2008 - 02:38 AM

Triads made me pose in the nude: HK star Carina Lau
Monday July 14, 2008 Hong Kong
Source : Straits Times Paper,Singapore

Finally Speaking

FOR 18 long years, Hong Kong actress Carina Lau kept mum about her humiliating ordeal at the hands of triad members.But now, with her impending marriage to long-time actor boyfriend Tony Leung, Carina, 43, has finally broken her silence.Back in April 1990, the budding actress was bundled off into a car, blindfolded and forcibly photographed nude by triad members.

The incident came to light years later, in 2002, reported The New Paper on Sunday.That was when Hong Kong's East Week magazine published a topless photograph of her being held against her will on its front cover.While her eyes were masked, speculation was rampant that the actress involved was Carina.She kept mum for a few weeks after its publication and later admitted she was indeed the actress in the photographs.

Recounting the nightmare

In her first candid interview since the photos were leaked, she told Hong Kong newspaper Nanfang Doushibao that she had stepped on some triad members' toes by refusing to act in a movie that they were involved with.

At the time, there was a lot of triad involvement and investment in the Hong Kong film industry, she said.'Because I didn't agree to filming the movie, they decide to punish me by doing this', she added.TNP said on the morning of April 25, 1990, she was driving home when she realised that another car was tailing her.After she turned into a carpark, a number of big sized men opened her door and grabbed from the car.

'They dragged me into car and covered both my eyes,' recounted Carina.
'I was terrified - I thought they were going to kill me and dump my body in a deserted field.'

Not hating the men that did this to her

Even though the men made her pose nude, she insisted that they was not taken advantage of.

'I don't hate those four men that held me. They were just following orders. They never molested me, so I'm grateful to them for that.'Carina was released about two hours later. She made a police report, but the culprits were never caught.

The original article is in the hidden text:


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Posted 15 July 2008 - 05:56 AM

Tony, Carina to wed in Bhutan?

HONG KONG - Actors Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau have kept the tabloids guessing where and when they will marry: Would it be Hong Kong, Bali or Phuket, this month or in October?

Now Sing Tao Daily, quoting a 'reliable source', reports that the couple will tie the knot in the reclusive Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan next Monday.

They chose Bhutan to keep their big day paparazzi-free, says the report. The kingdom limits tourism and it is not easy to apply for visas.

According to the newspaper, 80 guests, including singers Faye Wong, Stella Chang and Lui Fong and actor Ng Ting Yip, will go on the all-expenses-paid trip that will cost the couple at least HK$3 million (S$521,000).

Lui and Ng are two of about 10 friends invited by Leung, says the report. The rest of the guests are Lau's friends.

Travelling from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, everyone will gather in Bangkok on Saturday and fly to Bhutan the following day, says the report.

The White Dragon King - the Chinese-Thai soothsayer to stars such as Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Leung - will attend the wedding too.

Apparently, the couple have kept the wedding location so secret, not even their guests know it. They have just been told the departure date and asked to send photocopies of their passports for their visa applications.

The report says Lau got visas for the guests with the help of billionaire Cheng Yu Tung, who is the honorary consul of Bhutan to Hong Kong.

In an interview published last Friday in China's Nanfang Daily, Lau said she would have a small wedding overseas.

She was quoted as telling writer Eunice Lam: 'We will do it when we are travelling. Wai Chai's mother and my mother haven't requested a wedding banquet. However, we must invite some old friends.'

Wai Chai is Leung's nickname.

Lau said that besides close friend Wong, she would also invite long-time colleagues such as directors Wong Kar Wai and Tony Au and production designer William Chang.


#102 mv_288

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 08:18 PM

Posted Image

Was Carina Lau's kidnapping by HK triads all a hoax?

IS HONG Kong actress Carina Lau's story about getting kidnapped by triad members a hoax?

That is the buzz in the Chinese entertainment media scene at the moment.

Even though the incident took place 18 years ago, the story is still generating a cauldron of emotions, ranging from sympathy to scepticism.

Lau had told novelist Eunice Lam about her run-in with triad members and that story was published last Friday in Chinese paper Nanfang Daily.

The actress spoke about her traumatic experience in April 1990, when she was kidnapped by triad members and photographed naked after she refused to act in amovie the triad was involved in.

In the interview, Lau, 42, said she was abducted as she was driving to actor Michael Miu Kiu Wai's house. She was forced to strip and was photographed nude before being released several hours later unhurt.

In 2002, pictures taken during the incident were leaked and one was published on the cover of a magazine, causing a sensation in Hong Kong's showbiz scene.

Lau later ended up shooting a film for free for her abductors.

But for detractors, the story seems a little dubious.

First, it came just before her wedding to long-time boyfriend Tony Leung, 46, in October - at a time when one would think Lau would not want any negative press to surround her.

Lau was also reportedly supposed to issue an official statement confirming all the facts in Ms Lam's story. That statement never arrived.

When contacted by the media, Lau's personal assistant confirmed that Lau had indeed been interviewed by Ms Lam, but could not comment as she had not been paying attention to the discussion.

