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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 花...

flowgel's Photo flowgel 28 May 2007

haha good to know its a happy ending XD

yup..;agree with u guys here..... i think maki isnt the best one for this drama....but she's good too...but i maybe someone else we do it better....

cant wait to watch it!! they probably are starting filming now huh?

SakuraAngel's Photo SakuraAngel 29 May 2007

Yuura and NashtyDirk: i agree.. it'd b definitely fun to see aya ueto doing mizuki!!! loved watching her in attention please!

will someone b uploading this when it comes out btw?

camille_he's Photo camille_he 29 May 2007

wow!!! thanks for that...
atleast i could watch this when it comes out..
thanks ranp!!! love yah!!!

im super excited for this drama....
ill be able to see shun again! yehey!

The_Ice_Prince's Photo The_Ice_Prince 29 May 2007

I like SHUN but I still think that NISHIKADO RYO is best for that "SANO" role ....
shun oguri is not that good looking and can't be compared to WU ZUN who played the role first!!!
RYO is much more handsome and very sexy!!! ... just my opinion though!!! don't get carried away!!!

KeifuIsLove's Photo KeifuIsLove 29 May 2007

Wow. I realllyyy looking forward to watching this. I love the cast. Maki is so pretty and awesome. I can see why people hesitate about her playing such a energetic happy bubbly character like Mizuki but Maki is an amazing actress and I think she'll surprise us.
I always want Maki and Yamapi pairings but I just finished HYD2 today and I loveeeed Oguri Shun. So.. charming ^_^. I'd be happy with most actors really. Ryo would have been nice. But overall, I'm looking forward to seeing Shun as Sano. I don't really know why but I think he'll do well. And he's hot. Cmon people.
I've only seen Toma act in HYD2. He wasn't that good looking there in my opinion.. and he wasn't there for much of the series. I'm okay with him as Nakatsu. I haven't seen him act much so I can't say he'll suck or something. Maybe he'll surprise us too.
I loveee the manga and honestly, I hated the TW version of the manga. It changed characters and made it too light hearted.
I agree with that poster that said TW always maked the Japanese manga based drama then Japan makes it an blows it out of the water. I thought that for Hana Yori Dango vs Meteor Garden. I think the Jap version will be muchhhhhhhh better. The TW one.. was boring in my opinion. Did the manga no justice. I'm rooting for this series!!!!! And the cast!!!!!

NashtyDirk's Photo NashtyDirk 29 May 2007

Oguri in this role is just tooo perfect :iloveyou:

Maki has distinguishable girly eyes - round and pretty. I am so excited to see how she'll look like a boy. Ack, I'm excited for this series!
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arinkorin's Photo arinkorin 29 May 2007

i agree with u, KeifuIsLove
im still watching the TW version n havent finish it yet,
but im not really interested to continue.. heh.. but going to.. soon......
anyway, i still dont understand why ppl keeps criticizing shun..
can't you see his hotness in HYD? omg. haha..
i hope maki will show a little of her feminine side in the series..
not too tomboyish please >_<

JaeSu<3's Photo JaeSu<3 29 May 2007

Im curious since I like Hana Kimi

I became a Jiro fan bcoz of his role as Shuichi Nakatsu so I guess Toma will have a hard time nailing the character IMO~XD

I guess the Japan version will sure have a better cinematography, Im just not sure of the chemistry of the 3 main lead characters.

*Susan*'s Photo *Susan* 29 May 2007

I like that they picked Shun. I'm a new fan of him, but I found his acting to be really good. I've also read the mango, so I think he will do well in portraying Sano. They were portraying Shun and Wu Zun in an article which I found unfair. No offense to Wu Zun, which I completely loved in Hana Kimi, (my avvie) I just see Oguri Shun has a better actor, so that article kinda annoyed me. Shun is also so cute and hot. He also acts great and he really seems good for the part of Sano in my eyes. They never said he was really buff in the manga. He actually has physical features more of Oguri Shun.

