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lolli pop

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#751 Azure!

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 10:57 AM

Yaaaay~MFBBT is showing on TV tomorrow! Two eps, woohoo! I shall wake up at 8 in the morning just too see it. Stupid time for the show to air. GRRRRR.

I don't know, I kept seeing the same mag all over the place and I didn't care about BBT then so I ignored it. Then, after BSM, I ran out and stalked that mag till I found it! Gosh, they are sooo HAWT! Especially AQ, especially AQ. Wang Zi too. A-Wei too. Xiao Yu too. They're all hawt! Wei Lian is cute and unique-looking though. Xiao Jie looks sort of...blur. Wang Zi is Arnold? LOL. Who on earth is Arnold!? Hahaha~and Rui says NLP is their first album. Gosh~I want it! I hope it comes with a DVD of them dancing!

Exactly! BBT is my new craze too! Hahaha~now everything BBT also I like. Last time, I was like, "Yerr~BBT~" now I'm pushing people away to grab the last BBT mag! Will they ever have a PA? Wait. Xiarichutiyan is written by Xiao Yu and Wang Zi? But then, Rui says it's written by Xiao Jie and Wang Zi! Is the song out already? And what song is that? The one that talks about their journey from MFBBT and all.
And WAIT. You saw them LIVE!? At the preorder auto session!? Did they come to S'pore? Ohmigosh! I know XY is the best singer though but I've never heard AQ'a voice before.

What is Nobu? Who is Nobu? Hahaha~why is Wang Zi playing some Nobu character in TKA? Maybe Wang Zi is playing Arron's character, Ah BU's brother or something. They look alike, don't they? And hmmm, XY is gonna sing a solo? XY is good at singing but dancing...? And hahaha~I sorta expected AQ to be a bit vain though. And it was XJ and WZ who wrote that Xiari song? But then, Ally and OLI say otherwise.

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 11:25 AM

hahaha. i dont know what char wangzi is playing but his name is nobu/noubu or something. xD
omg! playing arron's brother?! THAT BE AWESOME<3[:
xiaoyu would sing a solo i think, its on the chinese bbt forum or something.
ally&oli say otherwise? let me go check again, maybe i remembered wrongly.
hahaha. nopenope, it is written by xiaojie&wangzi[:

filmed in okinawa.

hahaha. did you guys buy their xiezhenji?

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 11:44 AM

ooops, sorrry rui!, i was the one that got mixed up! it was written by xiaojie and wangzi! i keep thinking its xiaoyu. sorrry!
haha, oh i preordered the album from my friend cos she's collecting orders for the preordering of the album in singapore, and its like wayy cheaper than from coolzone? cos coolzone's selling at 49.90, while my friend is helping me get it at 27 dollars with the preorder gift and their autograph. hahaha. and i think singapore won't have preorder, cos i think they din't know there were so many bbt fans in singapore since they haven't been marketed here before... ahh, their pictorial super ex leh! but i'm looking for it! i want to buy! ahahaha.
AZUREY!: ahahaha, i think they rock lah! so cute! me tooo! i'm like fighting with my friend for the bbt magazines! hahahaa. wait, what' PA? sorry lah blur! yup, the song came out already! it was in their EP! they've got like 6 versions of their EP, each version got 1 member's face! ahahah. force ppl to by 6 lah, gosh! the song that talks about their journey is in their new album, the NaLiPa one. haahaha, no lah! i saw on internet lah you! they never come singapore yet! tsk! i like their songs! get me high super easily! hahaha.

#754 .jaevia

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 11:48 AM

na li pa is their FIRST album!
blah, confused EP with album~

allyqueeniedarling: ahah!
now my craze for BBT kinda droppe like MAD. i use to be LIKE SIAO over BBT.
than now moved over to frh! if bbt comes sg, wil you go for their AS? ahaha.

RUItheobasan: i know! aaha! blah. now arent you talking to me!
LOL. yes yes! so many fans which is really scary! esp, when frh and bbt fans fight over the internet!
i see already also sian!
i nv buy their xiezhenji! blah, too expensive-.-you got buy?

azure: EEE! why malaysia showing MFBBBT??!!
not fair! why singapore alwys show jacky wu shows one! nv show BBT! dumb!
ahahaha. i seeeee. i like wei-lian's forehead! ahah, so shiny!
TKA thread said its arnold. but i see the trailer, he is called nobu or something! blah
ohyes, nalipa is 1st album! heh.

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#755 ohmygodsun

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:07 PM

hahah! really?! 27dollars only? O.O
i tried -cough- calling EMI and they said they will bring in but i dont know about preorder.
hmmm. coolzone is a rip off luh! i shall not buy anything from there.
their pictorial 60dollars! ><
i dont know why so expensive -.-

hahahahah! i'm typing to you[:
LOL. YAH! whats up with quarelling over the internet -.-
those people so childish luh! fight here fight there, lollipop&frh wont be happy over them fighting -.-
hahahaha. i bought their xiezhenji when it came out in june[:
i went crazy looking for it in singapore.
called all the music stores. ahahahah!
HMV sold for 80dollars! 20dollars more than popular lah -.-

Posted Image
aoquan chao shuai in tux[:

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#756 .jaevia

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:12 PM

aawwww, im so honoured!
sometimes those fans get so agitatged over nth. small comparison made yb the media, and thy go fighting!
BLAH, childish can~~
then its like even the media wana find every single thing to compare with frh!
LIKE WTH~ they are both so different!
so sick of medias.

then i rmb kangxi got asked, who they considered as tough competition. lolipop themselve know its frh, but they din wanna write, maybe not to stir ujp any commotion
then, xiao S kinda like "forced" them to writefrh. and AQ wrote frh.

AQ look realy SHUAI in tux~
ahh, faints!
XY look rather short beside AQ! ahahah

#757 Azure!

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:25 PM

Wait, wait. What is an EP!? And can the BBT boys speak English? Also, I heard that XJ's education level is until...ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ONLY!? O.O!!!


I guess only horr. Not too sure. But since his name is NoBU and Arron's character is Ah BU, so maybe they are related. And they look alike, don't they? How cool! Jiro and Arron both know the whole of BBT! So cool! My two faves know my new faves, hahaha~ Is XY's solo gonna be included in NLP? And thanks for the vid! WAIT. They have a Xie Zhen Ji/PA!? They do!? That's what I want! Oooh~Ao Quan, Ao Quan, Ao Quan!

AND OMG CAN. I LOVE THEM TEN TIMES MORE AFTER SEEING THAT MV. It's filmed in Japan? The song is soooo happy happy, gosh, and their MV is soo easy to film, just release them at the beach and let them go nuts. AND OOH! AO QUAN SHIRTLESS. Gosh. Channel V is so nice, let them be shirtless. Not like HIM. And what drink is that? The one with their faces on it.