Lau's management company, Project House Artist Management, said that they had not heard from Lau about releasing a statement.

Still, there are many showbiz veterans backing Lau up, applauding her decision to tell her side of the story.

Actress Sandra Ng, who was invited to Miu's house the night of Lau's kidnapping, says that every word is true.

"She is the daring woman of the century," said Ng, applauding Lau's decision to spill the beans.

"The fact that Lau is speaking up about the kidnapping proves she can now let go."

Actor Eric Tsang said: "She chose to reveal all before her wedding. That proves the hurt she suffered from the ordeal has finally been released."

As for news on her wedding, director Wong Kar-Wai is said to be acting as "chief curator" for the event, the Oriental Morning Post reported yesterday.

Leung also reportedly wanted to invite actress Maggie Cheung, but Lau, said to be in charge of most of the wedding details, is rumoured to have struck her off the list.

Leung and Cheung reportedly got very close in 1999 when they were shooting In The Mood For Love and again in 2001 when shooting Hero.


#103 mv_288

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 08:56 PM

Carina forbids Maggie Cheung to attend their wedding

Tony and Carina had decided to have their wedding on 21stJuly in Bhutan . Wong Ka Wai is the wedding planner and the wedding dress was designed by William Chang. Carina has about 5 different outfits ready for the big day.

Berg Ng will be the best man.

There will be about 80 guests. Most of the guests are relatives and close friends. Not many people from the entertainment circle were invited. Tony had invited his good friend Lui Fong, Kenny Bee and Berg Ng, who is also the best man . Carina had invited Faye Wong, 那英、Eric Tsang, Mr. & Mrs 連勝文, Jun Hu, 吳君如 and Cecilia Yip and husband etc.

Rumour has it Tony had invited Maggie Cheung , but didn't get a reply from her. At the same time, a magazine reported Carina had refused to let Maggie to attend their wedding. There isn't anything Tony can do but to let Carina decide.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Dragon888 @ http://www.asianvn.com

#104 mv_288

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 09:31 PM

Sandra Ng did not receive wedding invitation from Carina

Carina and Tony will be having their wedding in Bhutan. Carina's best friend Sandra Ng 吳君如 said yesterday, she hasn't received the wedding invitation yet. She expressed that she is not that narrow minded, she understands the difficulties when organising such event. She disclosed she had a daughter with Peter Chan, yet they are not married. She has been struggling for a good few years. " from birth to my daughter's 2 years birthday, till Peter won best director in HK Film award, I have thought about getting married. But when I have to think about the guest list and the speech, I couldn't continue. My mother and I nearly fell over the wedding plan. Now she has given up. She is very happy seeing her granddaughter"

Translated by: dragon888 @ http://www.asianvn.com/

#105 mv_288

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Posted 16 July 2008 - 10:05 PM

Simon Yam confirmed at the premier of "The Way We Are"<< 天水圍的日與夜 >> that he was invited to Tony and Carina's wedding. The invitation was a bit late and it was conflicting with his his filming a mainland film and will not be able to attend there wedding.

Simon Yam said, "He was very honored to work with director Anne Hu in the mainland. He doesn't want to disclose to much about the film. He will let his manager disclose this as the appropriate time." When asked what he will send a pair of newlyweds, He said he will be sending over a video camera.

Simon Yam never been to Bhutan. But what he have hear of Bhutan it's a great place for democracy, and the place is clean. The locals in the area are self sufficient, and it is a heavenly place.

Source - Mingpao
Translator - GnYnot @ http://asianvn.com

#106 mv_288

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Posted 17 July 2008 - 07:03 PM

Tony and Carina - hand in hand to Thailand en route to Bhutan

Posted Image
Picture: Tony and Carina hand in hand

Tony and Carina were seen hand in hand yesterday boarding for Thailand. The couple will be on transit to Bhutan for the wedding preparation. Earlier, they faced the press and were in front of the camera. They were surrounded by nearly hundred of reporters who took pictures of them non-stop. The couple kept smiling. The two were accompanied by 5 team members as well as Wong Kai Wai and his wife, and William Chang (張叔平). The whole team were heading for Bhutan. Carina was described as looking very serious while Tony was cheerful. He was asked by reporter whether Maggie Cheung was invited for the wedding, he said Carina was in charge of the guest list.

Tony and Carina arrived at the airport hand in hand at 4:25pm. They were both wearing their sunglasses. They were surrounded by reporters. Reporter asked Tony how he was feeling. He replied " I am OK, I haven't lost any sleep yet, but I am a bit nervous. " He was asked if they had official wedding pictures taken in the studio yet? He replied ," not yet, we are ready to board now. " Carina interrupted " Get some rest in the plane, the wedding dress is ready. William is in charge of it. He denied that before, because he couldn't talk about it beforehand ."