Lissy24's Photo Lissy24 29 May 2007

Let's hope this one is A LOT better than the taiwanese version, cuz the taiwanese version just ruined the hana kimi series for me.

My perfect cast of Hana Kimi included the female protagonist from Nobuta Wo Produce...which so happens to be Horikita Maki!!!! :thumbsup so i was quite happy when i found that out...she just seemed to fit the part...
Posted Image

Personally, i don't think this Oguri Shun character is good looking, but he's quite tall for the average japanese...so that was good....but still...his picture doesn't resemble the character i had in mind at all...even tho he played the aloof character of Rui in hana yori dango...Actually, i was thinking of hayami mokomichi...cuz...he's really tall...but...a bit too dark...and tall...oh well...who else...can't quite think of the person's name...
Posted Image
looks better here^^^^
Posted Image

as for Nakatsu....
Posted Image
Personally, i don't think this guy fits the part. Kame would've been a better choice, because of his big mouth....someone who actually is good looking and is constantly bouncing about...but at the same time, emotional and athletic...right now i'm thinking Jin, but he's too pretty. So...Kame would've done well....or matsu jun....cuz he's got a big mouth as well...

Kimura Ryou as Senri Nakao
Posted Image

Okada Masaki as Sekime Kyogo
Posted Image

Mizushima Hiro as Nanba Minami
Posted Image

Ok, the guy who plays Umeda...is SO not pretty...and looks much too manly to play a gay doctor...
Kamikawa Takaya as Umeda Hokuto
Posted Image
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SakuraAngel's Photo SakuraAngel 30 May 2007

 RanP, on May 28 2007 8 31 PM, said:

I will upload it on veoh ^__^ my usename on it is RP0412 :) & also will post on my bloggie too ...
oh... hahah i remember you.. on youtube or something last summer! haha~ well.. i watched the stuff you uploaded b4...

thanks in advance!

 KeifuIsLove, on May 28 2007 11 27 PM, said:

I agree with that poster that said TW always maked the Japanese manga based drama then Japan makes it an blows it out of the water. I thought that for Hana Yori Dango vs Meteor Garden. I think the Jap version will be muchhhhhhhh better. The TW one.. was boring in my opinion. Did the manga no justice. I'm rooting for this series!!!!! And the cast!!!!!
i might have been the one to start the hana yori dango vs mg thing.. LOL but umm i do agree with you... and although the TW one was closer to the story line (cuz more episodes right?) just everything else sucked (in my opinion) but HYD.. compressed like 5 episodes in one, which i didnt really like.. cuz i wanted to see more!

i guess each has their pros and cons.. =] so i hope that this will pull off another HYD and shoot down the TW one
--> lol talking about the TW version of Hana Kimi.. i d/led 6 eps (i dont know why) and i saw like.. 10 mins and i couldnt stand it... LOL gaahhh d/ling those 6 eps was a waste ne?

Lissy24: thank you for posting up the pix of the cast! very much appreciated~~

blahx's Photo blahx 30 May 2007

asumi yes I will be providing direct download links like ProDai. I still haven't decided how I will be downloading the subs yet, because there are various groups already calling dibs. I'm sure there will be independent subbers too when the drama actually starts. Arashi@vox & B.O.N. have already said they will subbing this project into english. Subpig will also probably be doing the chinese subs.

RanP which fansub will you be uploading or are you uploading raws?

Shirota Yuu will be joining the cast.

welcome all Hana Kimi awaiters!

flowgel's Photo flowgel 30 May 2007

blahx thanks for uploading later on!! :hug

oh wow...shirota yuu is in cast now too? i think yuu and toma are close frds right?

marmar's Photo marmar 30 May 2007

Man I am so happy...I knew about talks of a Hana Kimi Japanese version but I didn't think they'll really do it.
But man the cast GOSH what an AWESOME CAST. I frickkin' love Oguri Shun I'm a hugh Oguri Shun fanatic .n. Maki love her one of my favorite actresses.
I haven't seen them onscreen since D.O days but they didn't even share that much screen time together. I didn't even know they had a show called Tokyo Boys jeez I gotta go .n. watch that.

