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Japanese series are currently beaten by Ko...

lady_bzkz's Photo lady_bzkz 08 Feb 2010

of course and absolutely NOT!
they have their own character, type and theme... (uniqueness)
so i think it depends on our own mood, whether we wanna watch what kind of series...
we can't compare theme just like that

Night☾☼Day's Photo Night☾☼Day 21 Mar 2010

Even if the Japanese entertainment can offering the best as the worst dramas...

...I prefer the japanese dramas cos even if I have nothing against the korean dramas it's always the same thing: the drama begins when the hero is on the verge to die, the lead characters are poor in the beginning and they ended as the kings of the world, all of the characters have a problem with their oedipus complex...
When I watch a korean drama, I always succeed in guessing the plot in the beginning. :innocent
No offence


nadine's Photo nadine 04 Apr 2010

korean over japanese?

definitely not

i mean i watch from both country

but there's a difference
for korean drama i only watch those who has my fav actress in it
i will endure korean drama for the sake of my fav star
but for japan dorama
it doesnt matter who's in it
i will still watch it
like i never like maki nor toda
but i have watched and owned
stories like hanakimi, liar game, kurosagi
and more


for me if i have to choose
i will always choose japanese dorama
even these days
korean are taking japanese dorama and turning it into korean drama

Stipetrov_Volzy's Photo Stipetrov_Volzy 11 Aug 2010

I wouldn't really say that Jap series are beaten by Korean series, Jap series are not weaker in plot and character compared to Korean dramas..it's just that many people are currently chasing Korean idols and dramas at the moment, which is dubbed the "Korean wave" is sweeping across Asia.
It's probably a momentary fad-thing, but I think both countries' dramas are really quite drastically different if we were to compare them side by side.

Jap dramas are usually more comical, funny, fast-paced and änime-like"
while Korean dramas usually play on more melodramas and romance theme..and the pace of story is slower in tempo.

I think both types of dramas have their uniqueness and specialty..it's just up to individual's preferences..

cynical's Photo cynical 16 Aug 2010

Personally, i like both.. they have different styles in making dramas and movies..
I love watching Nodame as much as I love Coffee Prince..
its a matter of what fits your taste for the moment.. =)

Unmei's Photo Unmei 04 Oct 2010

I don't get how Japanese series are slow compared to Korean. Japanese dramas usually have like 10-11 eps while Korean has like 20+ eps.

xxMiya's Photo xxMiya 15 Oct 2010

I prefer Japanese dramas more. There's more variety. There's love, detective, school, etc. For Korean dramas, their plot is almost always the same.

...... oh and someone always dies.

ptsh836's Photo ptsh836 08 May 2011

as for me, if japanese series are currently beaten by korean series.......its a matter of time when da tide will turn da other way!

jus like hongkong dramas (tvb, especially) was a favorite of mine for a total of 20 yrs till i cud not stomach anymore of da same old faces, same old storylines, plots, etc.....i had to uproot myself n search for new dramas elsewhere n so happens dat was also when da hallyu wave started! so it was kdrama for another ten or so yrs n da same cycle is going to happen soon.....same old plots, no new storylines, same old story.....

so i once again jump onto something else n dat is jdoramas........n im still enjoying its orginal plots, da many different genres offered, da many refreshing plots, many new faces, many innovative ideas to make da viewers laugh, cry but practically a lot less in da romance dept.... jdoramas sometimes r too rigid with their display of emotions, hardly u can get da leads to fall in luv n share a loving kiss.....n dats da end of da show!! in a way....its less indepth in da emotions dept....while some sad dramas really tugs at ur heartstrings....more so than kdramas!! eg mother, 1 litre of tears, etc

wat i really like abt jdoramas is their originality in da storytelling....u can not get to see two dramas with same storylines even if u try hard enuf!! some directors r experts in being sarcastic storytellers....u will find ur laughing at urselves at times without ur realising so!! they successfully poke fun at da most mundane things ard us....things we take for granted.....as in dramas like stand up (abt da growing up yrs of a group of young frens in da pursuit of losing their virginity!), my boss, my hero, tiger n dragon, ikebukuro west gate park all starring nagase tomoya which makes fun of da yakuza.....so on n so forth....

sometimes, i do wish da jdoramas cud be slightly longer than da normal 9 episodes....jus when u r warming up to da characters.....its abt time to end da story......its almost like japanese ppl r afraid of getting too personal!! or wat??

Stipetrov_Volzy's Photo Stipetrov_Volzy 28 May 2011

I agree Japanese dramas have more variety..and they do not only focus on romance and/or melodrama storylines like the Korean dramas.
Korean dramas often include much romance and some sad element to the drama

^Not that Japanese are afraid to get personal, I think it is just rare to see the actors having much kissing scenes. it could be their culture in my opinion though. And, their focus is not on romance too.