Carina in charge of the guest list

The reporter asked whose idea it is to hold the wedding in Bhutan. Tony pointed at Carina, she nodded. Carina explained " because it is very dignified " Tony said "It will be fun ." He was asked by reporter if he felt any different now? He replied " I'll find out when I get there. The ceremony will be simple. I'll let you know in good time". He was also asked about the cost of the wedding, it was rumored the cost was nearly $ 4,000,000. Tony replied " The production team is in charge of the cost." Carina replied " you can't quantify this with money. " Reporter also asked if 白龍王 is the master of the ceremony? Tony shook his head. He was asked again if Maggie was invited, he replied " I don't know because Carina is in charge of the guest list. " He explained, he only sees his wife in front of him now and he will listen to her.

Source: MingPao
Translator : dragon888 @ http://www.asianvn.com/

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Posted 19 July 2008 - 06:42 AM

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forum/

Bhutan’s Prince helps Carina Lau and Tony Leung prepare for their Wedding

Tony Leung and Carina Lau have chosen to have their wedding in Bhutan which is a less well known country. Earlier Eric Tsang had arranged for Bhutan’s prince and the couple to have dinner together. There is a high chance that the royal member will attend their wedding.

The couple have chosen Bhutan as the destination for their wedding, as it is peaceful. The Bhuntan Prince will be helping them prepare for the wedding including the issuing of guests visa’s.

Last night, during an interview with TVB, Nat Chan suddenly exposed that Eric Tsang invited the Bhutan prince for dinner and Carina Lau was a guest of honour. The reporter phoned Eric to ask for more details. He admitted and said “Yes it was me who introduced them because after I knew they decided to get married in Bhutan, I immediately arranged for the Bhutan prince to have dinner with them. The prince often comes to Hong Kong and I have known him for many years. When the prince got married he also invited me to his wedding. “ Asked Eric whether the Bhutan prince will attend the wedding? He did not admit but did not deny “I do not want to say too much about their wedding, yet I shouldn’t say too much. “ It is reported that the Bhutan Prince will be attending their wedding.

Eric Tsang Too Busy cannot attend

The couple’s wedding will be held at Bhutan Uma Paro hotel. Eric says “This hotel belongs to the Bhutan prince. Too bad that I am too busy and cannot attend their wedding or help them prepare. “ ( By introducing them to Bhutan’s prince is their biggest gift) “Haha, yes that’s right.” But Eric stated he will no longer mention about their wedding and quickly hung up.
Having the Bhutan prince help prepare for their wedding, no wonder the couple appeared to be more relaxed. They arrived in Thailand last night. After having a shark fins meal, they headed back to the hotel to rest. Afterwards, at 3am they got the next flight to Bhutan. Not only have they planned to have a low profile wedding but also avoiding the paparazzi’s as much as they can.

False Move to avoid the paparazzi’s

At 3am, the paparazzi’s were waiting outside the hotel. At this time the hotel arranged a large group of Security to guard the hotel. Even the local police were involved and guarded the place by forming a line. They put up ropes to bar the paparazzi’s from crossing the area. But actually all this was a false move, because after the security removed the ropes, the couple had already left the hotel by the back door.

The reporters rushed to the Thailand airport and caught the couple there. The couple who were not able to avoid the paparazzi’s accepted taking pictures and all the questions were handled by Carina. (Asked how the layout of the wedding would be? ) “That will be arranged by Cheung Suk Ping. Most important is that it's beautiful. “ (Why did you choose Bhutan? ) “A Buddhist country, Serious and peaceful. “ (Did you order the Wedding cake in Thailand?) “The cake was chosen by me, it’s very pretty.” (When you arrive at Bhutan, what will you prepare first?) “The furnishings.” (Is the wedding going to be held on the 21st of July?) “Almost”.

Earlier, Carina went to Roger Vivier’s store and brought a pair of high heel shoes, that will be worn on the wedding day. They will be sent by air to them in Bhutan. Roger Vivier was a French fashion designer who's best known creation was for the Stiletto heels.

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Posted 20 July 2008 - 09:38 PM

Wedding photos leaked before HK stars tie knot
Sunday July 20, 2008 Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Wedding pictures of Hong Kong stars Tony Leung and Carina Lau were leaked to the media ahead of their nuptials tomorrow.

The couple, who are getting married in Bhutan, had their wedding photographs taken on Friday, a day after arriving there.

Shin Min Daily News reported that among those accompanying them for the bridal shoot inside a palace was Singaporean make-up artist Zing.

Lau, 42, had once joked about wanting to get married in a castle.

The paper reported that the Bhutan king had accorded special treatment to the couple, who are staying at the Uma Paro luxury resort, by allowing them to fly in with their guests for the wedding.

Three security guards at the resort said other than designated guests, outsiders were not allowed to enter the area over a six-day period.

Not much is known about the outfits that the couple will be wearing on their special day, except that the 46-year-old groom's suit is believed to have been designed by Tom Ford, who is American actor Brad Pitt's favourite designer.

And the wedding shoes for Lau are designed by Frenchman Roger Vivier and cost as much as HK$8,800 (S$1,500).