Man I really like the tw version of Hana Kimi but a japanese version you just know it's gonna be better .n. it's gonna rock.

Gosh imagine Maki w/ boyish hair cut .n. her boobs smashed down it's gonna look weird...
If anyone has pictures of them filming or anything PLEASE POST!!!

Rinnie's Photo Rinnie 31 May 2007

wow new drama for shun yay, they guy who play nakatsu don't feel anything from him IMO , probably change my mind after i watch the show but for now i think jiro fit the role more , i too would want jin to play that role

marmar's Photo marmar 31 May 2007

 Rinnie, on May 30 2007 4 09 PM, said:

wow new drama for shun yay, they guy who play nakatsu don't feel anything from him IMO , probably change my mind after i watch the show but for now i think jiro fit the role more , i too would want jin to play that role
ITA I'm not feeling "the other" guy I remember him .n. HYD2 .n. he was sorta annoying now Jiro yep he totally fit that role perfectly...hmm Jin..I can go for him as the role.
I'll say either Kame or Jin will be perfect for "the other" guy role.

marmar's Photo marmar 31 May 2007

 Rinnie, on May 30 2007 4 26 PM, said:

oh is he the one who play that guy who want revenge on tsukasa?
Yea I think that was him Rini. I found him to be too girly .n. kinda annoying so if he is playing "Golden Foot" then I think that was a bad choice cause if it is him .n. I believe it is then he would be perfect for the guy that is like hella fruity in Hana Kimi the "cute" boy guy.
.n. Kame or Jin should be "Golden Foot"...

Rinnie's Photo Rinnie 31 May 2007

i think jin would fit that role cause he did do anego and he look good in suit hahaha kind of bias but if u watch anego you'll know what i mean

marmar's Photo marmar 31 May 2007

man I would love to see Maki .n. Jin work onscreen i mean see if they have chem. cause we all i know that the "other" guy falls for the main chick in this case the chick who's dressed as a dude so I yea I would love to see how Jin .n. Maki work that out.

blahx's Photo blahx 01 Jun 2007

I think the cast is pretty much set and they are probably already starting to prep for this dorama. So will everyone please accept the cast as it is. I mean I wanted other actors in this drama too, but they picked these actors for a reason. There is no use to keep mentioning other possible castings. Let's wait and see how this cast will fare. They might spark up some onscreen chemistry. Give this cast a chance and wait until this drama actually starts airing in June.

RanP oh okay. Thanks.

I think I will be uploading the raws onto megaupload and provide links to the softsubbing fansubber's sites until the hardsubs come out. And I might also upload the chinese hardsubs.
How does that sound?
Does anyone have a d-addicts account?!? I want to get permission to upload B.O.N.'s hardsubs, because they don't have a disclaimer on their site so I don't know if it is allowed or not.

lovebum4life's Photo lovebum4life 01 Jun 2007

I agree with blahx I think people should just accept the cast...you've only seen Toma in one drama sure he's not the best looking guy(well i think he's cute) but he can probably win your hearts just like matsujun did w/mine in HYD. I mean after you've watched an episode or two and you still don't like him then your reason can be justified but I think he was cast for a good reason. we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway I can't wait for this drama..I love Oguri Shun and Maki! They're great! & of course Toma too! Maybe this is a sign that Johnny didn't forget about him..

I'm kinda glad Ryo didn't get the part as much as I love him so..because he doesn't really fit Sano all that well but it would've been cool to see Ryo in a starring role...:( Oh well

marmar's Photo marmar 01 Jun 2007

Okay I get your guys are telling us to accept the cast. Honestly I do accept the cast. I love the two main leads yeah some of us don't entirely like Toma me included but I accept him in the role because the role was already given to him so there is no use arguing that he doesn't deserve it. But we can all just say who we wanted in the role..there's not harm in that, right?