PA is like Xie Zhen Ji la. Like Danson's movie book but theirs probably don't tell a story. If they have a PA, I sure buy can! I will line up for it! Yes, nowadays, I don't care la. If I see BBT, I sure push people away and jump on it! Don't care. Let people glare at me la. It's worth it. It's for BBT! And what is EP!? I want the AQ EP! Yes! I am gonna get it! Is the EP out yet? And haha, true true, they know how to make more money! Force people to get all six. But I bohlui so I think I get one then can already. Ohmigosh, I can't wait for Na Li Pa to be out. NLP means "Where got scared!?", right? And they never come to S'pore before? Seriously? Gosh, please come to M'sia and dance, BBT! Please!

Ahahaha. Same, M'sia TV keeps showing the don't know what umm, Jacky Go Go Go. Nah, it's showing on ASTRO, like cable TV la. I didn't know they showed it until like, yesterday, I flip through the Astro guide and I saw, "MO FAN BANG BANG TANG". I almost "PUI-ed" can! Hahaha~so now I'm gonna give up my sleep until 12 in the morning to watch MFBBT at 8am. Stupid time. And ahahahah, WL looks dumb to me. Maybe it's 'cause of his character in BSM.

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#758 ohmygodsun

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:38 PM

hahah! exactly, you know the youtube trailer for TKA?
they can fight over that also! like 30pages of comments i think -.-
like wth? -.-
stupid media luh!
their two styles are totally different. and yep, xiao S "forced" them to write frh.
aoquan&ahwei are my faves for now.
hahahah! i bounce between them. i like all equally![:
hahahaha! xD
ahwei is hilarious!<333
did you watch their wai-jin episode?
where they played wargames? hahahaha.
so funny!
yep, maybe xiaoyu wasnt standing up properly, he normally not so short de leh D:

if they're brothers it'd be sooo cool!<3
hahahah! i think frh-bbt have known each other for a long time, but i dont think they are close friends or anything.
hahaaha. when frh went on bbt last time, it was LOL.
i think xiaoyu's solo would be in NLP.
yepyep! their xiezhen is called Xia Ri Chu Ti Yan , LOLLIPOP first experience or something xD
its HUGE, their picture book is two times thicker than frh's i think.
and 2.5 times more expensive. LOL. there's a towel inside, some postcards, stickers and something else.
they went to japan to take pictures for their pictorial and to film that mv[:
YAHHHH! i went bonkers when i watched their MV last time, SHIRTLESS!<3
hahahaha. and all of them have abs can!
STRONG NICE ABS!<3 aoquan&xiaojie's abs are really defined[:
hahahahah! everyone was shirtless except prince D:
and no lah! XJ completed high school or something. XY&WZ are still studying[:

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#759 allycheng


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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:45 PM

RUI! haah, yup 27 dollars only. you want? i help you ask my friend if still got time to order from her. yes! coolzone's a super rip-off, i got cheated last time lah! but i heard their pictorial's so expensive because its thick and there are alot for pictures and free gifts.

AZUREY: hahaha, its not lah! how can! he's quite smart leh! oooh. they got! but very expensive! hahah, i'm looking for it now! it came out early this year i think. HAHAHAHA. ep is like single like that only around 2-3 songs. hahahah. go find lah! the ep out also quite long ago! i love their songs! very catchy! and nice! :D hahaha, i want nalipa too! yup! thats what it meant, so they were saying that they're not scared cos this time they 冲 already! like heckcare that kind! hahahaa. omgosh i love their dancing okay! ROCKS! ahhhh. like super good lah! especially ahwei! omgosh! i'm in love with ahwei's dancing! :D

#760 Azure!

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:47 PM

Ahh, yeah, yeah. But I heard WZ is the smartest! He says that he is always in the top three places in school or something. Whoa. Can't believe WZ is THAT smart. But he looks smart to me. And I know, I know, Rui said there was one! But I can't find it! Gosh, I want it! I REALLY WANT IT. Somemore it comes with a free towel. GRRRR! And yeah, yeah, their songs very happy la. They seem to be having fun, not working. And hahaha, they not scared already? True, true, they are experienced already! And I know! Their dancing super, super, super NICE!!! SUPER. Yeah! I know, AW's dancing is the best! I love him and AQ when they are breakdancing. Super hawt. I need to see them dance MORE!

We are really pushing this thread, seriously, hahahaha~ This thread used to be sooo quiet. And WAIT, FRH went on MFBBT? Eh, serious!? Ohmigosh, I must find the vid can! My two faves on one show! Wah! Like heaven! Later I sure go look for it.
Gosh. I wanna hear AQ's solo! I wanna know how "bad" his voice is. Someone said it sounded like a pregnant lady giving birth. Hahahah!
And WAHHH! Soooo thick! Twice the pictures! Twice the hawtness. But then, they have six members so obviously has to be more expensive. Need to split the money six ways leh!
And a towel!? TOWEL!? With their faces on it hor! Then, wow, I can like rub AQ's face on my body. Hahahha~that sounds soo perv.
Actually, AQ looks like a big perv to me. His ears epsecially. And also his devilish grin. I am soooo sure he is not a "chu nan".
And YEAHHHHH~! They have ABS! But they are slightly skinnier though. Yes, I know, AQ's abs are super super hawt! Super! Why is WZ not shirtless!? I also wanna see his. Maybe he paiseh.
And hahaha, XY and WZ still studying? In college?

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#761 ohmygodsun

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 12:57 PM

hahah! really? still available? O.O
omg. if still have i think you can take like 5orders, because alot of people want[:
hahaha! if still have must tell meee! :P LOL.
i hate coolzone -.-
yep, theres a towel, some stickers, postcards,poster blah. xD

yep, this thread used to move soooo slow, i only visit once in like weeks.
hahahaah! they went a LONGLONGLONG time ago, for their first album i think xD
ahahahah! aoquan's singing has improved already, but the pregnant singing episode was hilarious! hahaha!
its thick&really heavy!
HAHAHHA. dont have their faces lah!
LMAO! wipe it over your body?! O.O
thats soo sick leh pervie queen xD
hahahah! they say aoquan likes huang jin mao!
he likes european girls also, -cough- and he watches A-Pians also.
hahaahha! actually i think the whole bbt watches A-Pians except wangzi.
i think at that time wangzi wasnt 18 yet so he cannot show his body blahblahblah ><
XY is in uni i think, wz is in college probably.
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#762 Azure!