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Posted 21 July 2008 - 10:44 PM

Source : Mingpao,Oriental Daily,Wenweipo
Translated By Edward @ Http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Carina Lau and Tony Leung)

Tony Leung and Carina Lau gets married - July 20, 2008

Tony Leung and Carina Lau will get married today in Bhutan under the arrangements and assistance by the Royal Family of Bhutan. They broke the traditions and used the royal palace's sleeping room as a background of their wedding photographs. The prince and his wife of Bhutan have also helped the newly weds put on the traditional royal attires of Bhutan. The royal families' help is down to the very last detail. Tony Leung and Carina Lau sure have gotten alot of prestiges!

The Royal Family assisted their preparation of the wedding

After Tony and Carina have arrived to Bhutan,they hurried to shoot their wedding photographs. Not only did the royal family gave assistance in all ways,they even specially lent them their palace for the wedding photographs! The prince and his wife had even personally helped Tony and Carina to put on the royal attires. In one of the photographs,Carina Lau was wearing the royal attire and holding flowers in her hands. Auspicious Jade pieces were worn on her right hand. Tony wore the men's royal robe. It is said that the robe that Tony had wore was being worn by the prince when he got married, and Carina's attire was also worn by one of the consorts before. The royal family had thought that is is fate that Tony and Carina chose their place for the location of the wedding,so they provided unconditional assistance to them,to hope that they have a successful marriage and last forever.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,one of the guests,Faye Wong arriving to Bhutan airport)

Of all places,Why Bhutan?

Tony and Carina were very grateful to the treatments they received from the royal family. Carina had disclosed that she had already agreed with Tony since last year that their wedding will be the 21st of July.The decision to have their wedding in Bhutan was only decided 3 months ago. Carina said "We have thought of many locations to hold our marriage.France,Florence,Paris,Japan and SouthEast Asia have been thought of,but it seems that something is lacking,until we found Bhutan. The both of us thought that this is the ideal place to hold our marriage."

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Faye Wong..too much reporters are bugging her)

(Continued from the previous paragraph)
Carina also said that she first know about Bhutan about 10 years ago and never thought that she start her next part of life there. She was attracted by the city as it has no pollutions. Being a devoted Buddhist,she said that staying in Bhutan these past few days have made her realize that happiness does not come from a matter,or wealth. True happiness is the contended in the mind,hence,Carina decided to hold her wedding in this "Happy Kingdom" of Bhutan.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Li Ya Peng,Faye Wong's husband appearing at Bhutan Airport,on the left is Carina's personal assistant)

Wedding in 2 parts

The wedding today will be divided into 2 parts. The ceremony will be done in the afternoon while the dinner and party will be conducted in the night. The guests and family members have already gathered at the hotel yesterday night to have a "Farewell Singlehood" party for Tony and Carina. The Tony that frequently wore western suit have worn the traditional clothes of Bhutan yesterday. While Carina Lau had worn the a big and shiny diamond on her ears. When they appeared,they received applause from all the people. The theme of the farewell party is traditional Bhuan clothes and attires. To get into the theme,Carina have went to the market place in the city to search for suitable clothes to get engrossed and say farewell for her singlehood.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Li Ya Peng and Hu Jun greeting each other at Bhutan)

Where is Eric Tsang?

Eric Tsang could not appear the wedding as he was hosting the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and have a job later. Being unable to attend the wedding,he said "Its so bad!" It was Eric that introduced the Bhutan Prince to Carina,Eric said that the Price will arrange and organise the wedding in the highest honor and glory. "When i knew that Carina decided to get married in Bhutan,i immediately called the prince. Its a coincidence that the Prince was in Hong Kong,so i arrange him to meet with Carina and Tony." (What gifts have you prepared for the newly weds?) "I requested the prince to arrange,to have a surprise for the couples...hmm..maybe asking a thousand monks to pray for them!" The make up artiste , ZING,will be doing make up for Carina for the wedding. He disclosed that he would use the wetlook makeup for Carina. He said "The feeling of having a wet and shiny face in the morning,may not be beautiful. However it is the most important that she looked FRESH!"

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Cecilia Yip Tong)

Cecilia won't "tease" and play the bride

Cecilia Yip was present at the Farewell Singlehood party yesterday. The newly weds thanked the family and friends for take time to travel Bhutan for their wedding.

Cecilia Yip revealed that the wedding today will be divided to 2 sections. In the afternoon,there will be monks to host the wedding ceremonies of the couples and the dinner party will be taking place in the night. The hosts asked the guest to prepare 2 sets of clothes at night. The bride will be having 5 sets of clothes for the dinner party. Asked Cecilia if she would tease the bride,she laughs and said "I am an adult,so i don't? The guests are all mature,so the wedding should only have a warm and emotional scene."

*For guests and family members to tease the newly weds is a chinese tradition,during the wedding,the couples have to listen and obey the guests' request when they are being teased.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Many reporters in Bhutan)

Security was tight

The wedding of Tony Leung and Carina have attracted many reporters and paparazzis to Bhutan. To get the very first pictures of their wedding,the reporters will use alot of tricks. The hotel that Carina and Tony is staying has got very tight securities. The reporters can't get good angles to shoot their pictures even when they made a turn and went to the high platform to shoot. They even found security guards guarding the area after they were quite a distance from the hotel.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Guards Stopping the reporter's car)

Red Card!

