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Christine Kuo (苟芸慧)

christine kuo

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 07:11 PM

Posted Image

Chinese Name: (苟芸慧)
English Name: Christine Kuo
Born in: 1984, Taiwan (currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 115 (lbs)
Measurements : 34"-24½"-34½"
Occupation : Recently signed a 6-year contract with TVB
Education : University
Languages Spoken : English, Putonghua, Cantonese, Taiwanese
Hobbies / Talents : Music, Playing piano, Flute, Reading, Singing
Ambition : To be a successful woman
Family Members: Father, mother and a younger sister and a younger brother


Don Juan DeMercado as Yeung Sin Wah (2010)
The Mysteries of Love as Pauline (2010)
Home Troopers as Michelle Kwai Siu Yau (2011)
The Life and Times of a Sentinel as Kin Ching (2011)
Super Snoops as Chap Yau (2011)
Forensic Heroes III as Ann Cho Lai Mei (2011)
Daddy Good Deeds as a Waitress (2012)
Tiger Cubs as Ting Wai Wai (2012)
Ghetto Justice 2 as Lynette King Ling Lei (2012)
Friendly Fire as Bella (2013)
A Great Way to Care II as Scarlett Chan Sze Ka (2013)
Beauty At War Tin Yiu (2013)
Tiger Cubs II as Ting Wai Wai (2014)

She was the winner of Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2008 and Miss Chinese International Pageant 2009.

Pageant Career:
She won the four special awards in Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2008 being the Miss Photogenic, Miss Fittest Posture, Miss Popularity and Miss Most Beautiful Hair. In January 2009, she represented Toronto to compete in the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2009, in which she quickly was awarded the Miss International Charm Award and later was bestowed as Miss Chinese International 2009 Champion, crowned by the previous titleholder, Oceane Zhu, from Paris, France.

Infor credits: to wikipedia

Christine Kuo is urgently improving her Cantonese
Friday February 20, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: http://orientaldaily.on.cc/
Translated by: Matchbox @ mediachamber.net

Christine Kuo who is from Toronto is this years Miss Chinese International winner. She has signed up with TVB and has decided to stay in Hong Kong for her career. She has never dreamt of becoming an celebrity and said the first step is to improve her Cantonese. She will use Linda Chung as her target.

Christine who has the nickname "Fake Kelly Lin Hsi Lei" has a timid personality, it will be quite difficult for her in the Entertainment industry to be direct and compete. She said "Since childhood, I have never thought about becoming an celebrity. My family is very traditional, they wanted me to study hard and get a good job. Afterwards to find a good husband and have kids. I am very quiet and need time to slowly warm up to someone. I think this is a big challenge for me and will need time to adapt to it."

Parents Supportive

Linda Chung and Christine Kuo both come from Canada. Christine said that she will use Linda Chung as her target and hopes she will have the same success in the future. "I have never been an artist before and everything will be managed by TVB. Whatever work they give me I will try. They still haven't arranged my schedule yet but I will think positive."

The reporter asked her whether she would miss her parents while she stays in Hong Kong. She said "My parents go to Taiwan to do business compared to Toronto it is much nearer. They feel this is a rare opportunity and will support me. "

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Posted 02 March 2009 - 08:23 PM

Christine Kuo is the most deserving Miss Chinese International Pageant title winner.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 05:58 PM

Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) interview in "The Green Room"
Wednesday March 4, 2009 Hong Kong
Fully Translated by chloe.x3 @ http://www.christinekuo.net
Broadcast Date: February 25, 2009
Translation date: March 4, 2009
Give full credit if reposted

T - Tracy Ip (Interviewer)
C - Christine Kuo

T: Welcome everyone watching The Green Room. At the set today, it is full of bursting light.
Don't misunderstand everyone, I'm not describing myself. I'm describing the Miss Chinese International winner beside me, Christine Kuo.
Say hello to everybody first.

C: Hi everyone, I'm the winner of Miss Chinese International 2009, Christine Kuo.

T: Using the words "burst of light" to describe you is pretty fit, because that night, I watched the whole process and I really thought you were very outstanding and very beautiful...(C:Thank you)
That night, when you were performing and answering questions, you were pretty still and stable. Were you actually really that still or were you just pretending?

C: Um...actually, I was a bit nervous. But I think if I do my best and be myself, and use my normal way to to do things is already pretty good.

T: Were you only thinking about "doing your best" the whole night?

C: Yes.

T: That's true. Because in this competition, when you start appearing on the news or when you first appear, you already had a name for you "Popular (大熱門)".
Would it bring you a lot of pressure?

C: I feel very happy that the reporters call me the "popular one". As for pressure...there is a little, but having pressure, I can push myself to do better.

T: Would the other girls, seeing you as the popular topic....there is about 20 girls...would they maybe not really like to become friends with you because they feel that it would be really pressuring having a "popular 大熱門" beside them?

C: I don't really think so. I think those girls are all pretty nice, easy to get along with. So I'm pretty happy to have met them.

T: Okay, so because you're the popular one, would reporters want to purposely try and film you being criticized, having a wardrobe malfunction....
Is there some pressure there?

C: No. I don't really think that much. I only think of how to do the best I can and how to show my own character.

T: So you keep with this attitude.

C: Keep with this attitude, yes.

T: Because when I was competing myself, I'll be honest, I won't lie, I was very very nervous. There was huge pressure. Because when I was competing, it was for a month. At the beginning, I thought I was okay, but a lot of like...choreographers, photographers, they would say, "Are you that nervous?" I said, "No." "You look really nervous". I say, "No." So I didn't know myself. But until the last few days before I really had to compete, I was so nervous I couldn't even eat. I lost almost ten pounds because there was too much pressure! Those questions I asked you just now, were actually kind of like something I experienced before.
Because newspapers outside may write about me as well and some girls there may say "This is the Hong Kong's favourite (大熱門)..." and people would talk less, so I had that type of feeling then. So I think you're really lucky, not having this feeling.

C: I think...because yeah, I don't really think that much. I think I don't really care how people see me. I just do what I have to do, so I'm not that nervous.

T: So hearing you say this, I can tell you're a person who just does their best and doesn't care about others' negative comments...

C: Sometimes, the things they say will really affect your thoughts. So when it's not necessary, I wouldn't want to see them.

T: Because of this, do you think people may misunderstand you and think that your competitiveness is very strong?

C: I think so. Sometimes when I do something, I think of how to do the best of it, but I don't really think of some things that people may have different views of it, so these things I should be more careful in the future.

T: Hahaha, That's also true. And on the night of the pageant, there were hosts saying that your competitiveness is very strong because they were saying the few days before the competition, you were on a drip. What actually happened?

C: I think the weather was a bit cold, so I got sick. So I was on the hospital drip for 2 days. It happened two days before the show day, so I was a bit worried if I would be able to get better because the show would be happening in 2 days. So I was a bit nervous then.

T: So were you in the hopsital or resting at home?

C: The hospital.

T: So the rehearsals on those few days, you couldn't participate at all?

C: No I didn't attend any of them, so at that time, I had some pressure because the others were actually doing something while I wasn't doing a thing. So my mood wasn't very bright either.

T: I really have to say congratulations....because you didn't participate in the rehearsals but you still performed so well, so you really deserved to win.

C: Thank you.

T: So during this process, did you experience any memorable things?

C: Other than getting sick...um....I think becoming friends with the other girls and the coachers there were a bit different so I learned a lot and I saw that the workers were also very hardworking along with us.

T: So who in what country are you more "friends" with?

C: Um....they're all about the same, but with Skye, she was my roommate before with um...Momo, these two I am the best out of the rest of the contestants.

T: So you were pretty happy?

C: Yes, pretty happy. I learnt a lot.

T: So on the night of the pageant, you chose a talent performance and you played the flute. So why did you choose that instrument?

C: I saw that the other girls chose more of dancing, but for me, I think the flute is more matching with my personality, a bit more quiet and gentle.

T: We can see it now! So when you finished playing, Eric Tsang said something funny, "Hm, very relaxed, sleep!" Like a lullaby. Hearing this, would you think, "Oh no!" Did you have that feeling?

C: I actually found it pretty funny. But I knew that at that time, Eric had to do a show, he is the host, he has to control the timing and stuff like that. So I understand. He told us before about this side of things. So okay, no problem.

T: And that night, you really played a long time! Why did you play for so long? When I was watching, I was like "Why did no one tell her to stop?" but you were really into the feeling of playing the flute.

C: Haha, I think I was probably too enjoyed. And I was still sick, so I didn't have much strength to play...so I just played a bit more...

T: So you just played a bit and didn't pay attention to the time.