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 01:50 PM

Rui the perv princess,
They went to Japan during their first EP, right? What's an EP, by the way? Also, when was BBT formed? 2006? Before or after FRH? I think before, right? I'm not too sure, actually. Super new BBT fan, hahaa.
Gosh, which episode was AQ's pregnant lady singing!? GRRRR! I know they're showing episode 21 of MFBBT on TV tomorrow! Ohmigosh, so excited! I'll be too busy watching to come AF-ing. And yeah, if only six were chosen from MFBBT, which is the BBT that we see now, what happened to the ones that weren't chosen? How sad, eh?
And don't have their faces!? CHEH. Cheat me horr. GRRRR! I want their faces on it. And WHAT!? As if you won't rub on your body! It's just that you already know don't have their faces mah! I bet you were thinking the exact same thing horr when you were going to buy it. Tsk tsk! Call me perv queen. Well, you are perv princess! Gosh, that's too glam. Hahah~
What is huang jin mao? And NOOOOOO, AQ likes European girls!? 'Cause they're hawt, right? GRRR! So jealous, so jealous! I declare AQ my second husband after Jiro! Don't touch him EVER.
And hahahah, he watched A-pians too!? Wow! Then he'll get along with Jiro then! They can watch A-pians together and all. And ahaha, WZ is like the most innocent but I bet the rest of BBT has influenced him and showed him the perver side of life. Tsk tsk!
And yeah, WZ is really YOUNG! He's like 18 only. Ohmigosh. They look SOOOO HAWT in their album cover! So hawt, so hawt!


AQ and Da Ya are so cute together, seriously!

Posted Image

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 01:55 PM

I think there songs are great !!! The singing part is really good but the dancing hahaha omg that's soo funny but not very good they have to improve more but that will come later... Some of them have got the looks but not all of them... But that's not the importest thing. xD

#764 ohmygodsun

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 02:13 PM

yes! my name is so glam[:
their first EP was called Qi Cai Bang Bang Tang.
an ep is something with less than 10songs, once it reaches 10songs or more, it becomes an album.
MFBBT started on 2006 aug 17, later than fahrenheit right? hahaha.
i cant remember which episode. LOL xD
episode 21?! that must be one of the earliest episodes!
i think their uniform then was realllyyy different. the non chosen bbt boys just go the show, but they do not release an album.
hahahaha. i think yeshou from the non 6bbt boys is SOO CUTE![:
aiyah! the towel so expensive! cannot use, must keep. next time become collectible.
HAHAHAHAHAH! xD you are the queen of pervies what! xD
golden haired girls. RAHH. i'm going to touch aoquann! hahahaha!
LOL! -cough- jiro&AQ watching apians together? LOL.
yeah! the bbt boys keep teasing him about why he doesnt watch A-Pians.
poor him! that is the cover for their pictorial [:

i think their new look is something like this:
Posted Image

#765 allycheng


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Posted 12 December 2007 - 02:47 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

AZUREY! hahaha, but the xiaoyu/jie (i forgot who) won some smartest competition in MFBBT. ahhaa, but they had it like 4 times i think. and wangzi,xiaoyu, xiaojie all won it. hahha, wz's always getting like super high score lah! i'm finding it tooo! don't have their face lah my gosh! if have i'll hug it to sleeep everyday! they like to fool around alot, so cool! omgosh, i love AW! :D did you see them doing the xiaozhu's JWM dance? very cooool! ahhaha.

this is the song i'm talking about. the one that describes about them
anyway, the clearest version i can find. its in mp3 format though (:

這一段時間 對著什麼樣的畫面
during this time, whenever we meet any kind of things
happy,angry,sad,cheerful were all written in the diary
發現 每一頁全都是 經典
found out, that every page is classic
all the stories are all worth remembering
*現實的考驗 我們說好一起面對
the reality obstacles, we have already said that we'll go through it together
no matter how long, how far, we'll never say that its tired
期待 一次的美好的明天
waiting for the one perfect tomorrow
we have already said that we'll never give up on anybody

手牽著手 肩靠肩
hand in hand, shoulder against shoulder
腳尖 在身邊時
our toes, at the side
作你最後的堡壘 風吹過的海邊
being your last resort (?) wind blowing across the shore
雨水下過的季節 讓我好想念
the season that had rained, make me miss it so much

我們之間 不會有改變 相同的起點
what we have shared together, won't change. the same starting point
一瞬間 變成了樂園
at that one moment, became a playground(?!)

我們之間 轉了一大圈 相同的終點
what we have together, after turning one round, the same end point
會發現 所有的心願 
will find out, all of the wishes
會實現 woo~
will find out woo~

我們之間 不會有改變
what we have shared together, won't change.
相同的起點一瞬間 變成了樂園
the same starting point, at that moment becaming a playground(?!)
我們之間 轉了一大圈 相同的終點
what we have shared, after turning one round, back to the same end point
會發現 所有的心願
we'll find out that all of the wishes
我們之間 一瞬間 變成了樂園
what we have shared, in that moment, became a playground
我們之間 轉了一大圈
what we have shared, after turning one round
相同的終點 會發現
in the same end point, we'll find out
所有的心願 會實現 會實現
all our wishes, will achieve, will achieve

haha, sorry for lousy translation!
anyway, credits to www.bangbangtang.com.cn (:

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 03:06 PM

Wahh! You so nice can. Somemore got song lyrics! Thank you! Looks like you can be nice horr. Hahahah! Xiao Yu and WZ I understand la, they look smart but then, XJ? Gosh! Hahahah! No offense, he looks really "DUHHHH" that type of look, you know. And I think WZ is the smartest despite the fact that he is the youngest. Actually, I think AQ is not smart at all. YES! I like AW too! He is sooo ah-dorable! Always smile smile and jump around. He may be my height, 168 cm, I think, but his dancing skills is the BEST. Super, super nice. And what JWM dance? Thanks for the lyrics and the link again!

Rui Perv Princess,
CHEH. I'm still bigger than you. Me gorgeous queen, you A-pian dusting princess. Ohh! Qi Cai BBT? I've heard of that, I used to think it was their first album but it's an EP? Thanks for clearing up the EP business. I never knew albums had like, a song limit or something.
And now they're finally releasing an album! Yaaay~ NA LI PA! NA LI PA! They're not scared of anything, not even FRH!
Hmm~so BBT is still newer than FRH. But then, I love FRH and all but I think it was harder for the BBT boys to get where they are now. They had to be on a competitve show and all like MFBBT. And yeah, episode 21. That's an early episode? Really? How many episodes in total? Does AQ appear in every ep? He does, right? And why was he chosen as the leader?
And ohh, Yeshou is a guy who didn't get picked for BBT huh? Will go and check him out. I must set alarm clock now to wake up at 8 or I'll definitely sleep till 12 and miss the show! GRRR~stupid time.
Touch MY AQ!? GRRR! I touch Arron then you know! And hahah, he likes those golden-haired girls horr. Someone once told me that she thought AQ liked Da Ya from HSHMM because of the way he looked at her.
Hahaha~poor WZ! He surely get influence la. Maybe he is digging AQ's A-pian collection now. Hahahaa~I can imagine Jiro and the BBT boys talking about their A-pians! For sure very exciting. Hahaha!
AQ's hair didn't really change but WL and WZ's one did. WL's one is permed. Hahaa~and WZ's one looks sooo puffy. And XY's one is nice! Last time, XY's hair was kinda shaved on a side.