So I accept the cast cause really I just wanna watch the drama...lol...but we can still give out options who we wanted in the role. That's only fair.
So as the second male lead: I either wanted Jin or Kame, but since that isn't gonna happen oh well life goes on...lol

I'll give Toma a chance, that doesn't hurt. I only saw him .n. HYD .n. I didn't like him all that much..too fruity for my taste really but I don't mind giving him a chance .n. Hana Kimi

Anyways I just want to see backstage stuff already...like see photos of them filming already. Cause I'm excited for the drama.

chipmunk0318's Photo chipmunk0318 01 Jun 2007

looking forward to this drama! no offence but didn't really like the tw versh..some parts were kinda too slapstick for me.. and oguri shun's perfect for this role! loved his version of hanazawa rui in the japanese versh of HYD..he actually made rui cute compared to zaizai's brooding rui... and he'll be perfect as a high-jumper! loooooong legs...gosh..he even looked good in white pants in HYD! guys in white pants tend to look weird... o;O

maea_maie's Photo maea_maie 01 Jun 2007

Yatta! I've been waiting for a Japanese version of this because i don't feel contented at the Taiwan HanaKimi and i know that the Japan of course will fill it all for me.

I want Inoue Mao to be the lead but Maki isn't bad at all because she's really close at the character's profile, Girlish looking yet athletic. I've heard that she's really sports oriented at school and much of a tomboy before.

About Shun, I really do like him, but i have a little doubt about him playing Sano, because Sano is really a looker, and he's not that much of a stunner. but still, he can act, that's a really big help.

the guy who's going to act as Nakatsu, I've already set eyes on him in other dramas coz of course, he really looks cute, and i'm looking forward in seeing him playing the most adorable character in HanaKimi!^^
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marmar's Photo marmar 01 Jun 2007

Hey maea_maie man how is the MaoJun love going?...gosh I haven't visited the thread in a long time...lol

On Topic:
Gosh Shun is definitely frickkin' HOT...He is like my favorite Japanese actor because besides those sexy looks that he gives he is a talented actor. Totally fell for him when in HYD2, when he punched Jun aka Tsukasa gosh he had those fierce eyes which was a TOTAL turn on...LOL
Since then I have watched everything .n. anything that has to do w/ Shun (well not everything it's hard to find some of his works...lol)

So I'm sooo excited that he'll be doing another drama .n. Maki I just love her. Love her in both NWP .n. Kurosagi. She just rock'd in both.

This will be the first I see Maki .n. Shun playing a pair. I can't wait to see how they work on screen. I seen D.O but they didn't share much screen time so boowhoo there...

inebriated.'s Photo inebriated. 02 Jun 2007

I know I'm really slow but this is just a huge surprise cause I knew that initially it was Ryo who was supposed to star in it and not my swoon-worthy Oguri Shun. And Ikuta Toma! Gosh, he was really hot as Oribe Junpei in HYD2!

I pretty much enjoyed the TW version of Hana-Kimi, but nothing can ever come as close as Jdoramas. Maki was adorable in NwP (: I'm really looking forward to this cause Hana-Kimi is my favourite manga (other than Ouran High School Host Club). And I realllllyyy loved Sano's character! He was so cool and hot and so taciturn. And not forgetting Umeda as well, everybody's favourite gay doctor (: I wonder who's gonna play him. Also, there's Shin, Sano's younger brother.

Alright, sorry about the rant. :/ But this is just...wow (:

reixi's Photo reixi 02 Jun 2007

ei.. anyone.. is there news about their filming??.. i really want to know how they're doing... does maki cut her hair now???... pls pls.. let us know....

fi0naLee's Photo fi0naLee 02 Jun 2007

konnichiwa minna-san!!! ahhh, i'm finally able to post here... marmar and rini - this is like a mini-reunion for us from the hanadan 2 thread, eh? yayyyyyy!!! now, where is j-star? hehehe.