C: Yeah, I forgot to play faster.

T: So during this process, what did you learn, what did you get from this?

C: I got to see a lot of things. It was very different from things in school and at work. I think I have to try everything myself before I can understand the meanings and reasonings. Also, to maintain a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient).

T: Why EQ?

C: Because...

T: Quarrelling with the girls?

C: Not really quarelling but more like talking to them...because they are from different cultures so their views may not always be the same as you. So learning how to get along with them is a big study.

T: So what you learned....was having a higher EQ? Or...?

C: Like learned how to get along with people from different cultures and the differences in the entertainment industry.

T: Beside me, there is still Christine Kuo here. I want to ask you, why did you choose to participate in the first pageant?

C: In Toronto, it was actually my mom that got the form for me. She filled in the information herself. She thought that I should go learn more things and experience things that other people haven't. So I thought that I should try it too and there's nothing about it right? So I tried it.

T: So was that your mom thought that her daughter is really pretty, so she wanted you to try it and learn proper behaviour?

C: She basically wanted me to go out and see more things and different people and have different experiences.

T: When you joined the pageant, was it with a friend or anything? No?

C: No. Because my friends, they actually don't like to watch these things.

T: Oh, so no interest in it?

C: Not much interest.

T: So when you joined, you were 25 years old. So before that, what were you doing? Why did you wait till the last year and then join?

C: Before, my office was for design and packaging and I was in project management, so I would have to talk to clients about how they would like to package their products.

T: So is it like part of the designing career or...?

C: Um, kind of. Because you have to try and design products as well, but there's packaging too, so there's parts on both sides.

T: So how long did you work there for?

C: Around three years.

T: In Canada?

C: Yes, in Canada.

T: So you didn't try any other jobs? (C: No) So when you graduated, you immediately went to this job.

C: This job was really similar to what I studied, so I figured I could get more experience doing this.

T: So now that you won first place, what will you do? Are you going back into your previous employment or is 3 years enough, you can try something new?

C: I think I learned a lot from this industry, so I'm planning to challenge myself more in this side.

T: So you mean the entertainment industry?

C: Yes, the entertainment industry. So I will give myself some time to work in this industry.

T: So for right now, do you think you are fit to be in this industry? Because even if you don't do anything or say anything, people will still yell at you. So thankfully, your reports are pretty good. They say you're like Kelly Lin, Sonija Kwok, Vivian Chow, Song Hye Kyo...etc. All of them are big beauties, all of them are very beautiful. When you see this, are you happy? Are you used to it?

C: I'm very happy. They're all beautiful girls so I'm very happy they wrote me like this. But I think I don't have to give myself a lot of pressure and to just do my own work and I don't think I have to look like them. I should still have my own character.

T: So just be yourself.

C: Yeah.

T: So you've come to Hong Kong for a while already, are you used to Hong Kong being so busy and fast compared to your life in Canada? Would there be a big difference.

C: There really is a big difference because things aren't so fast paced in Toronto and here, everything's so efficient and a lot of things are really fast and the culture is really different.

T: So how long were you in Canada?

C: Almost 13 years.

T: 13 years, so how old were you when you went to Canada?

C: 12 years old. I immigrated from Taiwan there.

T: You are Taiwanese? Oh, so Taiwanese....so you lived in Taiwan and when you were 12, you moved to Canada.

C: Yes.

T: So why did you have to immigrate?

C: My dad had some business to do there and he thought we should learn from international education, so he had us immigrate there.

T: So were you used to it, moving from Taiwan to Canada?

C: I thought it was okay. Since I was still so young then, I could adjust faster and there wasn't much pressure or anything.

T: So now that you're in Hong Kong....so are your parents in Hong Kong too or where are they?

C: I think they will still stay in Canada, in Toronto.

T: So you'll stay here alone to progress in Hong Kong.

C: Yeah, if I have to, I will be alone here.

T: Will you be uncomfortable? Were you with your family since you were young?

C: Um, not really. My parents fly back and forth, like to Taiwan and to Canada. So I have to take care of myself and my younger brother and sister.

T: Oh, so you're the oldest? But will you feel lonely because you're in Hong Kong?

C: I can meet new friends here.

T: So you're not really scared?

C: No. Not really.

T: So you don't think there's really a problem? The most important is just to make some progress in your career. So you want to work in the entertainment business? Have you thought of what you are planning to do? Do you like to film series, or host...or...?

C: I really like to challenge things, so anything that the company arranges, I think I will have to try and see which I am more strong at. So I don't really mind.

T: So the most important is to be able to participate.

C: Yeah, I can try and see what I can do good in.

T: So in your life, you've went to at least 3 places already. So maybe you might stay in Hong Kong for the next ten years too. So out of the three places, which place do you like the most?

C: I think...right now, I am more used to Toronto more. But right now, I've only came to Hong Kong for not even 2 months, so I need time to try. But Hong Kong and Taiwan is pretty similar, many things are the same...., so if I really had to choose, I probably like Taiwan more. Because I think it is really convenient over there.

T: So you were pretty happy there.

C: Yeah, I was happier when I was younger.

T: So you just came back from vacation in Taiwan right?

C: Yeah.

T: Did you see your old friends and what did you do there?

C: Friends...when I was there I was still very young, so I don't have many friends there. But my relatives are still over there, so I did talk to them and eat with them.

T: You mean your relatives?

C: Yeah.

T: So where did you go when you were in Taiwan?

C: Not much. When I was younger in Taiwan, I basically did all I could there.

T: Oh! So you mean, when you were in Canada the whole time, you never went back?

C: No, I never went back.

T: Oh, then there should've been many changes.

C: But I think everything seems the same from what I remember. Like, I seem pretty used to everything and nothing's changed.

T: So it should be pretty convenient. If you live in Hong Kong and if you go to Taiwan....I think it's one hour? You'll get there in like an hour!

C: Yeah, very fast.

T: The time is just like if you're stuck in a traffic jam for more than an hour in Hong Kong, haha and you're already in Taiwan!

C: Yeah, it really is very fast.

T: So your parents are in Canada, but many of your relatives are in Taiwan. So when you go back, you can live in their homes? So it's very convenient?

C: Yeah, very convenient, I don't have to live in hotels.

T: So will your parents come back and accompany you sometimes?

C: Yeah, my mom is actually here right now.

T: Oh, your mom is here now?

C: Yeah, and my uncle lives in Hong Kong too. So when I was in Miss Chinese International, he came to see me too.

T: So it seems like that you have a lot of family members that support you. So right now, we'll just take a rest and when we come back we'll continue chatting with you.

T: So right here, we still have winner of Miss Chinese International, Christine Kuo!
So I want to ask, the Gau/Kuo in Kuo Wen Wai...it's the first time I've heard of this.

C: When I was younger, I asked my dad why my last name was "Gau/Kuo" because I think it's quite special. My dad told me our last name is actually the word "Ging(敬)".

T: Oh, as in respect? (尊敬)

C: Yeah, Ging 敬, but before there was a king that had this word and you can't have the same name as the king, so they took the right side of the word (敬) which is the word "Gau/Kuo苟"

T: So you've always believed in this reason?

C: Yeah.

T: Because we have a writer over there, it's actually quite similar, he said that to avoid having the same name as the King, they had to cut off one side of the word. That's pretty cool.
Anyways, I've also competed in Miss Chinese International, and most of the girls either speak English or Mandarin. But how come your Cantonese is so good?

C: Actually, when I was younger in Canada, I went to church. So in church, half the people were Hong Kong people and half were Taiwanese. Hong Kong speak Cantonese, Taiwanese speak Mandarin so they thought that children learn things pretty quickly so we learn Cantonese so we can translate. So they talk to us in Cantonese.

T: So they talk to you in Cantonese. Oh...no wonder. Because when I first saw you, I thought "I probably need to speak Mandarin or English."

C: I still have many things I need to learn so even though I can't speak Cantonese, I still have to push myself to speak.

T: Well if you stay in Hong Kong, you don't have to worry, because all the people here speak Cantonese so I'm sure you'll get the hand of it.
So I've talked to you for two parts already, and I've seen that you've had a good posture/deportment. I need to learn from you!
Were you taught like this since young at home and really strict?

C: Yeah, my parents are actually pretty strict. Since young till now, I've always had a curfew. Wherever I go, they have to know where I am.

T: So you have to keep the family rule and you cannot break it even once?

C: Yeah, not even once. Because they care for their children, so even though we're considered pretty old now, but they're still looking after us.

T: Haha, so can you tell us some of your family rules?

C: Um, when I go shopping or go out, I have to go with girls and they have to know who you're going with and where and when you're coming back. And you can't wear revealing clothes.