#767 allycheng


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Posted 12 December 2007 - 03:39 PM

Posted Image
i love this photo of theirs!
its for their SHOW, NALIPA! hahaha

: hahaha, i'm always nice! :P XJ looks blur blur, stone kind right! but he's quite funnny on the show too! like when they go and bao4liao4 that time. hahaha, WZ is smart! have you seen his younger brother, maodi? very cute tooo! hahaha, i like some of the other mfbbt boys too! like ahben,yeshou(like rui!) and maodi! hahaha. AQ isn't very smart lah, but he's leader, and quite goood at it tooo! hahahaa, yup! he's so funnnny omgsoh! hahaha, and super kuso lah! he's like their kaixinguo! the JWM dance is cos xiaozhu went to their concert, so then they'll perform for him, then the 3 of them did the dance, and it was so nice! even xiaozhu said it was harder than his version! hahaha. no prob! sorry for lousy translation though!

#768 Azure!

    Graaay <3

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 04:09 PM

Wahh! They are sooo cute in NLP! Is it a drama or a gameshow? Gameshow, right? And yeah lor, XJ like very blur, very dumb look but I think he's one of the more cunning ones. It's WL that is truly dumb la! Hahahaha~WL's puzzled look in BSM is VERY funny, hahaha. I think AQ is not smart in his studies but he is the cunning type, know how to plan type. And Maodi? In MFBBT too, is it? OHHH! Ah Ben was in MFBBT? Why wasn't he chosen!? He was VERY, VERY cute. Looks like there were a lot of talented people who didn't make it into BBT. Therefore, the BBT boys now must be super talented! And hahaha, what's kuso ahh? I heard AQ's nick is "Chou Zhu", which means "Smelly Pig". Hahahah! They really mistreat their leader la! But them, I think the BBT boys all respect AQ a lot and that's why so far I don't think there's any rumours about them disbanding or whatevs. JWM stands for...? Still very blur! Who is Xiao Zhu in the first place? And where can I find that vid? I wanna see!


This pic makes me GRRRR! But awww, look at WZ in the back. Blur blur cute look, hahaah!

Posted Image

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#769 .jaevia

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Posted 12 December 2007 - 05:47 PM

azure: i dont think xiaojie's education lvl is only elementary!
its oo exaggerated!
wah! MFBBT early in the morning, dont eat your breakfast and watch, im afraid you will laughed while eating, and its not good!
WL is freaking damn cute, he is so blur, both real life and the show. but BSM make him look stupider compared to real life.
its like, he doesnt know anything, and like not sensitive at all~
im loving AQ alot now, but prince still remains first~~ heh.

i din know that!
give me LINK~ i wan go see what they quarrel about and comment about how childish hey can be!
30 pages? what the heck can they argue about!
ilike how ahwei and AQ interacts! and when they dance tgt, itsIMPRESSIVE!
those chimology moves!
i din really catch up with BBT recently, maybe i'll watch it after my tests!
i like prince hair alot now, but during the golden horse, it look so freaking weird! like being bombed!

allyqueeniedarling: thanks for the pics! and also the lyrcs!

#770 Azure!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 04:37 AM

Ohmigosh! Hahahaha! MFBBT was soooo funny and soooo disgusting today! AQ's feet STINK! Seriously, they made AQ stuff his feet at the guest artiste's nose! The poor guy almost fainted, hahaha~ And there's this really 'niang' dude in MFBBT. He's not in BBT but his name is Hiro or something. Gosh! He is super niang can! Eat gross thing...CRY. Nose get stuffed by other people's feet...ALSO CRY! Not man like AQ. Tsk tsk.

Hahaha! I think they were most probably joking about XJ's education level. But I really think despite his dong dong appearance, he is quite smart can! Today in MFBBT, he even managed to use a Chinese proverb to 'ding zui' with the guest artiste. Not bad can! Even I also don't even know what the proverb means.
And later at 5pm, got one more episode of MFBBT. Tomorrow morning at 8 got one more. Then tomorrow at 5pm, got another one. Stupid timing. Should be everyday one episode! GRRR!
And yeah yeah, if WL is as dumb as he is in BSM in real life, then ohmigosh, he is very pitiful. Surely get taken advantage of. And hey, wasn't the girl WL liked in BSM that girl from umm, TKA and ISWAK? Xiang Qin's friend? Hahaha~WL sooo funny when he was chasing her. He even proposed! Ohmigosh, I was like O.O!!!
Yes, yes, Wang Zi remains first for you. AQ for me then. Fair? :)

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#771 .jaevia

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 05:03 AM

azure: blah. i think the MFBBT episodes you are watching right now is from year 2006. the starting of the show!
cos you mention, and hiro left MFBBT long ago.
and i agree he is def, not as man as AQ!

i think the info. he put was a fake one can! tsk, trying to cheat my feelings!
lucky i not 3 yeard old kid
if WL is that dumb in real life, i wanna date him! at least he is faithful. he still admires rongjia till now!
OMG, so sweeet can. yeah,that girl in the girl from TKA*ISWAK!

ahah, yes you take AQ, i take prince, justlike you take jiro, i take danson!

#772 Ginying

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 05:10 AM

i think XJ is pretty smart......he is known as the one who says the right thing when being interview and stuff.

Na Li Pa is a variety Show where they try to fulfill people's dream.......so they are like superheroes.....i haven't catch any of it but they look cute in their uniform.....reminds me of Power Rangers

Does anyone know what kind of concert they are having in January?
do they have enough songs to sing?

#773 .jaevia

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 05:21 AM

Ginying: yes!
XJ is like the spokesperson for the whole group! cos his answer is always so standard!
but thats how to deal with media, esp nowadays media!

i agre their NLP variety show outfit loks like power ranger! even their pose! freaking cute.
i only watched thefirst episode though.

hmm. they got 10 songs in their new album right?
plus 3 from the EP, 1 from the pictorial book.
and each of them can have their own solos. so should be enough songs!

#774 allycheng


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 06:40 AM

oh yes, BBT just released a new SINGLE called, YES. it sounds quite nice!

AZUREY!: hahaha, NLP is some variety show that they go around helping people or something! XJ got that dao/blur loook! but he's cunnning! agreee! hahaha, and yes WL is really stupid lah! look at the NLP photo, he's the only one that looks so... stupid! hahah. the rest all look very cute! yup, MaoDi's like WZ's younger brother, he's cute! ahben is in MFBBT tooo! and now he's signed on to channelV, so around the same rank as the BBT boys, cos they all wear same colour shirt on the show! hahaha, all the guys on mfbbt are seriously talented! cos they need to have talents to be on the show! hahah. eh, i don't know how to explain kuso, but its something like funny i think. hahah, i heard AQ's quite kiasu leh! haha, they always mistreat their leader! but i think its just friendly friendly kind, and they do respect AQ! nope, they aren't any rumours, and their friendship's very strong! they've beeen living together for er, nearly 1 year now i think! JWM=JING WU MEN lah! and xiaozhu is SHOW LUO! hahaha, i think its in the internet, you go youtube and search for MFBBT+showluo, then go find. haha. i go find for you next time! hahaha, WZ looks very curious! he's like straining his neck to see or something! haha. omgosh, i want to watch the first few eps tooo! i've beeen looking for it forever! hahaha. who's the guest artiste?! hiro left long time ago already! ahahaha.