OMG! i love shun and maki! both shun and maki are such good actors (especially shun) and maki is just so adorable! i loved her since nobuta and kurosagi. i was crying while she was crying in those jdoramas. hahahahahahha! like marmar, i fell in love with shun when he punched domyouji in the face in hanadan 2. haha, that's what you call great acting! i can't forget his facial expression at that time. it seemed so genuine and then i thought, only brilliant actors can do that. it still amazes me how these young actors from jdoramas can bring out the feelings of the characters that they play. it's simply brilliant!

by the way guys, i heard toma and yamapi might be singing the theme song for this drama? has this been confirmed? hahahahahhahaa, i'm also in love with yamapi! hahahahhahaa!

marmar, i see you still have soujirou and yuki there on your sig. i know, i can't get over them either. hehehe. you better watch liar game, shota's smokin' hot there! hahahahahha!

potterus's Photo potterus 03 Jun 2007

can't wait...can't wait...can't hardly wait.....
i love makiiii, even though i prefer to see her play in romance drama with yamapi, but for sano, i should say oguri shun is the perfect choice. since he has a long leg, and tall, and has this "comic-look-face", it's definetly to be sano. and maki ? eventhough she may not as damn good pretty as sawajiri erika or ueto aya, but i prefer to see her face than those other too.

KeifuIsLove's Photo KeifuIsLove 03 Jun 2007

I disagree with above sorta.. I think Maki is realllyyy pretty. She has a really sweet face. The thing though might be she's a really calm-looking happy person. Mizuki is the exuberant type. I have confidence in Maki's acting abilities though. But yeah. Maki is really easy on the eyes. In my opinion at least. I love Maki too ^__^.
I want her to do a love drama with Yamapi too XD. After this!! She really should.
I'm watching Stand Up!! now and Oguri Shun is an athlete. He's soo different from Hanazawa Rui. He's all energetic and pumped out and really hilarious. He's a versatile actor. And he played the athlete there so maybe he's really athletic in real life since he was cast as an athlete again? Assumption.
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flowgel's Photo flowgel 03 Jun 2007

i think maki has a really neutrol looking face.....
i got realli into oguri have him acting as rui...he was just soo hot!!

we still have to wait till july until it comes out huh? sighh tht seems like a long time

have anyone seen any of the cm posters out for hana kimi? i just saw one they look soo hot! shun has around the same hairstyle as rui

mungneek's Photo mungneek 04 Jun 2007

I have watched the Taiwan version of Hana Kimi and I have enjoyed it. Now I am eagerly waiting to watch the Japanese version of it and I hope someone will be uploading them on youtube or veoh with English sub.

I hope the Japanese version will be according to the Manga but I heard that the Japan version only going to have 10 ep? Some stories won’t be included?

The Taiwan version also did not include some stories that were in the Manga but overall I am satisfied in it and also waiting for the part 2.

I don’t know much about the Japanese stars chosen for their respective roles but am sure they were chosen for some specific reasons. We shall all have to wait and see.

dgurl4u's Photo dgurl4u 04 Jun 2007

konnichiwa! :)

i haven't watched the taiwan version so i really can't compare the casting. but im excited to see shun and maki... they're two of my faves...

this is coming already next month... im happy BON will sub...yey!

g3rl_23's Photo g3rl_23 04 Jun 2007

did they start filming already??? really want to see jap version. shun sure is hot...but i love him with blond hair more. :) :) :)