T: Many parents are like that. But lucky for me, I don't have any of these rules. Since I went to England for studies, I have no rules like that. But you're pretty good, now that you're in Hong Kong, you don't need to follow those rules anymore.

C: Yeah, but I've actually gotten used to it already.

T: Oh?

C: What time I wake up, what time I sleep, I've gotten used to it all ready. So even if I'm alone now, I think I'll probably still be doing the same.

T: So you mentioned that your rules are pretty strict, so I have a pretty nosy question. If you meet guys, how do you bring guys home? Like eating with your family or something like that when you have a relationship?
Is it like the boy sits here and the parents sit across, and ask "How old are you, what do you do, are you good to my daughter?"

C: It's pretty much like that. They will be like that. If I have to go out, they will make me bring my sister or my brother.

T: So you have to bring like a witness. How old are your brother and sister?

C: My sister is 23 and my brother is a bit younger, he is 19.

T: Oh, so not that far apart. So do you think that you joined the pageant too late? Because when I entered the pageant, I was 23. It's been a few years already. Would you think that you started off too late?

C: I think many people can live up to 100. So 25... is a quarter, so 25 isn't too late. If you really have the heart to learn something, you can do it anytime.

T: So it doesn't matter much. So I hear you say that you care about your profession a lot. So when you're so strong on this side, how about other sides, like love life, fate...would it be because of this that those things will be unbalanced. Have you thought about when you would get married and what your boyfriend will be like?

C: When I was younger, I wished to get married at 28, but right now, I guess it's up to fate. If there is, it will happen.

T: So now, you're already part of the entertainment industry. So if you meet someone, and people find out, people will all be like "making a big deal out of it". Would you be like, "If I like them, I will reveal it. I will share my happiness with you."

C: I think if you don't want to say it, people will know. So I don't think you don't need purposely hide anything. So if I do find someone, I will tell someone...people around me. Like my mom and dad definitely.

T: So how about marriage? From 28, it's now to any time?

C: Yes, just up to fate, go with the flow.

T: So first, I want to thank you for accepting my interview and I hope your star luck will become greater and smooth. Thank you very much. So let me preview a bit, tomorrow's The Green Room guest will be Niki Chow.
So it's about time, so let's say bye to everyone.

C+T: Bye!!!!

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 12:08 AM

There's a new Christine Kuo fansite:


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Posted 05 April 2009 - 04:45 AM

Starry Kitchen - Christine Kuo
Saturday April 4, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: TVB.com, Starry Kitchen - 星級廚房
Written by chloe.x3 at http://www.christinekuo.net

Posted Image

Christine Kuo appeared on Starry Kitchen with Chef Chow as another one of her events after signing with TVB .
Other than cooking two yummy dishes, they also had little chats about Christine's life and experiences.
Both Chef Chow and Christine learned many things from the show because other than Christine learning two recipes, Chef Chow also learned about Christine, some aspects of Toronto and experiences at the pageant. Chef Chow and Christine even came to an agreement that a cooking event should be held for the pageant as well.
On top of all that, Chef Chow also helped Christine out with her Cantonese pronounciation and gave her some small hints about cooking.

Her Life:
At home, Christine is not called by her chinese name but is called by her english name, Christine instead. Back in Toronto, Christine and her family usually buys many frozen foods because they have a small amount of people that eat and frozen foods are much easier and faster to prepare.
Christine's mom usually makes chinese/taiwanese food for the family, so they don't really eat western foods often, like eating salads. During the interview, Christine revealed that she thinks that all Taiwanese food is very delicious, giving examples like shrimp,
While Christine was studying Management at school in Toronto, she also had to work at the same time. When it comes to cooking, her whole family takes turns cooking and Christine usually cooks fried rice.
She can stand and actually likes saltiness in food.

The Pageant:
Just like in The Green Room interview, Christine was asked why she joined the pageant. The reason for this is because she wanted to try new things. She never thought of participating in a pageant before as it was her mom who helped her fill out the application for it.
Through the pageant, she learned to speak cantonese, deportment, saw many beautiful sceneries and meeting lots of people. It's a lot of hard work competing in a pageant as you have to train a lot, but Christine stated that since you learn many new things, she doesn't feel that it is tough. Though the process may have been tough, but afterwards, realizing she's learned a lot, she didn't feel that way.
Her most memorable thing about participating in the pageant was getting sick and having to say in the hospital on a drip for two days. Though she was sick, she never thought about giving up the pageant; only thinking of when she could get better.
Christine basically had good relationships with the other contestants of the pageant, except some were from different places; therefore they did not communicate much because they are from different cultures. She would also help translate to those that could not speak chinese and could only speak English.

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 01:23 AM

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Christine Kuo's qualities wins all, highest chance to be Laughing So

The competition for Laughing So (female lead) role will be coming to an end soon Although Christine Kuo does not have any acting experience at all, but after the auditions, the Director only praised her acting and did not complain. The other popular candidate, Fala Chen was very anxious as she asked the Producer to let her go audition today, the last day. As for Laughing Gor Michael Tse, yesterday he expressed that Christine Kuo gives off a fresh feeling.

Michael Tse depended on his role Laughing Gor from TVB series "E.U" to gain popularity, TVB then boosted him up onto the big screen, for his new film "Laughing Gor Continues". Although the new movie had already started filming but the other important role in the film (Laughing So) has not been decided yet. The two popular candidates Fala Chen and Christine Kuo are very anxious.

Cantonese not good, may need to dub voice

Today, the decision for the Laughing So role will be decided today. Earlier Christine finished her audition and although she has no acting experience whatsoever, but her acting, beauty and quality have gained the Director Herman Yau's favor. The only thing that needs improvement is that Christine's cantonese pronunciation is not standard, the production crew is worried that they may have to dub her voice if they use her, which is a disadvantage to the film's sense of reality. The Director is currently considering these factors.

Fala Chen who is currently busy filming for new series "The Legend of Su Pongling" have been quite nervous about the auditions because Christine Kuo has a huge chance of getting the role, therefore she asked the Producer if she could take half a day off to go do the audition today. She is trying her best to cherish all the opportunities she gets. But because Fala is busy filming for the new series, the Director is worried that she and the other series she's filming will become a conflict, so if Fala wants to fight for the Laughing So role, it will be quite difficult!

Janet Chow a love for poisonous spiders

Although the two women are busy struggling trying all possibilities to get the role of Laughing So, but male lead Laughing Gor Michael Tse supports Christine Kuo because she gives off a fresh feeling. Yesterday Michael was at a event in Causeway Bay and exposed that he got two more loves: "Recently I got two baby tortoises, they are very cute. At first my wife opposed to the idea, but right now she's at home with the two new pets and is busier than me! They are easy to take care of, don't need to spend too much time on them." Squeaky Janet Chow grew a love for taranchulas: "Although they are poisonous, but their toxicity is not too strong. If you get stung by one, it will just swell at most."

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Posted 14 July 2009 - 10:58 PM

She's not going to be Laughing So.

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 04:43 AM

Posted Image

Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Christine Kuo gets acting tips from "senior" Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong, Christine Kuo, Wong Cho Lam and Kate Tsui attended the blessing ceremony for their new mini series <The High Inner Eye Lover>. This is MCI winner Christine Kuo's first series, she frankly said that its a fresh feeling and she had learned a lot in the process, she hopes to continue to work hard. Speaking of her poor Cantonese, Christine expressed that she has already found a Cantonese teacher, she believes that she will be speaking more naturally. She's been in HK for 7 months already and she hopes to learn her Cantonese within a year.

Because Christine's Cantonese is not very good, she often NGs during filming. Last night, she had a kiss scene with Cho Lam and Bosco and NGed a few times. Asked if Bosco gave her advice? Christine said: "Yes, in Canada we respect our seniors. I treat Bosco as a senior." Although Bosco has numerous rumors, but Christine is not worried, she smiled that she is "fate-less". Reporters teased and asked if Bosco is her cup of tea? She expressed that she personally likes Cho Lam more because she likes talented people.

Bosco not bored with rumoring with Myolie

Bosco also expressed that because Christine brought sickness to work, after the kiss scene last night, he immediately got a little discomfort on his throat. How does he feel about Christine referring him as a senior? Bosco shouted out and laughed that he has become a senior, called him "Yam Gong". Towards Christine expressing that she does not like his type of person, Bosco said that she has taste. Asked with his many rumors, is he afraid that Myolie Wu will "twist his ear"? Bosco expressed no. Reporters teased that his only rumored girlfriend in the recent years is Myolie, he expressed thats not bad, he doesn't feel its boring.