OLIDEAR: ahhhh, i haven't watched BSM yet! is it nice? WL is soooo stupid stupid kind, but that makes him so funnnnny! and he's so loyal to his RJ lah! hahaha, no prob! :D

#775 .jaevia

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 06:52 AM

allyqueeniedarling:HUH!you haven watcheD?
i thought you watched already can!
its a must watch! all of them so funny can~ esp that WL! the way he wooo RJ. uber cute lah!
i laugh my ass off can. though he like dumbdumb!
but theen his imagination is fullmarks!

OMG! i wan hear their new song!
and im still wondering whether to get their album! BLAH~ MONEY MONEY COME TO ME!

#776 allycheng


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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:00 AM

OLIDEAR: i haven't watched yet! cos i want to buy the dvd, still got BTS(behind the scenes) leh! hahaha. ahhh, i heard its like super nice! RJ was on it tooo?! did they get together? ohhh, did you see that time taoze(sp?!) went onto MFBBT and then WL&RJ sang the 今天你要嫁給我. hahaha, WL sang so out of key! but he was like, so happppy lah! hahhahaha. he's so stupid okay! mygosh! hahahaha. i heard the show got alot of those kind of imagination scenes is it? like 18censored or not! hahaha. ooooh, their new song's quite nice! you can go download it at www.bangbangtang.com.cn or ask me when you see me online then i send you! hahaah. trust me, that bbt website is like super good okay! they've got alot of pictures! and alot of MFBBT people go post there! oh, i like LATTE tooo! i think he was known as 拿錢. hahaha, he's so cute! and he's studying in the same uni that calvin studied in now! haha!

#777 Azure!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:06 AM

Hmm, really? Then I must seriously go watch more interviews with BBT. I wanna see for myself how good XJ is at answering questions.

Yeah, yeah, I think I'm watching the super early eps. Around ep 19, ep 21 there. Good also! And huh? Hiro left MFBBT early? You mean, it's not like all the MFBBT boys will stay on the show till the very end and in the end, they pick out the six BBT boys? OHH! Never knew that! I heard AQ almost got kicked out once but he saved himself with an awesome dance performance. Damn cool la he.
And yeah, yeah, true, guys as stupid as WL in BSM is super rare can! But then, WL watches A-pians too so I guess he is not all that innocent hor! And that Rong Jia is actually quite pretty in BSM compared to umm, in ISWAK. WL and her quite match. I kept laughing at when WL wanted to propose to her and then suddenly, he starts singing the "Jin Tian Ni Yao Jie Gei Wo" song.
Good good. Very fair! We very 'he zhuo'! I take Jiro and AQ, you take Danson and Prince. Wow, both your MEN very princely hor.

Is BSM nice!? DAMN NICE. Trust me. I used to like hate BBT and 'cause of BSM, I like them. It's super nice to watch! Seriously, very easy to watch, not complicated like TXF, easy on the brain and super funny at times. Especially when AW and XJ are fighting over Y-tou. Hahaha! And the beginning when AQ was stuck on tree and when he fell onto the tree, he hit his "carrot" down there. Hahahha! And how are they gonna help people on NLP? They can help people meh? Ginying says they are gonna be like superheros in the show, hence the funny superheroish and also hahah, as she said, Power Ranger-ish costumes. WL look stupid meh in the NLP photo? I felt that he looked like he was gonna attack someone. Hahaa. And how sad! Maodi didn't make it but WZ did! Isn't that kinda sad? And yeah, Ah Ben is doing quite well even though he didn't make it onto BBT. He's in that show with Xiao Xun, right? And ahahha! AQ is kiasu? Can see that from his face, actually. I once saw him and XJ PK dancing. Wow, seriously, AQ really "ping le"! And yeah, yeah, they actually live together hor? Gosh, their house must be full fo stinky manly B.O. Hahaha~and ok ok, I know who is Show Luo now. I've seen him on umm, Yu Le Bai Fen Bai. I'll go and look for the JWM vid! Definitely. I love to see them dance lor. Damn nice. And WZ looks so ah-dorable la. And who is your fave in BBT? Mine's AQ so you cannot touch him. And umm, the guest artiste was some band called CIRCUS. I've never heard of 'em but it was funny to see AQ stuff his toes up the CIRCUS's members nose. Hahaha! And Hiro left? Expected la. What also cry wan he. To be VERY mean, he doesn't deserve to have a name that rhymes with my manly Jiro!

#778 .jaevia

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:11 AM

allyqueeniedarling: WAH! you buying alot of BBT things can! im so broke now!
ohyah, you working right now, thats why! BLAH,i no money now! only can see and touch cannot buy! yeah, RJ was also in BSM. WL tried all ways tohumour RJ but failed, but at last RJ was touched by WL sincerity, and yepps, they were tgt! awww. so sweet.
quitealot of funny scenes btw them!

i din watch that episode. but just by you saying, can totally imagine the scene right now! AHAHA, WL always sing off-pitch sing slower! if WL is stupid, then he is faithful! ahaha, cna marry him, knowing he wont cheat on you!
if marry like wangzi or whoever, got so many girl fans, than give me a feeling of rather flirt!
XY also! tsk. WL and AW, best lah~

LATTE!, he is one handsome guy i must say!but then the way he talk and act, kinda piss me abit!
LOL. but he s still shuai~ and what same uni as calvin! OMG! ahh~ love him now~
I LOVE LIQUAN ALOT CAN~! he and WL of the same kind lah!

thanks for the link!

azure: MFBBT always hold like some compeitiion. if any of them are the bottom 2 or something, they wil have to leave MFBBT!
but those 6 guys and ahben, are permantly in the program aready. others stil have the riskof being kicked out.
thats why they always have new people coming in!

idin know AQ nearly got kicked out! but i know wang zi nearly! cos when he started out, his character was rather bad, and he got warned! but then he improved and was selected ti be in the 6! so proud oof him!

that scene was hilarious can! rongjia was fixing the car, then he came! the time is like so WRONG! blah~
but so cutee, but i guess if i were RJ, i think i would be afraid ofhim first! like, HELLLO, love at first sight and you start wooing her! i wil freak out!

your MEN also very MANLY!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:31 AM

Wait. If the six BBT boys and Ah Ben all permanently in the program already, then what's the point of continuing the program? 'Cause all they wanna do is to pick six guys mah. And if these six won't get eliminated then surely they will get picked so why continue the program? Very odd!
And really? WZ had a bad character? I know AQ almost got kicked out once and had to do the elimination contest or something. AQ did some sort of VERY weird Michael Jackson dance and the judges didn't like it mah. Then he performed some super nice Ao Fei Hung dance and he got back in again.
And yeah! I was like, "OMG! WL! DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE SERIOUSLY GONNA PROPOSE NOW!?" and then suddenly the music start playing and he start dancing and then RJ appears in some wedding gown...HAHAHAHA! I kept laughing! Same! I would be afraid of WL too. He acts like a stalker but we all know he is too dumb and too innocent to be one, haha! Yes, yes, I know, my MEN are MANLY and probably stinky. Not classy like your princes.