The hotel that the guests stayed have also strict and tight securities. Even before the reporters got down their car,they were asked "Do you have a Pass? If you film again,you have to take out the film in the camera !" The management company had earlier gave each and every guest and family members a piece of "red card" to pass the security check. The managements have also used the "Stanley Team" which is a specialise artiste protection team to protect the privacy and safety of the artists. The police in Bhutan have also assisted all the safety and security operations.

From Mingpao :
Tony and Carina's wedding day,80 guests brought wine to celebrate

Today is the big day of Tony Leung and Carina Lau. The host's family and friends are already gathered in Bhutan. They have agreed on the newly wed's request and brought red wines,champagnes,whiskies and other good brews to Bhutan. They had also organised and celebrated the "Farewell Singlehood" party yesterday. Tonight,they will witness the newly wed's most unforgettable moments and have the greatest wedding party in the world for today.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Deborah Lee arrived a day earlier )

80 guests

The 80 guests included family members and good friends. They include,Singer Faye Wong[王菲] and her husband Li Ya Peng[李亞鵬],Tong Tong (Faye Wong's daughter)[童童],Director Wong Kar Wai[王家衛] and his wife,Lin Qingxia[林青霞],Dik Long [狄龍]and his wife,Deborah Lee[狄波拉] (Nicholas Tse's mother),Louis Tan[陳國熹],Sheung Shan Si Na [上山詩納] and her daughters,Cecilia Yip[葉童],Hu Jun[胡軍],Yi Gam Fai[尹錦輝],Chang Chen[張震],Sun Yun Yun[孫芸芸],Stanley Kwan[關錦鵬] and much more. Other than giving alcoholic drink is a requirement,the newly weds also wants them to bring their true hearts to the party. What wishings do the guest want to convey to the newly weds? (Refer to the next paragraph)

Posted Image
(Picture Top, Hu Jun arriving to Bhutan Airport)

Faye Wong,Stanley Kwan and Hu Jun

It is said that Faye Wong will be singing in the wedding party to dedicate her wishes to best friend Carina Lau. When being asked about that,she said "I will not say anything here,instead,i will send my wishes to Carina personally." Faye Wong also denied that she will be singing. Another guest, Stanley Kwan said "I am touched and happy at the same time,this day has been long waited." Stanley Kwan gave gold accessories to Carina as a wedding gift. Hu Jun gave words of advice,he said "Living together till old,its not easy" [白頭到老,好不容易].

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Lin QingXia)

Lin QingXia and Deborah Lee

Best friend,Lin QingXia have gave lots of consolation and encouragement to Carina Lau after her nude pictures were published in magazines. Lin QingXia seeing that Carina had finally found her happiness,she said "I wish them close and loving forever,have a son soon!" Deborah Lee said "Tony and Carina have good DNA,they should have a baby!"

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Stanley Kwan at the Bangkok airport in Thailland,he will specially fly to Bhutan for the wedding party)

Dik Long and Cecilia Yip

Dik Long and his wife Tao Min Ming described the couples as the best examples of Golden Boy and Jade Girls. After many obstacles and setbacks,they are finally married. They also sent their wishes hoping them to last forever and have many children. Cecilia Yip brought liquor which contained heavy amounts of alcohol to congratulate them. She said "They have their way of getting along with each other,which is giving each other freedom and time. I hope that they will get happier after their wedding!"

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 12:41 AM

Source : Oriental Daily,Mingpao,Wenweipo
Translated By Edward @ Http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Picture of Carina Lau and Tony Leung cutting the wedding cake)
Tony Leung and Carina Lau's marriage ceremonies and dinner party

Married in Bhutan yesterday

Tony Leung and Carina Lau have known each other for about 20 years,with more than 10 years dating each other. The couples have yesterday became husband and wife in Bhutan yesterday. The couples were being blessed by Lamas with high attainments and being greeted with wishes by more than a hundred guests. The scene is warm and touching.The newly weds have also promised to work hard for a baby,which made many of the guest present cheer and support.

12 carat diamond ring

Tony and Carina have ended more than 10 years of dating and have finally got into the next stage of life yesterday. The wedding ceremony took place in Bhutan's Uma Paro Hotel. It began at about 12 noon and ended at 5 in the afternoon,the ceremonies lasted 5 hours. Carina wore many outfits,which included a pink coloured Gucci evening gown,a traditional chinese dress,and a white tube dressed designed by Vera Wang. Her fingers wore a 12 carat diamond ring which is worth more than 10 million. Carina Lau look very elegant with outfits and jewelleries which worths a total of over 20 million Hong Kong Dollars.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,the happiness of love are shown on the smiles of the 2 couples)

Knelt on the floor to offer tea for their parents

The site of the wedding is mainly in white. The wedding ceremony is in 2 sections. The first section is a Buddhist blessing ceremony,while is being hosted by the 17th Krampa - Trinley Thaye Dorje (High attained Lama from Tibet). The Lamas chanted their prayers for about 2 hours,the process is strict and consecrated. The guests were each given a joss stick,a silk banner,a silk ribbon and a seven coloured string as offerings and tributes for the Lama. Carina wore traditional chinese dress,with jade bangles and knelt infront of the 17th Krampa together with Tony Leung. The both received the 17th Krampa's blessings while kneeling on the floor. After the ceremony,the pair of couples followed the chinese tradition, to kneel infront of their parents and offer tea.