Kate's role as "Tse On Fei" will have a triangle relationship with both Joel Chan and Bosco. As her role's name is similar to Kay Tse On Kei, Kate strongly stressed that that there is no intentions of innuendos. Kitty Yuen expressed that for the new year she has done several kiss scenes. In another series, she just had a kiss scene with Stephen Hyuhn, she smiled and said that this year she'll become "Stamp Collector Star".

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 02:33 AM

Joel Chan thinks too much wanting Christine Kuo as his wife
Monday April 12, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image Posted Image

MCI Christine Kuo was invited by MY DREAM WEDDING earlier to shoot a wedding advertisement in Singapore. This time, her "groom" is Joel Chan. Although the two have never collaborated before, during the photoshoot they got to know each other well and were able to accommodate the romantic atmosphere. So romantic that the even the two couldn't help but to refer each other as "husband" and "wife". Joel laughed and said that he can call Christine his "wife" now. Christine teased him back saying that he's thinking too much, giving him a lemon!

Also, Joel often teases Christine's Cantonese inaccurate pronunciation, causing both tears and laughter for Christine! After going through tough training, she said that the most accurate pronunciation she can do is when she yells at Joel Chan "You're so annoying!"

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Posted 16 May 2010 - 12:29 AM

HotCha Sings Out of Tune and Messes Up Lyrics
Saturday May 15, 2010 Hong Kong
Soure: Mingpao
Translated by: KAY @ http://kays-entertainment.blogspot.com

Posted Image

"2010 TVB Most Popular Commercial Awards Ceremony" was filming yesterday. hotCha , Sandy Lau, Christine Kuo, and Matthew Ko were performing guests. When HotCha was singing a classic commercial song, their performance went badly. Crystal sang the wrong lyrics in the beginning. Then they NG and restarted recording, but she still sang out of tune and messed up lyrics. Crystal later explained that Winkie was supposed to sing first, but she didn't know why she sang it herself. Regen joked a ghost was here.

HotCha said they were very nervous during performing because they didn't wear low-cut dresses when they practiced. Crystal said: "Because aren't used to wearing these dresses, we felt restrained and constantly reminding ourselves to be careful. It's quite hard to remember lyrics actually, because some songs were already out before we were born, maybe we only heard the melody before, but didn't remember lyrics. We promise everyone that it won't happen again!"

Christine Kuo expressed she wants to improve dancing waltz and has no interest right now in seductive dances. She once said that she would tell her younger sister to audition Miss Hong Kong, but she didn't in the end. Christine said her sister is very confident and no need to prove herself through beauty pageants.She said: "My sister is different from me. My mother wanted me to participate in Miss Chinese International and she applied for me. I think I get to know more things after participating. In the past I just wanted to get married and have kids, just like normal people. Now I've changed, working is my focus, dating with my company." Christine said she doesn't feel anyone is pursuing her the majority are good friends.

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 06:25 AM

Christine Kuo 'sucks up' to Liza Wang
Friday July 9, 2010 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Yesterday Christine Kuo attended a Japanese skincare brand SK-II event. She recently started filming TVB new series <House Army>, Christine expressed that she benefited a lot from her collaboration with Liza Wang. She seems to be 'sucking up' (polish shoes - "chaat hai") to Liza in her words, Christine says: "Liza does things very strict, but she doesn't scold me, she actually teaches me how to position myself during filming and the basic knowledge of the script." Will she get yelled at for NGing frequently? "I've done all my homework and hired a teacher to teach me Chinese, the script has been translated very well."

Lisa S. will be holding a wedding party at Adrenaline Hotel in Happy Valley Racecourse. She sent out nearly 500 invitations, but has not chosen suitable wedding attire yet. Liza smiled: "I don't dare to think too much now. On the night of the wedding party, I will be drinking a lot and then get a good night sleep when I get home." Speaking of her husband Daniel Wu disguised as a beggar in the movie <Don't Go Breaking My Heart 單身男女>, Lisa said: "I also love Daniel's short hair and no mustache look. if he has a mustache and didn't shower, I would say No Kiss and Don't Touch Me!"

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Posted 03 January 2011 - 11:21 PM

Christine Kuo 'Dies' Twice in a Month
Monday January 3, 2011 Hong Kong

Posted Image Posted Image

Christine Kuo attended to the costume fitting of "Forensic Heroes III" yesterday in a low-cut wedding gown. Actors from this upcoming drama were arranged to appear according to their plot in the drama. The Miss Chinese International is shot at her wedding with Lai Lokyi. She leaned forward during the performance, showing off her 'career line.'

Reporters teased her for sacrificing this much and she said: "No, very normal. It's a happy thing to wear a wedding gown, it's pretty, too. (Die immediately when you're just introduced?) Yeah, got shot and died at my wedding. But I'll still appear in some memory scenes. It's quite challenging to die beautifully. I'll study that when I get home. I didn't know how to 'die' earlier, whether to open my eyes or not. (Don't mind that you need to 'die' during New Years?) Don't mind! I'm filming another series <紫禁驚雷> and I need to die soon, too. I need to 'die' twice in a month, quite special. You don't get a chance like that often, should cherish this opportunity."

Producer of the drama originally wanted Lokyi to pick Christine up, but it did not happen because of her wedding gown and the fact she has yet lose weight successfully. Christine said the diet she tried earlier affected her health so she switched to a detox program to continue her weight loss plan.

Source: Oriental Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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Posted 03 March 2011 - 11:22 PM

Christine Kuo: Shy Girl's First Time
Thursday March 3, 2011 Hong Kong

Posted Image Posted Image

The Miss Chinese International gave her "first time" to filming.

Although she is the pretty goddess in many people's hearts, but Christine Kuo is actually a shy girl who never make first moves in a relationship. She won't express her feelings even when she likes someone, only keeping it a crush.

But in new drama "Flying Tigers" (tentative name & rough translation), Christine confessed love to someone the first time. Playing Joe Ma's girlfriend in the drama, she is touched by the tentative care from Oscar Leung, who is Joe's colleague, and eventually falls for him. But because of this awkward love triangle relationship, Oscar doesn't dare to confess his love, and it is Christine who makes the first move by giving him a kiss.

"Mommy taught me girls need to be a little reserved, so this would only happen in dramas," she said. "Kissing on the cheek is okay though."

Able to receive a kiss from Christine, Oscar joked she is charmed by his handsomeness.

"Did I get 'electrified'? Actually it's the other way around," he joked. "Because she finds me funny, that's how I charmed her."

Source: Oriental Daily / By: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:17 AM

Christine Kuo admits dating Mr. HK Joey Law
Monday May 23, 2011 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

TVB's new generation elegant goddess Christine Kuo came to Hong Kong two years ago to develop a career and is eyed like tigers by the guys. However, it turns out that she has been secretly dating 2008 Mr. HK Joey Law for several months.

Christine is the god-daughter of Joey's mom. The two are family friends and both Christians. Miss Christine is alone in HK developing her career and her lonely heart was eventually touched by Joey. Several months ago, the two began their 'sister-brother' love relationship. Joey is 4 years younger than Christine.

The day before, the couple met in Sai Kung, Miss Christine was photographed stealing a kiss near her boyfriend's ear and because of this, their relationship surfaces. She was also often photographed staying over night at her boyfriend's house.

Yesterday, Christine admitted to the relationship: "We just got together, not very stabled, but since the relationship surfaced, I have the courage to face it. (TVB gives you pressure?) They know already, we talked about it and now that it's exposed, TVB will discuss with me again tonight." Christine frankly said that after she came to HK, the Law family took good care of her and she was in contact with Joey more often. The feeling is like a family, and a good feeling. Asked what she liked about Joey Law? She joked: "I like him because he's stupid! But, he says that about me too! He's a person with a very attentive heart, takes good care of me and has good character. He's a simple person too."

Christine said that there are other pursuers around her too, but she was finally touched by Joey, she said: "I felt frightened, but with him it feels very comfortable. (Don't mind sister-brother love?) Before, I definitely wouldn't accept it, but love is blind. When love comes, even I cannot control myself." About the relationship affecting her work, Christine said: "It actually helps with my acting! Because I'm more sensible."

Towards spending the night at Joey's house in Tseung Kwan O, Christine denied and reveals that she is preparing to move now. It turns out that her god-mother (Joey's mom) left a room for her at their house to temporarily stay in, but Christine turned down the offer to avoid misunderstandings.

*TN: Joey Law can be seen in current TVB series "Yes Sir Sorry Sir" as Henry, a student in the 5C class. He was also in "Relic of an Emissary" as Kuk Wong, Yin Wong's (Joe Ma) 19th brother.