Posted Image

Hahaha! XJ looks like some 'chau ah pek'!

Posted Image

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:41 AM

AZUREY!: hiro veryyy gay! hahaha, nope, they got like elimination rounds every 2months. hahaha, WL is so stupif that he is very rare! and he has that lecherous look sometimes leh! haha, RJ is quite pretty! oooh, she's in singapore now leh! and WL is like super funny, cos there's this guy in MFBBT now, that's RJ's younger brother, so WL on the show always like pretend to be good friends with the younger brother so that he can be invited to the house then he said that since RJ's no longer in taiwan, then WL will lie on her bed and smell RJ's smell on her pillow! so dumb lah he! hahaha. you say until its like so nice, i want to go watch now! haha, they're like superheroes that help people to complete tasks that kind! cos apparently they're from some outerspace thing, then their spacecraft crashed onto earth, then to repair it they need to go around helping them or something? can't remember. haha, but maodi's seriously young lah! he's only 15/16! hahaha. ayup! he's in the show 18censored or not, with XX. its quite nice! AQ is kiasu! he sleeps with like 3 books under his pillow everynight, to protect his voice. HAHA. i think it was mentioned in an eppy of MFBBT last time. their roooms are reallly messsy lah! hahaa. don't worrry, i don't like AQ as much as i like ahwei&xiaoyu&xiaojie&wangzi. HAHAHA. cos everytime i see AQ i remember of edisonchen! hahaha, CIRCUS?! sunknown! hhahhaa. hahha, cos the andyge(which is quite hot!) wants to groom more stars what, the more the merrier! and plus, they have like a HUGEEEE fan base in taiwan, so why not continue the show! plus its so popular lah! hahahaa, they picked the 6 already, forming BBT! so i think if they pick more, it'll be like ahben or maybe bbt2? haahha. omgosh! that imagination is like so funnny lah! but WL is seriously stupid lah! but he's soo funnny! hahaha. ahwei's super funnny tooo! oh you know the edwin thing that you posted, WL looks so dumb! HAHAHAHA. ah, no off but i think the hshmm abit like act cute leh! thats one of the reason why i've not started watching the show! hahaha, cos of their hairstyle and the way they talk! hahaha, but at least ah, bbt boys cannot get together with hshmm, wah, HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF LAH!

OLIDEAR: hahahaa, you know i told you about my posting thing right, cos i was so sad until i cried like during lunch, then my mum tried to cheer me up, so she's gonnna buy me alot of BBT stuff to cheer me up! hahahahaa. omgosh, they got together in the end? did they kiss? WL must have beeen so happy when they ended up together in the show lah! hahahaha. WL's singing really CMI lah! but he's improving now! hahaha. but they say he like alot of girls leh! but he's quite faithful to RJ! hahahaha. latte's shuai! but yalah, quite irritating at times, but i don't like the duoduo! his hair so irritating! hahaha, LIQUAN VERY CUTE! he cut his hair now! hahaha, LQ and WL are of the same kind, thats why they got the 師徒關係� hahahaha. i don't want any of the MFBBT people that i like to kena kicked out! like YS,LQ,MD!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 09:19 AM

azure: the whole program is actually for more teenagers to actually come and try out in the entertainment circle. those who want to find out how isit like to be on screen or something
thats why they constantly hold those elimination contest.
and after that, they will have newcomers! blah. out of the many boys, they pick 6 that would help to represent their programm. MFBBT.
so when pple see BBT, they wil be reminded of MFBBT.
i think thats what they wan to do!

yeah, even prince brother(mao-di) said this. cos by his name PRINCE, you know he is tohse classy kind of people.
OH OH OH!i rmb that episode! if AQ was to just being eliminate, i dont tink you would ever know him! ahahaha. LUCKY HIM!

i was watching that scene, and the way e propose! BLAH, i feel so embarassed fo him also can!
and its like he is stil studying and wants to get married cos RJ will only date a person which she think she will marry! OMG.
i dunno whats in WL mind!

well, those body odour not stinky!, makes them MANLY! they got muscles! sweat it out.
mind is like fullof perfumes everywhere-.-
our taste of guys are like so far apart!

and i dont think thats the EP cover!
they have 6 versions of EP. plus the gaiban one it would be 7versions!

allyqueeniedarling: AHHH~ so goood.
okay, but yeah, dont be sad okay! olvls more impt!
blah, WL and RJ no kissing scene! i dont tRJ would want it! RJ was rather afraid alreay when they have hugging scenes!
his singing tgt with AW is CMI, like me! but then his tempo really very OUT leh!
OMG. so funny.
that duoduo! ROAR, dont like also, no wonder all the guys in MFBBT dont like him! crybaby! blah! than worst thing he got 6 pacs! dont suit his character!
yes, i saw LQ hair! SO CUTEEEE! ahahaha. LQ danc and singing also funny can! like teacher like discple!
maodi! that so tiny guy, same like prince! i love their interaction!
and YS is?

#782 Azure!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 01:17 PM

Yeah, I know!! OMG lor. Today I watched another ep of MFBBT and they had to like suck up the centipedes with like, straws and then the Hiro hor, he super niang can! I think the 'Tang Zhu' also know, that's why she purposely choose him to play that game. I think she wanna test how niang he is and all. But I must say that all the six BBT boys deserve to be chosen. They are very active in the show and they're MAN lor! they will willingly do all the things they are asked to do, won't like complain like so niang niang qiang. And then, that Hiro hor, he try also don't try to suck, he just cheat and push the centipedes into the other container! Where can! That's why he got punished. And ahhahahahahhaa! OMG! Sooo funny! WL also quite smart in a way. He knows how to plan horr, wanna get the sis then get to the bro first. Smart, smart. Really? He really likes RJ in real life or he joke only? And who is RJ's brother? HAHAHA! They're aliens in NLP? Hmm~I think AQ's ears make him look quite alien-ish in his own way. Hahah~they are aliens who do good! When is NLP coming out? WOW. Maodi's super YOUNG! And I've seen MD. MD's quite cute but he's very small and scrawny lor. But he's very sporting like the rest of the BBT boys in MFBBT. But then, MD's not as classy-looking as WZ. MS's just quite cute and a bit mischevious that type. And I know, the 18 Jing Bu Jing with XX and Ah Ben. Nice? Worth watching? I almost wanted to watch. And HAHAHHAA! Why does sleeping with three books under your pillow make you a better singer? I can't understand AQ's logic la. Hahaha! But his dancing is super nice. And yeah, last time, on TV, there was this BBT SPECIAL and then, they showed their rooms and all and that time, I wasn't their fan yet so I said, "YERRR!" and I switched the channel! T.T Super regret now. Why everyone keep saying AQ look like Edison? I really cannot see the similarity lor! Must go look more. Who's your fave then? You can't have sooo many faves! Andy Ge owns MFBBT and all, is it? So cool! Yeah, I think in TW, BBT has wider fanbase but they're not so wide yet not like FRH and all. But they are young and they have potential! They cannot continue the show already what. They picked the BBT boys already, not meh? Anyway, will they continue it? I don't think they continued WAHSH. Actually horr, the HSH girls are not all that bad. I also thought that way 'cause they look like the act cute type but some of them are really not bad. Like Da Ya who was paired up with AQ. I like lor those two together. Also, like XX with XY and WZ with Gui Gui. Not that bad. They make the show funny. Only got some HSHMM I beh tahan. But the res are not too bad. AND WHY? BBT boys cannot get together with HSHMM? WHY? Company policy?