If you are watching dramas starring Johnny's Entertainment idols, the chances of kissing scenes are even lower lol. Coz the company can get rather strict on the kinds of drama its boys act. And no kissing scenes. esp for young idols

pink-lily's Photo pink-lily 25 Sep 2011

Korean and Japanese are both good just depend on your preference.

If i want to watch a love series that have originals storylines then I'll turn to K-dramas, but if I want to watch like a fantasy like or funny dramas then i'll watch a J-dramas.

to me J-dramas series are more of friendships, values and etc also a lot of their series takes place in schools or around teenagers (at least those are some of the most popular ones that i've seen), whereas K-dramas are more of love between couples and family and usually takes place in companies or work place LOL.

depends on what u like to watch....all asian dramas are good just depends on what u like huh!?

Grayson's Photo Grayson 25 Sep 2011

Korean drama may be faster in pace, but Japanese dramas are not regurgitated as Korean dramas are, they have good content, believable premises, Japanese dramas are just different, besides historical dramas in korea all other dramas not much though or research is put into them, its flashy with pretty boys and some great actors who pull off sometimes really remarkable jobs. Japanese dramas are researched and well written, one does not look like the other with different premise.

YuukiLA~'s Photo YuukiLA~ 31 Oct 2011

lol i think korean drama is similar to chinese drama......sooo long (but korean ones can be longer lol)
and its always very emotional and deep and sad
I like these types sometimes if you want a more complex story line
but for the most time, i'd rather watch japanese dramas most of the time cuz all my fav actors and entertainers are japnese and their better looking than koreans lol (my opinion) but the story is also fresh and different from other types. it's more innocent i can say cuz for example if you compare a sad story like 1 litre of tears (jpz) and some korean depressing drama, 1 litre of tears IS sad but its also innocent and a lot of sad korean dramas is extremely complex and too sad that it makes you wanna suicide lol....korean drama sheesh

well whatever, this is just my opinion

Tokyokirei's Photo Tokyokirei 26 Sep 2012

Oh god no. If you ask me personally, I much prefer Japanese over korean any day, any time. The Japanese are more creative in terms of their storylines, which usually makes their shows/movies more unpredictable (therefore, more interesting) whereas every time I accidentally switched channels into a korean show, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks like someone is dying and someone is crying. I mean, really? Can't they come up with something new for once???
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Lorene100's Photo Lorene100 24 Mar 2013

I think we can all agree that it all comes down to personal preference.

K-dramas are more popular nowadays because of the 'Korean wave', but the topic of which is actually better is subjective and depends on the individual.
For me, I find Jdoramas better because of their diversity & wide range of different genres, whereas there's just too much repetitiveness and cliches in K-dramas.

I think most K-drama fans love K-dramas mainly for the cliche romance dramas.

But what really irritates me sometimes is when ignorant people who are not familiar with Jdoramas think that there are "no" romance Jdoramas, when in fact, there are plenty. The truth is, Japan made MANY romance dramas during the 1980's to early 2000's, in fact, most of the dramas Japan made back then were all romance dramas. And they were not like those naive high school romances that we usually see in more recent romance Jdoramas nowadays. Back then, Japan used to make alot of very mature and in-depth romance dramas with a more adult tone. But for some reason soon after 2002, romance dramas became less & less popular in Japan, so they started to make less romance dramas and more dramas of other genres, particularly crime, medical and human dramas. And nowadays even when Japan does make romance dramas, it's mostly those naive high school romances, different to many of the old mature romance Jdoramas they used to make in the 80's and 90's.

Furthermore, Korea actually took inspiration from some of these old romance Jdoramas to make their own romance dramas. And if you watch some of these old romance jdoramas from the 90's and early 2000's, then you would realise Korea had actually taken some ideas from these old Japanese romance dramas.

 Stipetrov_Volzy, on 11 August 2010 - 01:39 PM, said:

Jap dramas are usually more comical, funny, fast-paced and änime-like"
while Korean dramas usually play on more melodramas and romance theme..and the pace of story is slower in tempo.

this is actually not true, although there are many Jdoramas out there which are light-hearted, comedic and rather "anime-like" in some ways, but there are also many Jdoramas which are alot more serious and in-depth.

Comedic & light-hearted doramas only make up about half of all Jdoramas at most.
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Yuhalinskaya's Photo Yuhalinskaya 21 Apr 2013

Yeah, because Japanese dramas are too short... but Japanese series are even more detailed and substantial. The older Korean ones are better than the current ones, sadly.

Shining★mjjeje's Photo Shining★mjjeje 17 Aug 2013

For me whether its Jdrama or Kdrama I love them both! Except if there were versions like hanayori dango boys over flowers or meteor garden, jdrama is much better when it comes to versions. Posted Image
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