Posted ImagePosted Image
(Picture Top,In western suits,the newly weds took photographs with little Lamas)

The path of flowers

The second part of the ceremony is western styled.Under the melodious tune of the wedding music,Carina,in a wedding gown and walked down the path that is full of fresh flowers with Tony. Leading the newly weds to walk the flower paths were the daughters of Kenny Bee,Faye Wong and Sheung Shan Sze Na. While walking,they were wished and greeted by hundreds of guests,which included the prince of Bhutan and his wife. The couples and their parents were very touched and teary,but did not cry.

Establish a Fund to help the needy people

Tony and Carina told the guests during the wedding yesterday that they will work hard to get a baby. The guests cheered and supported. The couples have also announced that they hope to set up a Charity Fund,to help the people in needy. After the wedding ceremony ended in the afternoon,there was still a wedding dinner party in the night. It was rumoured that Kenny Bee played the guitar and Faye Wong sang during the happy occasion yesterday.

Kissing each other while cutting the cake

Although the sky rained twice while the wedding ceremony is taking place,the Bhutan people believed that raining during a wedding ceremony is a sign of blessing from the heavens. The rain stopped coincidentally while the newly weds are cutting the wedding cake at the outdoor area. The wedding cake is 5 tiers tall,while cutting the cake,Tony grabbed Carina's waist,looked at her with a sweet smile,and kissed her. The scene is very romantic.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Kenny Bee)

Kenny Bee the last guest to arrive

Kenny Bee from Wynners have flown to Bhutan from Singapore,right after Wynners' concert ended. He was the last guest of the wedding party to arrive to Bhutan. Kenny Bee said "Carina have invited me from a phone call,i have brought a guitar to sing for the newly weds. I have waited long for this day. Seeing Tony saying goodbye to singlehood,i feel very happy for him. I have not married,maybe i will in the next 10 years."

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Eric Tsang)

Eric Tsang : Carina Lau is prepared to be a good wife and mother

Eric Tsang whom have introduced Bhutan's prince, Daso Tobgya Dorji to the couples,told the reporters in a phone interview yesterday. "Carina expressed her wishes to have her wedding photos taken in the palace while meeting the prince when he is in Hong Kong. The prince have agreed to the request instantly." Eric also said "Carina have invited a Lama with very high attainments to host the blessing ceremony.Carina is already mentally prepared to be a wife and a mother when she agreed to marry Tony Leung."

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Reporters in Bhutan)

Reporters were given wedding cakes and breverages

Many reporters were in Bhutan to record one of the greatest wedding in the entertainment industry yesterday. To get the latest and best photographs of the wedding process,alot of reporters and paparazzis tried every possible ways to get the best camera angle. Bhutan was raining quite often yesterday,the rain was uncertain. The helpless reporters outdoors became cheerful when someone specially went to send them wedding cakes and breverages.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,Guests with goodie bags in their hands)

Posted Image
(Picture Top,The gifts of return,in the goodie bags)

Carina's gifts of return

Carina have also prepared gifts of return to their guests. The gifts which is in the goodie bag included,a pair of chopsticks a photograph of the 17th Krampa autographed personally by himself,and a pouch made of pure silk with precious stones and silver inside. The gifts,prepared by Carina personally shows that she is very thoughtful to in planning.

Posted Image
(Picture Top,lobster soup)

Nine Dishes being served at the wedding dinner party

For the wedding dinner,Tony specially ordered and freighted the wedding cake from Thailand's Mandrin Oriental Hotel. He have also invited a chef from Thailand to prepare the wedding feast. It was said that both Tony and Carina chose the Italian Cuisine for the wedding dinner party. 9 dishes of food were served,which symbols a ever longlasting marriage. [長長久久]

Italian Cuisine

Although it is an Italian Cuisine dinner,no Italian Spaghettis were served in the dinner party,the dishes were rather plain but elegant. It includes olysters,lobster soup,loubster salad,beef cutlets,tuna fish,mushroom and cheese. The were 2 versions of desserts,one in chocolate flavour,the other,egg flavoured.

NEWS Video from oriental daily (Not wedding videos):

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 07:30 PM

Source - ent.qq.com
Translator - GnYont & Timeless @ http://www.asianvn.com

On July 22, Eric Tsang and Andrew Lam's Show will air it last episode of the year (8 shows year) "栋沟笑" is finally to the end. The interesting performance and special character play, and the clap of the audience was unique. Jordan Chan、应采儿、Bobby Yeung were attending and watch the last episode.

Andrew Lam was constantly asked and bugged by reporters about his divorce, and Eric Tsang told him he should tell the reporter about the current situation of his marriage.