#783 ohmygodsun

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 01:22 PM

AZURE PervieQueen
princesses dont dust A-Pians!
i shall be with prince. HAHAHAHH.
omgosh! in an episode where they auctioned their items for charity,
prince auctioned his SCHOOL UNIFORM, and he is OH-MY-GOSH hot in that uniform.
hahaha! yesyes, they are the NA LI PA xing qiu ren. hahhaahh! TUO LI YA.
okay, i dont think you would know what i'm saying xD
episode 21 was like in 2006! soooo long ago! he appears in nearly every episode i think[:
he was the first few didis to join bbt, i think there are over 400episodes already!
i think he was chosen as the leader because he performed really well in MFBBT[:
yeshou is a newbie! he joined like a few months ago, but he's soo cute![not as in looks]
I ADORE GUAGUA from their earlier episodes! but he left already D:
thats sooo sad! guagua acted as quan's brother in hanakimi!
-cough- arron would run away from you! you pervieee queen! hahaha!
i think all guys love hot woman -.- >:3
hahah! i think daya&aoquan would make a cute couple! plus, both are the leaders, but their contract dont allow them to date anyone from hshmm.
sigh. but maybe they still like each other xD
poor wangzi! i think he feels left out when the guys -cough- talk about their a-pian collection. hahahahh!
but MFBBT is so cute in a sense that they allow their programme to be a little A and that makes it more interesting and funny!
i think in a YLBFB episode on 24dec, xiaoyu&xiaojie POLEDANCE!
HAHAHAHHAHA. i'm so anticipating that!<3
aiyoh azure! but i think you still like jiro much more [:
LOL. aoquan's hair got shaved a little, xiaoyu's hair is shorter, xiaojie's hair got...? i dont know how to explain.
weilian's hair got PERMED! reminds me of eason chan sometimes -.-
wangzi's hair is puffier![:
its nice, but sometimes it looks a little birdnest-ie. D:

i just feel like saying hello after typing that long reply to azure.
hahahahhhh! -crazying-
ohh, its 22 pages, but its still soooo much -.-

i agreee! and ahwei&aoquan together are sooo funny![:
they have awesome chemistry!<3
yesyes! your tests end tmr already!
during golden horse, his hair looked like birdnest! D:
the hairstylist sucked -.-
but now he's back to normal!<3

i think they would enough songs!
i think its a mini concert[:
<3 i so want to attend D:

hahah! i think its like only the few of us posting here, but its fun![:

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 01:29 PM

Just watched MFBBT! OMG. I sooo pity XY. Hahahaha~the leg hair on one of his legs got ripped out by the guest artiste with masking tape in a game! OMG! Hahaha! And then, after the BBT boys won the game, they were promised a dance with the "La Mei"/Hawt Girl and TA-DAA, an ultra fat lady come out can! OMG. I so embarassed for the lady. So fat all the fats jutting out from the bikini.

And then, XY want to show his man-ness so he offer to carry the "La Mei" bridal style and she was too heavy, she fell on him and crushed him! HAHAHA! And then, I think AQ likes Da Ya from HSHMM lor! 'Cause when he was asked to say something sweet to the "La Mei", he said, "Wow! You are prettier than Da Ya!". At that time, he's also thinking about DY! <3 And then, XJ sooo man, hahaha, he waltz with the "La Mei". And AQ sooo brave, he willingly go and kiss the "La Mei"! OMG, hahaha! MFBBT very crazy la.

Rui perv princess,
Eh! You stop dreaming can. Remember, you are not normal princess, you are PERV princess ok! And WZ don't watcjh A-pian so he is not a perv prince so where can be with you? Sorry la. OLI book WZ already, hahaha. You choose another la!
SERIOUS! WZ auctioned his school uniform! OMG! Sure got a lot of girls line up just to buy it! I also WANT! How much!? Sure got thousands. I want AQ's pants. I don't know why but I like to see AQ is 3-quarts. Look nicer than when he's wearing full length pants.
And yeah, ally told me they are aliens in NLP. What is Tuo Li Ya though?
OMG! 400 over eps of MFBBT! WOOHOO! So nice! I watch until I siao. Hahahah~lucky I noticed the show early or else I would've missed a lot. True, AQ joined VERY early, I see him already. I also see XY, WZ, XJ but not WL and AW. Perhaps they join later.
And YEAH! Same! I saw GuaGua today!! He is soooo cute! And he is quite active what! Why did he leave!? I don't get it. I like him too, he is very MAN!! He so good la. Willing to share the disgusting chicken liver blended drink with one of the other didis even though he wasn't the one being punished.
And why are some didis in MFBBT dressed in purple and some in black? I see AQ in black but Maodi's in purple.
YEAH! No wonder GG's soooo familiar. GG hawter than Quan la. And NO, Arron won't run from me, he will run TOWARDS me. Tsk tsk! You don't know your grammar la.
Hahahaha~so sad! DY and AQ can't be together? Why their contracrt don't allow it!? GRRRR!
Yeah, MFBBT is quite A. That's why WZ should join in the A-pian watching, he must have MANLY bonding time with the rest of the BBT boys mah! How can be left out!?
REALLY? YAAAAY~I also have YLBFB! I sure go see. Today I saw the news about FRH Japan tour in YLBFB. Ok, off-topic. But ahhaha! XY and XJ pole dance sure super hawt! Must see. Sure very sexy.
Hmm. Actually I don't see much change to AQ's hair but XJ's hair...OMG! What happen? It's like someone made it look like a puffy mushroom!
Hahahah~bird's nest. But WZ's hair now not too bad. Last time was a bit too sharp. WL...WL looks okay, I guess. The permed style not too bad but a bit aunty-ish.

Ohhh! So that way, the MFBBT show will go on and on la. Even after the BBT boys are chosen. Are they still on the show? Also, is AQ like the 'Bang Zhang' of MFBBT? Because at the end of the show, I see him saying the, "Qi li! Xing li! Xie xie tang zhu!". Ahahaa. He was picked as the ban zhang early on, is it? No wonder he's the leader. And I notice the Tang Zhu likes to pick all the niang niang boys to do the disgusting games, won't pick like the BBT boys lor! 'Cause they're all so MAN, she knows they will surely do it wan.
And yeah, yeah, but I noticed Maodi is not as classy as Prince lor. Quite sad. If there was two Princes, I could have one too. Hahaha~yeah, I know! THANK GOD he didn't get eliminated. It is fated la that I'm supposed to see AQ. Fated, fated.
Actually, if WL propose to me like that, first I'd be like O.O!! Then I'd be like AWWWW. 'Cause he's sooo sweet. But sooo stupid too. A bit like Ah Jin in ISWAK.
And good what out taste diff! At least won't have to fight over any guys! And true, true, manly B.O., manly B.O. Can sell horr! $$$
And seriously, their EP covers soo many. They want to earn more money la. Channel [V] so greedy.