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Posted 26 October 2011 - 04:13 AM

Kevin Cheng has something for Christine Kuo? "I think he just had too many drinks"
Tuesday October 25, 2011 Hong Kong
Source: FACE Magazine
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Just one Mainland drama Startling Step by Step got Kevin Cheng a jump in popularity domestically (in HK). It was even said the production company in Mainland is offering to pay TV King Kevin 160,000 yuan per episode if he joins them. Kevin's market isn't only in Mainland, this year his role as "LAW BA" in TVB series Ghetto Justice is just as good for getting TV King again.

When a person has money, they start getting itchy. Recently Kevin has been busy shooting for new series Ghetto Justice II, as seen on the set, Kevin seem to have got something going on with 34C second female lead Christine Kuo. Last Friday (10/21), after jugging down a few drinks, Kevin goes and tries to provoke Christine to take pictures with him. Kevin initiated the move, but unfortunately Christine gave him a lemon: "I think he had too many drinks". That's so sour!

The 41 year old Kevin was reborn this year, pocketing lots through his work in both Mainland and HK. However, not much happening in his love life. When it comes to his rumors, we will have to count back to August, when he was photographed at international model Jenny Tsui's house for 72 hours. However, recently Jenny got a new love interest. Kevin is dry as ever without any girls. It was said, he has feelings for his partner Christine Kuo in Ghetto Justice II

28 year old Christine was the winner in 2009 Miss Chinese International Pageant. Aside from her devil 34C body figure, she has always been the Goddess to the 'home boys'. Lately, since TVB is lacking FaDans, Christine is fortunate is one of the new blood for heavy promotion. In Ghetto Justice II, she becomes the second female lead [behind Myolie Wu]. She plays Kevin's ex-wife and will be fighting for LAW BA with Myolie from beginning to end.

Borrows 'being drunk' to take photos

Christine already has a partner though. She is currently in a stable 'brother-sister' relationship with 24 year old 2008's Mr. Hong Kong winner Joey Law. However, Kevin has nothing to fear. Earlier at a public event, Kevin already praised Christine: "She's hardworking and clever!"

On Friday, the two were in Sham Shui Po shooting a chatting while drinking beer scene. As there was actual beer to support the scene, so the two were actually 'drunk'. However, the gentleman Kevin was telling Christine not to drink too much as he was drinking. Reporters at the location heard Kevin attentively say to Christine: "You can just pretend to drink, I'm afraid you might get drunk!" Later Kevin took out his cell phone and started provoking Christine to take photos with him.

Kevin took the initiative, but Christine didn't seem to appreciate it. She said to [FACE]: "Kevin is a handsome guy. Before I thought he was really cool, but he's quite playful! (Do you feel he's pursuing you?) Huh? Joey and I have a very stable relationship. (He was provoking you to take pictures with him?) I think he had too many drinks!" Looks like he didn't just drink too much, but also thought too much!

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 02:50 AM

Christine Kuo's lead actress role in film sequel 'Lan Kwai Fong' taken away
Monday May 7, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Christine Kuo was said to have madly 'electrified' director Wilson Chin to give her the lead actress role for his new film Lan Kwai Fong II, but this led to the jealousy of his girlfriend (Calinda Yuen) and the role was switched to Michelle Wai. Christine's lead actress role turned into a supporting role. Yesterday Christine frankly said over the phone that there was a schedule conflict and therefore she won't be in the film. Christine reveals she is coincidentally shooting Beauty At War with Calinda in the same studio. Calinda didn't directly say she was upset that Christine 'electrified' her boyfriend Wilson Chin or anything, she said: "I didn't even work on the film for a day, can't believe the reports are written like this! When I accepted this film, I was already told its the lead actress role and I'll be pairing up with Kelvin Kwan! Next time I'll learn to be more clever and speak up immediately whenever something comes up. (Are you going to be playing a different role?) Definitely not going to accept it! Wait until he starts the the third sequel first before I consider." Even Michelle Wai denied that she's replacing Christine: "I've was already asked to be the lead when we started, but I was too busy and didn't have time on my schedule. It was only last month when my schedule cleared up that I took on the role again." Director Wilson Chin denounced the nonsense reports. TVB executive Virgina Lok expressed compensation is not necessary.

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 06:47 AM

Myolie Wu denies cutting her hair due to love injury
Monday August 13, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Yesterday Myolie Wu appeared in Sham Shui Po for the promotional event of new series Ghetto Justice II. It is said when women are unhappy, they cut their hair short. Myolie expressed: "Not related, the producer of Triumph in the Skies II asked me to cut my hair. Earlier I was considering if I should cut it or not because it took me a long time to grow my hair out. This time, I saw my new role matches really well with short hair, so I decided to cut it." Myolie stressed there are no problems with her emotions. She has jobs lined up until the end of the year already. When asked if she contacted Bosco Wong? She said: "I don't want to talk about it. (Already moved out?) I will move, but that's my privacy. I don't want to talk about my relationship every time I go out. I hope everyone just focus on my work. (Will you not collaborate with Bosco anymore?) Well no, just see how TVB arranges it. (Do you have many pursuers?) Don't talk about it. I want to concentrate on my work. After all, it hasn't been long since the break up, I need a break. (You were really hurt this time, so need a break?) No, I'm very happy being single. I can enjoy this period of time."

Recently, it was rumored Kevin and Christine Kuo sparked love from the kiss scenes. Yesterday at the promotion, Christine responded to the rumors calmly and joked: "Before the reports always say I pursue the guy, but this time it's finally the other way around! (Rumored Kevin and Niki are getting back together?) I don't know. If it's true, I send my blessings to them." Christine joked fans said her 'love triangle' with Kevin and Niki is even more appealing than the new series. "If the rumor can help boost the ratings, then I don't mind. Kevin and I don't keep in touch outside of the series. Last time I saw him was in the first promotion." When speaking of Netizens having a difficult time tolerating her heavily accented Cantonese? Christine said "the biggest enemy is myself", and she believed she is making gradual improvements.

Myolie was asked about Kevin and Christine's rumor? She said she's not sure of their personal lives. From what she knows, it's not like that, but neither of them are married yet, most important is happiness. "I don't want to say something wrong. Kevin is not in Hong Kong, if he sees this report, he will call and yell at me. When we're filming, he doesn't just treat the girls well, he also treats the guys well too."

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 12:43 AM

Eliza Sam Labels Christine Kuo as True Goddess
Wednesday September 11, 2012 Hong Kong
Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

Posted Image

New generation 'House Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam appeared at a shoe show. With regard to being labelled as a goddess, she thanked everyone for their support. As for appearing with predecessor goddess Christine Kuo, would she feel that she has replaced Christine's goddess position? She flatteringly said, "I'm not a house guy, but I also think that she is a goddess!" [She] emphasized many times that she would not compare herself to Christine...would only compare with herself.

In addition, she has been recently rumoured with Chin Ka Lok. Did it anger Angela Tong? Eliza immediately had a big reaction, explaining that it's fake! [She] also revealed that Angela called her previously, telling her not to worry, which moved her.

Christine Kou Sees Eliza Sam as Simple Western Girl

Posted Image

'House Guy Goddess' Christine Kou appeared at a fashion show in a back-revealing outfit with the new 'House Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam. When asked whether they were competitors, she emphasized that they are good friends...happy for her that she has this new nickname. Does not think that she has been replaced by her, laughingly saying that she has her own position, and emphasizing that both of their personalities and styles are different...not competitors. As for it being said that Eliza's Cantonese is better than hers, she immediately said, "Don't think hers is better than mine. Both of us are Western girls...about the same".

Christine was not willing to say her winning points, but thought of some special points that the other has in which she does not: "She really likes to smile. Much more simple. (You're complicated?) Ha ha.... I've lived in Hong Kong this long".

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 11:07 PM

Eliza Sam Praises Christine Kuo's Fairy-Like Beauty
Tuesday September 25, 2012 Hong Kong
Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

Posted Image Posted Image

'Princess Heung Heung' Eliza Sam did a catwalk for a fashion show. Christine Kuo, who has been used by the public as a comparison recently, was also at the event. Eliza said that she does not mind being compared...thinks that work is currently going well, so must cherish it. When taking a picture together, she did not remove her overcoat. Does she think that she is not sexy enough? She said, "I don't think that I'm sexy. Even if wearing a bikini, it's because of the plot. (Think that figure is not good enough?) It's not bad, but think that a t-shirt and jeans is even sexier!" Does she think that Christine is sexy? She sees her as a goddess, even praising her fairy-like beauty.