Eric Tsang commended Tony and Carina for there treatment of the reporters at there wedding. He said Tony and Carina were quite caring for the reporter other than the wedding reception the reporters were able to get shot of everything else and not denied access.

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Posted 27 July 2008 - 09:06 PM

Tony Leung, Carina Lau Back to Hong Kong
Sunday July 27, 2008 Hong Kong

Hong Kong heartthrob Tony Leung and his oven-fresh bride Carina Lau returned to Hong Kong on Friday.

The couple went to India immediately after their star-studded wedding in Bhutan in order to get benediction from the dignitary there.

When asked about the ceremony, Carina Lau answered with a sweet face:" I was touched by every detail of the wedding. It was an unforgettable experience."


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Posted 28 July 2008 - 01:04 AM

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Tony Leung Hasn't got enough firepower to have children, will put it on hold

Tony Leung and Carina Lau have ended their Bhutan and India journey and returned to Hong Kong. Reporters and passers-by surrounded the couple at the airport. As to whether they will invite Maggie Cheung Man Yuk for dinner, Tony appeared to not want to talk about it. Asked about his plans in having children, he jokes "I haven't had time to think about it recently, I have to concentrate on "Firepower" for the next 6 months to prepare for my next movie."

The couple arrived back in Hong Kong airport yesterday afternoon, they appeared holding hands. Carina wore a pearl bracelet that was presented to her by an Indian monk earlier. She also wore a very loose fitting outfit. Once again making people speculate whether she was pregnant. But a few days ago she appeared to have quite a slim waist in her wedding photos. But Tony had denied the rumors with his response "I haven't had time to think about it" and the "Double Happiness".

Supports Li Yapeng

You could see that the married couple were in a very good mood, while making their way out of the airport they happily discussed with the reporters feelings of their wedding. The Newly married "Mrs Leung" stated that there is not much difference in her life " I am very happy." (Which part of the wedding was most touching?) "Every part had been very touching." (Did you achieve what you wanted in your wedding?) Yes, It was beyond my imagination, it was all perfect, very unforgettable."

Faye Wong sang "Sweet Honey Honey” ( 甜 蜜 蜜) at their wedding, Carina laughs " She wanted to sing in that kind of atmosphere, actually during any celebration or birthday ocassion she will sing for us." (Li Yapeng attacked reporters?) "He only wanted to protect his family, I hope everyone can understand." She also revealed while visiting India she met Trinley Thaye Dorje the 17th Karmapa and took time out to go shopping.

Asked why Tony had left Carina in charge of all the questions from the paparrazi earlier? He replied "It's Trust ". As for why they only invited 100 guests to attend their wedding, he explained "There were many friends who were older that I didn't invite because I wouldn't be able to handle it if something happened to them. (Your mother has Altitude sickness?) "She is seeing a doctor and taking medicine." (Will you invite Maggie Cheung Man Yuk for dinner?) "I don't know, but I will decide later. Even though I was able to invite 100 guests to attend my wedding, will have to see but this month has been very tiring."

Tony expressed that he will continue to rest for a while, with the exception of the promotions for "Red Cliff". He will concentrate on Fire power and use the next 6 months to prepare for his next new movie. Due to the chaos of the paparazzi fighting over a good spot to capture the couple arriving at the airport, a reporter accidently called Tony "Chi Wai". Tony appeared blank for a moment and joked "I am Chi Wai?". The scene suddenly became very funny.

Additional Maggie Cheung Man Yuk Response

There were rumors that Carina Lau did not want to invite Tony Leung’s past rumored girlfriend Maggie Cheung ( Cheung Man Yuk) to their Wedding in Bhutan. Yesterday, Maggie Cheung and her western boyfriend Ole Scheeren appeared at the Beijing Art Exhibition. When Maggie was asked whether she regretted not being invited to Tonys wedding, she didn’t really know how to reply. It wasn’t certain whether she felt the question was awkward or because she had been listening to English for a long time, influencing her Chinese Standard. She replied “Because I didn’t go!”. The reporter requested her to say a few words to congratulate the new married couple. She laughed a few times but couldn’t fully answer the question.

As for her current situation, Maggie immediately answered without any troubled. Although she is living with her boyfriend in Beijing temporarily, She also had homes in Hong Kong and Paris and would often be getting the plane back and forth for work. Therefore she spends very little time in Beijing. She also said she doesn’t have any plans on when she will film a new movie.

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Posted 31 July 2008 - 02:11 AM

People are just being funny to ask Tony if he invinted Maggie for his wedding! I saw the wedding pics and they are such a perfect couple.

People are just being funny to ask Tony if he invinted Maggie for his wedding! I saw the wedding pics and they are such a perfect couple.

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Posted 11 August 2008 - 04:48 AM

No offence i dun really like her. She seems v. fierce hahha.

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Posted 15 August 2008 - 01:29 AM

Carina Lau Shows Aptitude for Fashion
Wednesday August 13, 2008 Hong Kong


Hong Kong actress Carina Lau proved her popularity as a designer when a purse featuring her hand-drawn design received the highest bid at an auction on Monday.