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:30 PM

Posted Image
Posted Image

i'm watching 18/08/2006 episode of MFBBT now! walao eh, that hiro is seriously immature and irritating okay! he keep playing with his biangbiangtoy! and he had to 罚站 TWICE already! and omgosh, AQ's HAIR! hahahahahaha, seriously funnny lah! and wangzi can do tajiquan?! ooops, maodi's 1year younger than WZ, sorrry! haahha. but WZ do the taijiquan veryy coool! and when both WZ & MD fight each other, very cute! hahahaha. eh, but WZ wasn't thattt hot last time. MD still very cute! haha. eyer, i think HIRO'S GAY!
OMGOSH! ): weiyu/lapayu's brother kena kidnapped when he was young and never come back already ): ahhhh, pooor thing!

AZUREY: yup, WL & AW joined later on. guagua's very cute right! hahaha, he had to leave cos he was signed on to ariel lin's company, so you can see him on like magazine shoots and all that. he's so cute! walao, hiro's so gay+irritating okay! haahha. my gosh! he tried to matchmake his TOY with TERRY! walao eh! oh they got the bbt shirt thats in black & purple, so i think like when play games then they'll wear right? yup, its in their contract that HSHMM cannot date BBT boys.haha, i haven't watched until all 6 are there yet! agree lah that hiro super niang plase! hahaha, and XY,XJ,WZ&AQ veryyy man! hahahah. that WL very stupiddd lah! hahaha, he got that dumbdumb look! you know that time they had to reelect the monitor, then cos RJ's brother, XiaoLu, was there already, WL VOTED FOR XL LAH! hahaha, and cos they had to write reasons, WL wrote, "hurrry, bring me to your house!" walao eh! ahahah. i think he like in real life leh, but not sure. but RJ's brother quite ugly. you go watch on tudou the newest ep of mfbbt can see him. hahah. you know my fist impression of AQ was, "ehhh, edison chen lookalike with huge ears!" hahahaha. MD very cute! they say like he grow up with the show like that! hahaha. yup, i like the 18JinBuJin. very funnny! cos that time got some fengshui master go their house, then cos WL,AQ&WZ share same room right, then they were sleeping under this bar thing in the room. and the fengshui master say it'll affect their voice. so AQ very kiasu got put the 3 books that like can protect kind, something like amulet i think, to protect his voice. HAHA. you can go find that one on internet! that was the time the fengshui master went! haahaha. he does! you go see a picture when he covers his ears so it doesn't pop out, and then you go put edison chen's picture beside it. they look alike! hahaha, i think now will be AhWei and either xiaoyu/xiaojie. HAHAHA. but i like the mfbbt boys too! andyge is the manager of channel v! and he's quite cute lah! hahaha. but bbt not marketed in the rest of asia, if not i think they'll be really famous! hahaha, they can continue groooming more people what!

OLIDEAR: hahaha, but i was quite sad lah! what?! no kissing scene?! if got ah, WL surely happpy until wah. HAHAHAHA. WL is tempo CMI, AW is pitch got problem! did you see that time keyoulun&zhangdongliang went on mfbbt then AW,AQ,WL sang 苯小孩? haha, even keyoulun&ZDL said they suited the song, cos 3 stupid ppl singing that song! hahahahaa. i don';t like that duoduo! he's so irritating okay! omogsh and he's in gymnastics?! LQ's hair damn funnny! and he always doing all the weird dances! hahaha, yalor, like teacher like disciple! but t WL & LQ very cute together! hahaha, i like maodi! YS is yeshou! he's very cute too! plus his singing is gooood!

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Posted 13 December 2007 - 03:41 PM

i cant resist but to join u guys here.

i'm so super obsessed with BBT now, and the show MFBBT.

too bad i discover the show way later after i watch BSM. so, right now i'm kinda marathon-ing the earliest episodes of MFBBT and also watching the shows religiously. haha.

BBT make my day, everyday!! :)

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 01:35 AM

Posted Image
the new look for NaLiPa! (((: omgosh, so coool!
i watched like 1/2 an episode of MFBBT last night, and MONKEY's quite cute! but that hiro's seriously gettting on my nerves! wahhh, hurry eliminate him leh! hahaha.

smoochiesayn: helllo! hahahha, join me and azurey! the ones that only realised about MFBBT now! so we're alll marathon-ing all the previous eps! hahahahhaha. i think the 6 of them very cute! who are yours? i like alot of mfbbt boys tooo! hahaha. veryyy hot! (:

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 07:16 AM

Posted Image
Posted Image
so cute! anyway, these photos are for NaLiPa album tooo! omgosh, they should come up with another pictorial! the 6 of them are reallly shuai!
ahahhaa, and it'll be EVEN BETTER if they get MFBBT to have a pictorial tooo! i'll just die of happiness or something!

#789 ohmygodsun

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 10:01 AM

AZURE pervie queen
excuse me! you know those disney fairytales, queens are always evil! you're evil pervie queen! -cough-
i shall take xiaoyu&xiaojie&guagua&yeshou. HAHAHA[:
yes! he auctioned his school uniform, i think it sold for 4000plus taibi, about 200 dollars? or was it 8000taibi? i cant remember :X
aoquan's pants? eww! what are you going to do with it pervie!
Tuo li ya is something they say when they want to use thier power or something, hahaha~ along with their formation which is posted above xD
he is one of the pioneers i think, wl&aw joined during the second batch of didis.
he was my favourite didi but he disappeared AD:
i dontknow if he got ousted out or he left for other reasons. D:
and whats wrong with my grammar?
umm, i think that channel v feels that it would affect their show blahblahblahh,
pleaseee! if they were together it would be more interesting! >:3
but being A makes MFBBT soooo funny![:
maybe WZ watches A-Pian now, LOL! imagining the 6 of them watching A-pians together is a little weird -.-
hahah! i think their poledance would be FUNNILY sexy, since bbt never fails to make anything funny.
LOL! i think its the hairstylist's fault, he made it so spiky at the back but smooth infront... o.o
i'm liking WZ's hair more now, but sometimes it looks weird, i think they're trying to make him look more mature blah.
weilian's hair is looking better already! when they first revealed his hair, it was like curly-wavy :X

yeah! they're so cute and lively in that photoshoot![x
LOL. they must be sponsored by samsung&calsburg
but he's back to japan now D:

the posts didnt merge :X

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Posted 14 December 2007 - 10:47 AM

Posted Image
credits to pearr!

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