Christine Kuo Humbly Says That She Must Learn from Eliza Sam

Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam both did a catwalk for a fashion show. When taking a picture together, [Christine] suddenly removed her overcoat...seemed to be stealing the limelight. Regarding Eliza praising her as being beautiful like a fairy, she also praised her back: "She is also. She is very sweet. (Do you mind the public comparing the two of you?) I don't mind. If there's comparison, then there's improvement. I'll do my best with a normal heart. (Netizens say that Eliza is better than you?) Well, the majority thinks that it is so...she probably is really better than I am, so I must learn her good points". She, who is tall, even thinks that she is not tall enough!

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Posted 22 October 2012 - 05:22 AM

Christine Kuo Opposes Sex Before Marriage
Sunday October 21, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Posted Image

Yesterday Christine Kuo attended Plaza Hollywood's 5th Crab Festival and boasted that she is good at making soup, desserts and brewing coffee. Unfortunately she's not dating yet and can't share her skills with anyone. It was said she had zero interaction with Edwin Siu while they were shooting together? Christine explained: "He has heavier screen time, so he's exhausted after shooting and every time there is a break, he would go rest. I am not afraid of rumors, and I'm prepared that there will be spread of gossips. I will no longer cry because of that."

Christine joked she just wants rumors with Yoyo Mung, "Because I'm Christian, so nobody will believe lesbian rumors." Asked if she's a virgin? Christine avoided the question, "You all know, no need to ask and don't ask, I'm shy." She is committed to her religion, therefore she opposes sex before marriage. In regards to Grace Wong, who rejected her boyfriend's sexual desires, and eventually broke up with him. Christine said: "I haven't encountered such situation. If something like that happens, that proves he wasn't her Mr. Right."

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 08:18 AM

Louis Koo wishes to play a different role, be a woman
Saturday November 17, 2012 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image

Louis Koo and Christine Kuo were guests at a shoe brand's anniversary event. Christine led all the other models for a catwalk, while Louis appeared dressed like a magician. In a great mood, Louis joked around with Christine, making her laugh without restraint.

Louis expressed this is his first time as a spokesperson for a women fashion brand. He was surprised when he received the invitation. Earlier when he was shooting the commercial, he tried out the high heels and had difficulty walking, therefore he really admires modern women. When asked if he'll try out women fashion? He has confidence in his female look. "I've tried it before, I can do black girls. If I put on makeup to look pale, then I'll look like a moldy chocolate." When speaking of one contestant from Mr. Asia called "Pirated Louis Koo"? He frankly expressed he has been aware of it, but he didn't respond to the other questions had relating to that contestant.

Christine expressed women love high heels. Because of work, she has bought a lot of high heels to match her clothing. She has many different outfits in her closet. She also reveals she has already chosen her dress for the TVB anniversary, "I will look different from usual, give a cuter side of me. I won't be too conservative." When speaking of JJ Jia and Samantha Ko dressing sexily, is she afraid of comparison? She modestly said: "Usually I don't have what it takes to be compared. Every individual has their own qualities, they have very nice body figures." Christine said when she first saw Louis, she thought he really resembled her cousin. For this reason, she had a special close feeling with him, but her cousin is a paler. As for herself, she likes sunshine and masculine men. It really bothers her if her other half has better skin than her.

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Posted 08 March 2013 - 01:39 AM

Christine meets perverted superhero
Thursday March 7, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-083000035.html

Posted Image

Recently, Christine Kuo encountered a perverted man dressed in a 'superhero' getup of only a pair of t-back underpants and mesh stockings while filming.

According to Jayne Stars, the man's presence was arranged for by the director of her new movie, "Heavy Flavor". To tie in with the bold direction of the movie, he had an actor dressed up as a perverted 'superhero', however, Christine was so shocked by his appearance that she ran away.

The filming also had a scene where the 29-year-old actress argued with her co-star Oscar Leung in Carpenter Road Park. Christine was sexily dressed in a checked school uniform with white socks and black shoes, then a long skirt and a long sleeve shirt. The latter revealed her cleavage every time she bent down during filming, much to the delight of the uncles in the park.

"Heavy Flavor" is the second collaboration between Christine and Oscar. Although the film had no explicit bedroom scene between the two, Oscar confirmed that there will be at least one sensual kissing scene.

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Posted 10 March 2013 - 10:50 PM

Christine Kuo's 'indecent' outing
Sunday March 10, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-023600098.html

Posted Image

TVB actress, Christine Kuo, recently denied speculations that she was playing 'hostess' at a jewellery company's spring dinner, Asianpopnews website reported.

Earlier, the actress, alongside Oceane Zhu and Kayi Cheung were spotted attending a well-known jewellery company's spring dinner in Shenzhen.

Dressed in low-cut revealing dresses, the actresses were photographed drinking and chatting joyously with the bosses – sparking controversies as to what the dinner was made for.

Responding to criticisms of her allegedly inappropriate wear and manner during the event, Christine clarified, "We attended the dinner together with our managers. Even Eric Tsang was there. It was just a simple dinner, but the Hong Kong tabloids implied otherwise. I do not know what a good or bad dinner is. I will only attend a dinner related to work."

As to her revealing dress, Christine clarified, "I was wearing jewellery that day. So, a tube dress would be more appropriate for the occasion."
She finally added, "I was merely chatting politely with clients. I will let the company handle it if I am in doubts. I will definitely say no to any improper dinner."

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Posted 18 March 2013 - 05:53 AM

Matthew Ko & Christine Kuo 'Love Sparked' at Stefan Huynh's Wedding
Sunday March 17, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

On the night of Stefan Huyuh's wedding, former Mr. HK Matthew Ko served as the MC and sat at the same table as the 'goddess' Christine Kuo. The two were chatting nonstop. Every time Matthew had to go on stage to speak, the two appeared as if they were reluctant to separate. However, shortly after Matthew went over to 'rub' Christine's head, which pleased her so much she let out a cute expression. Later, Matthew took the newly weds to joke with and got Christine laughing so hard she returned his gift with an electrical discharge in her eyes. Also, Matthew posted an intimate photo of him and Christine on Weibo.

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Posted 21 March 2013 - 12:57 AM

Christine Kuo denies relationship
Wednesday March 29, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-085700900.html

Posted Image

Christine Kuo recently dismissed rumours that have been surrounding her, which were her supposedly blooming relationship with Matthew Ko and her role as the third person in Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung's alleged breakup.

As reported on Jayne Stars, Christine denied all rumours and explained that she has already learned how to care less about such nonsensical claims.

Recently, tabloids alleged that Christine and Aaron had been secretly dating for five months after working together on a commercial, causing Lynn Hung to inexplicably move out from Aaron's home. The rumours surfaced after an alleged neighbour of Christine's disclosed to the tabloids that Aaron's Porsche GT3 sports car was seen parked in front of the actress' home.

To this, Christine said, "Aaron and I never contacted each other after shooting the commercial. I don't even have his phone number. The most we would do is reply to each other on Weibo. The report said that his car was parked below my building, but that's not even my building in the photo!"

As for rumours of her intimate behaviour with Matthew Ko at Stefan Wong's reception, Christine claimed, "We are colleagues. It was just a pat on the head! There really is nothing between us!"

Christine added, "Those who are close to me know that the rumours aren't true. They're always with me so they know what's going on. The reports are nonsense so there is really nothing to talk about. I'll treat them as promotions for my new drama, "A Great Way To Care 2.""

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Posted 24 March 2013 - 05:15 AM

Louis Koo Rumored Dating Taiwanese Actress, Remains Low-Profile: "No Comment"
Saturday March 23, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image

Yesterday Louis Koo and Christine Kuo attended the le saunda 2013 Spring and Summer Collection press conference. There were nearly a 1000 people surrounding the location. Recently Louis has been rumored with two Taiwanese actresses Joe Chen and Michelle Chen. Earlier his management said he will not respond to the rumors. Joe Chen attended an event in Shanghai yesterday and when asked of the rumor, she had a black face too.

It was reported Louis and Joe have been secretly dating for 2 years. Earlier Joe made a special trip to Thailand to visit Louis on the set, and Louis would frequently take time off to visit his girlfriend in Taiwan. Reporters asked about his rumors with Joe, he expressed the usual: "No comment. (Keep a low-profile relationship?) My style is rather low-profile. My father has always said, less talking and more doing. (Did you family ask about her?) My mom rarely pays attention to my work. (This is not work-related!) Considered part of my work! She would just ask me what I want to eat."

Christine attended the event in a low-cut dress, she was asked about her recent rumor with Aaron Kwok. Aaron's girlfriend Lynn Hung indirectly criticized that she shouldn't try to provoke bad peach blossoms. Christine said: "I should say sorry. My Chinese is not that good, I don't want to comment any further. I don't want to cause more trouble to others. (Are your parents worried?) After the incident last time, they are mentally stronger. We have mutual trust."