Lau's handbag, one in a series designed by selected fashionistas to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Italian fashion house Fendi's baguette bags, sold to an unidentified bidder for HK$98,000 after fierce bidding, Sohu.com reports.

Another local star, Miriam Yeung, bid HK$88,000 to win a baguette bag designed by acclaimed artist Carrie Chau.

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Posted 05 September 2008 - 11:36 PM

Carina is not pregnant yet

Posted Image
Picture:Tony and Carina's first function together as a couple

Tony and Carina attended a function together as a couple for the first time since their wedding. The other night they attended a banquet dinner at Regal Airport Hotel. There have been rumors lately that Carina is pregnant. That evening she was wearing a very tight fit black top and leather trousers. She didn't look pregnant at all. That proved it was only a rumor that she was expecting. Carina took pictures with host 羅旭瑞 and 羅寶雯. When reporters called out Mr. Mrs. Leung, Carina had a smile on her face. She did tell her assistant to inform the media she did not wish to be interviewed. Even when the reporters asked to take pictures for both of them, Tony and Carina kept on walking. It was thought that they did not want to take over the limelight from the hosts. The banquet costs an estimate of $28,000 HK dollars each and 28 guests were invited for the dinner.

Translator:dragon888 @ http://www.asianvn.com

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Posted 24 September 2008 - 10:06 PM

Carina dispels rumors about Faye's marriage
Wednesday September 24, 2008 Hong Kong

Posted Image

Carina attended the opening ceremony of "Longes Watches" yesterday despite of the typhoon. Reporters asked Carina about the rumors about her good friend, Faye's miscarriage and Faye's marriage with Li Ah Pang being on the rocks. Carina stressed that there was nothing wrong in their marriage. When reporters asked her to dispel the rumor that Faye had a miscarriage, Carina said "This is Faye's private business, you better ask her. As her friend, I will protect and support her. I wish her a speedy recovery."

Yesterday Carina was wearing a white watch, which was a wedding gift from "Longes" It has T & C engraved on the top meaning [Tony loves Carina]. She also received a crystal cow with a dummy. The host joked that they hope Carina will have a baby cow. Carina laughed saying she was only told to drink milk carefully.

Source: MingPao
Translator:dragon888 @ http://www.asianvn.com

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Posted 15 October 2008 - 06:14 PM

Carina Lau's baby bid
Tuesday October 14, 2008 Singapore
Asia One

HONG KONG - The fuss from Hong Kong celebrity couple's Tony Leung and Carina Lau having died down, Carina was last spotted at Hong Kong's Tin Hau Temple - praying for a baby.

Before their wedding, both had expressed their wish to have a baby before the wedding, and Carina even started cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes to prepare for her new family. But their attempts at parenthood have not borne fruit.

Hong Kong media also reported that Tony Leung's mother has pressured the two for a grandchild, while speculations have been rife that Leung's white hair - seen at a recent press conference - was due to his anxiety to be a dad.

Carina was spotted by residents near the temple at Lei Yue Mun - a popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. She was seen offering incense and touching the 'dragon bed' reputed to boost fertility. According to residents, the 'dragon bed' is more than 200 years old and a relic from the Qing dynasty. Some say that women who touch the bed would bear sons, and it has attracted many couples who hoped to conceive.

According to residents who saw her, Carina was trying to keep a low profile. She dressed conservatively in jeans and a dark-coloured shirt, wore little make up and hid her face in sunglasses and a hat. She came and left in a hurry with a girl friend with little fanfare, and not many residents witnessed their visit.

This article first appeared in Shin Min Daily on Oct 13, 2008..

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Posted 07 November 2008 - 07:17 PM

Carina Lau and Pansy Ho Congratulate Former Love's Marriage
Friday November 7, 2008 Hong Kong


Hong Kong actress Carina Lau and Pansy Ho Chiu-king expressed their wishes to Hui Chun Hang Julian's impending marriage with Hong Kong actress Michele Monique Reis on Thursday.

Carina Lau and Pansy, one is former lover of Julian, and one is ex-wife of the middle-aged Hong Kong business-tycoon, met at the opening ceremony of a famous brand's world exhibition tour Thursday night, sina.com reports.

Carina Lau said she was very happy for Julian and Michele. Lau told reporters she wanted to attend their wedding ceremony but has not yet decided on a gift.

Pansy was reported to get divorced with Julian some time last year. As the daughter of Casino magnate Stanley Ho, she said she would attend her ex-husband's new wedding party providing she is invited and time permits. "He needs a good mate and the marriage is worthy of congratulations. It is time for him, aged over 40, to have a family and children." Pansy said.

The quartet's highly publicized relationship attracted massive public attention. At the event, Lau reconciled with Pansy about years gone by and took some group photos.

Michele Reis, an attractive actress and Miss Hong Kong 1988, became a fixture of tabloid gossip when she allegedly struck up a relationship with Julian in 2006.

Sources say Julian and Michele registered their marriage on October 28 in Hong Kong and will hold a family wedding banquet on November 23.

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