Guest_S_Nite567_* 04 Jun 2007

This seems a bit funny to me ...
i don't really know what i mean eiither...lol
i don't think shun fits the role, but i think the idea is growing on me
and also the girl who's suppose to play Mizuki doesn't really seem like...yeah
but i'm judging form only seeing a photo of her, so it is a really bad judgement
-_-" but she doesn't seem like a tomboy-ish character/person to me...well whatever
i'm gonna watch it and see hwo good ti is
i really liked the Taiwan version although Wu Chun doesn't really look like Sano...
i also think Ella plays her character really well, she's already a tomboy herself so i guess it wasn't to hard...
and yes, lots of people say the acting is OVERexaggerated...which i guess is kinda true...
but that didn't really occure to me while i was watching it... i think it fits well to made it funny ^^ so All in All i think they did really well and i hope this one will be just as good or even better! =]
bbut to be honest i'm only watching this version coz Shun is in it! ^^ lol but i probs would have watched it anyways... when i first heard about it, what came across my mind was "they're only doing it coz Taiwan's made it into a Drama" i dunno maybe i'm just being silly... but "competing" came to mind, it must be all the Media i'm studying getting to me lol all that "marketing" stuff and yea... -_-"

shu2's Photo shu2 07 Jun 2007

Japan's dorama is known for their casting power. The competition is fiercer since the society is more critical on what the dorama could and couldnt deliver, it is only 10wks running for every season and boy, you really have to hit hard otherwise the rating will just go to the drain. Sure cast's popularity matters, it draws the crowd, but it wont last if the performance is lousy, as well as the story.

Not underestimating Taiwan's drama, but i have more faith in jdorama, be it the casting, pacing, and the storyline. Will see how this one will be delivered.

blahx's Photo blahx 10 Jun 2007


I'm glad everyone is so excited about this drama. Feel free to express your opinion but please stick to the topic and no bashing.

KatDiva's Photo KatDiva 11 Jun 2007

 blahx, on Jun 10 2007 8 45 AM, said:


I'm glad everyone is so excited about this drama. Feel free to express your opinion but please stick to the topic and no bashing.

Blahx-chan Arigato gozai masu for starting this thread! It's going to be my #1 drama this year, right along side with "First Kiss" ne! LOL

I LOVE Hana Kimi, the manga... I've read the entire series, and have bought all the volumes that are out here in the US. The Taiwanese version of the drama is cute, but I always love the Japanese versions better.

I think Shun will be an outstanding Sano, and isn't it Toma-kun who is playing Nakatsu? That's going to be GREAT!!

I love Maki-chan too... she did an AWESOME job in NWP and Kurosagi!

I wonder if she will cut her hair for the role? Wow! :shocked:

I can't wait till filming starts ne! Keep us posted! I know you will!

~*sWaLLoW*~'s Photo ~*sWaLLoW*~ 11 Jun 2007

 S_Nite567, on Jun 4 2007 2 10 PM, said:

-_- " but she doesn't seem like a tomboy-ish character/person to me...well whatever
i'm gonna watch it and see hwo good ti is
actually...if you read the manga...mizuki is not really a tomboy. she's suppose to be a girly girl trying to act like a guy.

to me: chun and ella didn't really fit the roles. ella was a bit too manly for the role...and chun wasn't as cold as the sano in the book. but...it still came out great and i luv the series. this was taiwan's adaptation to the story and i felt it worked. really have to praise jiro for doing such a good job. he was perfect for the role.

now...i'm looking forward to the japanese version. wonder how they are going to make each character. *so excited* when is it going to be released?

blahx's Photo blahx 12 Jun 2007

you already placed it as #1? it hasn't even started broadcasting yet. First Kiss sounds pretty good too.
Yup, Maki has already cut her hair. I have seen pictures of the cast!

go to d-addicts for torrent downloads and B.O.N Funsubs is listed as one of the fansubbing groups there.
I will be posting direct download links when it starts broadcasting, but it isn't going to air until July. and someone has volunteered to upload the raws onto veoh.

It is not going to air until July. The exact date is on the first post of this topic.

too lazy to go back and answer any other questions/comments. refer to 1st post for info about drama.