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Posted 27 March 2013 - 12:32 AM

Christine Kuo apologises to Lynn Hung
Tuesday March 26, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...Y3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

Posted Image

Christine Kuo recently made an apology to Lynn Hung for her comments about the relationship rumour surrounding Aaron Kwok and herself.

According to Asianpopnews website, the actress recently dismissed the scandal between her and the Hong Kong heavenly king Aaron Kwok, later referred to it as "a rotten peach flower".

However, while speaking to the media at an event that was held on 24 March, Christine apologised to Aaron's girlfriend Lynn Hung for her insensitive remarks.

The actress stated, "I should make an apology. I am not very fluent in Chinese and I could have used the wrong words. I will not respond again. I am afraid that I may say the wrong things again and implicate others into the picture."

The actress was referring to Lynn Hung's statement earlier, when the model-actress was asked regarding Christine's "rotten peach flower" comment.
Lynn, who praised the actress as a sweet looking girl, only hinted, "It will be fine as long as you do not provoke the peach flower!"

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 07:12 AM

Christine Kuo's career enlightenment
Saturday March 30, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-162100416.html

Posted Image

Since signing a contract with TVB four years ago, Taiwan-born and Hong Kong-based actress Christine Kuo gradually became one of the most famous stars in Hong Kong drama series and the former Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant revealed that it took her a long time to realize the true meaning of being an actress, according to Jayne Stars.

"To be an artist is to entertain the audience, but I failed to understand this concept no matter how many times others tried to explain it to me. I was just not enlightened, and to be enlightened, it takes time. Although I am still not completely sure at what I'm doing now, at least I am working towards a positive change," said Christine.

Christine mentioned that her family was the one who encouraged her to start her acting career in Hong Kong.

She said, "My parents wanted me to learn how to live an independent lifestyle, so they suggested me to come to Hong Kong. I've only lived here for less than four years, but it felt like I've been living here for as long as ten years. As an actress, we tend to substitute our thoughts with our characters and roles, so our lives definitely feel more bountiful."

The 29-year-old beauty has been called the "Goddess" by both actors and male fans since she made her debut in television series in 2010.

"Thank you, everyone, for taking good care of me. To be well-liked by others is not inevitable, so I will not let fame get to my head. I will cherish it. I am quite happy with this honour, but I do want a breakthrough. I want everyone to see a different side of me, but I know this takes time, so I will not rush it. When it comes to goddesses, I believe Brigittte Lin, Rosamund Kwan, and Vivian Chow to be the true goddesses."

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Posted 29 April 2013 - 05:55 AM

Christine and Aaron just colleagues
Sunday April 28, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-012038798.html

Posted Image

Christine Kuo equate rumours as a "package" that comes with fame, when asked about her thoughts on the latest rumour that has been plaguing her recently, Jayne Stars website reported.

In an interview with a magazine, the actress clarified her position for the umpteenth time and stressed that she has no involvement in the breakup between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung.

Christine, known as one of TVB's "good girls", tried to put a positive spin into the issue and stated, "In the entertainment industry, rumours come as a package. To put things in a more optimistic way, rumours are a way of saying that you are valuable to the industry."

When asked on her thoughts about Aaron Kwok, Christine expressed that Aaron is a person who is extremely open-minded, kind, and easy to get along with, similar to her own.

The actress stated, "We get along comfortably, but we are not so close to the point where I can comment on his current situation. But he is a senior I respect very much."

When asked to describe the relationship she has with Aaron, Christine simply stated, "We are colleagues that have collaborated before."
The "Tiger Cubs" actress also revealed that she did not know that Aaron and Lynn were dating until after she collaborated with Aaron and read the news.

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 09:41 PM

Christine Kuo, "Shu Mei has nothing to do with it!"
Saturday May 4, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-054100758.html

Posted Image

Christine Kuo recently dismissed allegations that she had been used by Aaron Kwok's assistant Shu Mei to anger Lynn Hung and caused the breakup of the model-actress and her beau of seven years, Aaron Kwok.

According to Popular Asians website, a rumour recently spread that Aaron's assistant Shu Mei has never liked Lynn Hung and saw the opportunity to break the couple's relationship when Christine was rumoured to be in a relationship with Aaron last March.

It was alleged that Shu Mei introduced Christine to Aaron's mother and his friends in an effort to sabotage the relationship, and even attempted to enrage Lynn by giving Christine VIP tickets to Aaron's concert.

To this, Christine stated, "It's not true. Shu Mei, Aaron and I maintain a strictly professional relationship. I have never even met Aaron's mother. I was introduced to Aaron's friends by chance at Christine Ng's birthday party. And I wasn't even aware of their association with Aaron at the time."

Christine also complimented Shu Mei and described her as a talented person who is nice and fair to everyone.

When asked about allegations that Shu Mei wanted to infuriate Lynn by giving Christine VIP tickets to Aaron's concert, Christine explained, "Ms. [Virginia] Lok said that Moses Chan was going to attend as well, but he wasn't able to go due to clashing schedule, so I ended up going [in his place]."

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 12:57 AM

Christine Kuo sheds nine pounds
Thursday May 30, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-030800693.html

Posted Image

TVB actress Christine Kuo is determined to lose all her baby fat and subsequently lose the nickname "Fat Kuo".

Jayne Stars website reported that the actress, who made her appearance with Sheren Tang, Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng at an inauguration event hosted by the Grateful Heart Charity Foundation, revealed that she has lost nine pounds so far.

Christine enthused, "I have been watching my food intake closely and have tried different methods. I do yoga; I go to the gym and also take Chinese medicine to ensure fitness."

Meanwhile, when asked regarding rumours of supposed flame Aaron Kwok renting a luxury unit on her behalf, the actress admitted to apartment-hunting but denied Aaron's involvement.

She expressed, "I haven't decided where I will rent. Aaron and I are not in a relationship, so why would he sponsor me?"

Meanwhile, actress Sheren Tang, who also attended the event declined to answer any questions regarding her recent suspension from TVB.

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 05:56 AM

Moses Chan Accepted Reporters' Blessings, Indirectly Admits "Double Happiness"
Sunday June 2, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image Posted Image

It was widely rumored Moses Chan and Aimee Chan are having a shotgun marriage. Last month, Aimee went back to Canada after taking a long leave for "personal reasons" and have not made a public appearance since. Yesterday her boyfriend Moses attended an event, and opened up for the first time. He laughed loudly accepting reporters' blessings and indirectly admitted that it is "double happiness" for the couple.

Yesterday Moses Chan attended a promotional event for a toothpaste brand with Christine Kuo. When the MC asked questions about marriage, Moses joked: "I'm prepared...to use up this entire stick of toothpaste to brush my teeth, so I could welcome everyone with smiles!" Moses expressed he's in a very good mood lately, and didn't even deny to the "double happiness" rumor, he heard reporters congratulate him and totally accepted it. He had wide smiles on his face and keep nodding. When asked about marriage and having children, Moses laughed: "I will announce when there are good news. Be patient. Your excitement makes me happy; Your blessings, I received all of it. You all are in too much of a hurry, I feel it!"

Tells Everyone to Be Patient

Widely rumored on her maternal leave, Aimee is planning for a natural delivery. Moses did accidentally leaked a bit: "I don't know how to respond to you! (Prepared to be a father?) I won't know until the time comes!" Does his girlfriend like to have a boy or a girl? Moses laughed loudly: "I like to tell you good news when I have it. (Have you bought healthy products for your girlfriend?) Don't try to trick me!" Moses expressed he does not know how long Aimee is going to be on leave for. Asked whether his girlfriend is no longer going to be acting? Moses quickly clarified: "No. (The plan is to start a business, so she can be the female boss?) I don't want her to work too hard, let me handle it! (How will you be able to take care of your girlfriend too?) No choice, work is important. She has her family to take care of her. We keep in touch daily."

It was said Moses flew to Canada earlier to ask for hand in marriage and that they're currently planning to have their wedding in their dream location Paris. Moses said: "I'm not telling you these things. I don't know, please allow me to maintain a low-profile attitude. I will tell you and won't leave you out of it, but only when I have good news to announce."

Christine Considers being Godmother of Aimee's Baby

Since Christine Kuo had rumors with Aarok Kwok, she gained a lot of popularity and jobs. However, yesterday at the event her limelight was stolen by Moses and his girlfriend Aimee's shotgun marriage rumors. She expressed she does not mind. When asked about her good friend's rumors? Christine said: "I'm not sure, been really busy lately and haven't been following. If its true, then I'm happy for them. Of course I will congratulate her and I can be her bridesmaid at the wedding. However, I have to think about being a god-mother to her child because its a huge responsibility." Christine is longing to find her own Mr. Right, but its about timing and fate. "If I were to choose, I would want a partner outside of this industry. Dating someone in this industry can get real complicated. (Is Aaron Kwok her Mr. Right?) I don't have the opportunity to get to know him, so I cannot say."

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 01:06 AM

Christine Kuo dismissed as spokesperson
Friday June 28, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-034300041.html

Posted Image

TVB actress Christine Kuo was recently ordered to lose weight by the station after she was photographed with an unflattering behind and losing a beauty brand endorsement deal due to her weight gain.

As reported by Oriental Daily, the actress was dismissed as the spokesperson for The Beauty after she gained 35 pounds in a few months. She is now allegedly 68kg.

According to an insider, "Her weight began to increase in April. But since she was rumoured to be in a relationship with Aaron Kwok at the time, the company overlooked her body condition."

"But now they are worried that her weight gain would affect their business, so they decided to switch to Annie Liu for the moment. TVB has ordered her to shed off 10 pounds in a week," the insider added.

However, the actress, who has always attributed her weight gain to water retention, denied that she was dropped from the brand.

"I have never heard that the advertiser is unhappy. I've not weighed myself recently but I don't think I am that heavy."

When asked if she would try to slim down, Christine stated, "I will be filming "Tiger Cubs 2" soon, so I will definitely lose some weight even if I don't see the need to do so."

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 05:36 AM

Oscar Leung Feels Relaxed Bicycling with Christine Kuo as His Passenger
Wednesday July 3, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Posted Image

Several international film festivals have chosen to screen Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo's new film Nice Sweet (重口味), allowing overseas audience to enjoy Hong Kong locally produced films. Nice Sweet is scheduled to go on the big screen this summer. When speaking of collaborating with Oscar, Christine's most memorable scene was when they were in school uniforms. She expressed: "I really liked the costume in that scene. The audience can see a different me, but once I saw Oscar in the school uniform, I thought he looked no different than a real school boy."

In the film, Oscar rides a bicycle with Christine sitting in the back as his passenger. When speaking of Christine's figure is often criticized, Oscar expressed it wasn't too difficult to ride with her on the bike. He said: "Christine's school uniform look matches her quite well, she looks very slim in it. She looks just like a high school goddess any guy dreams of. Although I'm riding a bike with Christine behind me, I still felt really relaxed. It was just because we had to do the scene several times in different angles, so I started losing my breath."

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 01:31 AM

Christine Kuo is on strict diet regime
Monday July 8, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-074600576.html

Posted Image

TVB actress Christine Kuo revealed that she is in the midst of a strict diet regime to return to her original figure, after TVB raised concerns over her ballooning figure.

According to Sina, at the grand opening event of the Yata Department Store in Tsuen Wan on 1 July, the actress admitted that she is currently dieting to lose some weight.

Christine disclosed, "I am taking traditional Chinese medicine right now, as well as adding more vegetables in my meal. I stopped consuming carbohydrates; eat less meat and more greens."

"I do want to return to my original size. It is really sad when you are criticised for your weight, as if your improvements in your career meant nothing at all."

The actress had already lost an endorsement with The Beauty due to her weight increase and was replaced by actress Annie Liu.

At the event, Japanese model-actress Matsuoka Lee was dressed up in a cutesy lettuce dress while Christine opted for a more conventional tight white sweater and bright green pants.

The actress clarified, "[The organizers] want me to wear clothes that fit my identity. We want to encourage people to eat more vegetables. That is why we're wearing this!"

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Posted 04 August 2013 - 07:14 AM

Christine Kuo Fear Rumors, Edwin Siu Plays Dumb
Saturday August 3, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuiverse.net

Posted Image Posted Image

Yesterday Christine Kuo and Edwin Siu attended the Care & Love . Giant Panda 2013 event held at Citywalk mall in Tseun Wan. Christine disclosed her rumors with Oscar Leung have been heating up lately, and the two are collaborating in a new series soon. Asked if she will keep her distance? She said: "No deliberately. We have collaborated many times, but I will be cautious and try to avoid rumors." Edwin heard this and teased her. When reporters asked Edwin about his cohabiting rumor with Gigi Ho? He played dumb: "Who? When? Nope!" Then he quickly changed the subject, he mentioned he and Natalie Meng play a married couple in his new series and probably won't be able to avoid bed scenes. Asked if there will be someone supervising the set? He said: "Who? Natalie Meng's husband? (Your girlfriend!) No, no supervising of the set nor do I have to report anything."

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 01:06 AM

Christine Kuo denies weight gain due to contraceptive pills
Wednesday October 2, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-033500718.html

Posted Image ]

TVB actress Christine Kuo found herself being plagued with another baseless rumour about her weight gain.

As reported on China Times, the 30-year-old actress, who took everyone by surprise when she walked down the red carpet for the StarHub TVB Awards 2013 looking bigger than usual, was rumoured to have gained weight due to contraceptive pills.

A gossip magazine wrote that the actress has been taking the pills despite her doctor's warning, and that she increased the dosage, which caused her weight to increase rapidly.

The actress has denied the allegations and according to Sina website, she revealed that work stress and her inability to deal with criticism were the cause of her weight issues.

"Sometimes I feel like I have slimmed down but they say it's not enough. But when I gained weight, the media said I have become slimmer. I have been dealing with a lot of negative criticism while I was still getting used to the culture in Hong Kong. I didn't know how to react and was stressed out. It impacted my weight."

On the other hand, Christine stated that she will take legal action against those who made false reports about her.

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Posted 01 January 2014 - 01:51 AM

Christine Kuo suffers from hypothyroidism
Tuesday December 31, 2013 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-165213504.html

Posted Image

There is a medical reason behind Christine Kuo's weight gain, as the actress recently revealed that she suffers from hypothyroidism.

According to HK Channel, the actress has been spending a month of break back home in Canada after being diagnosed with the symptoms back in October, which she reportedly had due to pressure from the media after being accused to be the third party in Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok's relationship.

"At first, I thought that I was just fat and focused on losing weight. But it hurts when people laughed at me for how I look. I didn't know that there were issues with my thyroid glands until I went to see a doctor," said Christine, who wrapped up filming "Tiger Cubs 2" three months ago.

She admitted to have been depressed from her weight struggles, and thanked her family and friends in Canada who supported her.

"My mood changed when I was in Canada, since there was not much pressure there," said the actress, who has also been consuming medicine to control her condition.

Hypothyroidism, not to be confused with hyperthyroidism, is an endocrine disorder whereby the thyroid glands do not produce enough thyroid hormones.

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 02:26 AM

Christine Kuo is postponing her comeback
Friday January 10, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-063900863.html

Posted Image

TVB actress Christine Kuo recently revealed that she is currently on hiatus from acting jobs to focus on her health.

Oriental Daily reported that the actress, who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in November, has stopped taking on more projects since the conclusion of "Tiger Cubs 2" in October in order to recuperate.

Speaking to the media at her first public appearance since hiatus in Sheung Shui on 8 January, Christine expressed her wish for a vacation during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Dreaming of a serene snowy location, she stated, "I can only relax when I leave Hong Kong."

The actress also admitted that she had suffered minor depression for a short while due to her condition, and said that TVB has agreed to postpone her schedule so that she has an ample time to rest.

"I thought I would get better in a month or two," said Christine, who has no current plans to participate in a TVB drama. "But I caught a cold recently and had to stop taking my medicines. It delayed the recovery."

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 02:26 AM

Christine Kuo wants to lose extra pounds
Monday March 3, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: http://my.entertainm...-092100003.html

Posted Image

After a month of recuperation from hypothyroidism that caused her rapid weight gain, actress Christine Kuo revealed that she is still unsatisfied with her current weight.

Mingpao reported that the actress, who took a month off to undergo treatment and recuperate in Canada with her family, has recently been called back by TVB to begin her schedule.

It was reported that Christine had wanted to take a longer break to continue her studies in Canada, but it was not approved by the company, as her upcoming series, "Tiger Cubs 2" will be airing soon.

While speaking to the media at a local auction on 25 February, Christine, who now looks slimmer, revealed that she is still unsatisfied with her current look.

"I still look big on camera. I want to be able to look slim by TV standards!" said Christine, who expressed her hopes to be able to slim down to the perfect weight of 110 pounds.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the actress, who previously lost all her endorsement deals due to her weight gain, has slowly been gaining more interest from health and fitness companies to sign her as their spokesperson.

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