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[Archive]Super Junior: Kyuhyun -Part 5-

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 04:57 AM

The 13th Member. The Magnae. The Miracle. The Voice.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | AF Gallery

Hello! Welcome to Cho Kyu Hyun's Asianfanatics Thread #5! If you're looking for the latest updates, info and goodies on your favorite singer/dork/magnae from Super Junior, then you've come to the right place! Scroll down to know more about dear Kyuhyun, there are posts which are especially prepared by the ConKyubines - what we like to call Kyu-lovers like ourselves in this thread - for you to read and don't hesitate to post and spazz with the rest of us, we don't bite! :)

Please keep in mind some rules though before you post:
- NO spamming and bashing.
- DO NOT go off-topic. All posts must be related to Kyuhyun as this is his thread.
Feel free to PM or leave a comment to each other.
- Only post 3 pictures maximum, you may post the rest as thumbnails or links.
- Do not quote pictures, remove the [ IMG ] [/ IMG ] tags.

Now, unto business. Click on the following to navigate or scroll down to learn more about Kyuhyun!

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TV Shows & Appearances
Music Videos & CFs
Must-Watch Videos
Interesting Reads
Kyu's Numerous Nicknames
Links, Pics & Sagas


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*This thread starter will be updated regularly, so do check it out from time to time. If you want me to add anything or if I have put incorrect information kindly PM me and the owner of the post.

Thread starter Credits:
Information from: La'MISS:fairy of sj-world.net; SJ-World.net; Super Junior and Super Junior M Threads@Soompi; kyuhyun wikipedia; superduperlove.wordpress.com; lori, michell17 and nickestiara of AF; pix and gifs credit: Aeddum; Hanhwa; Lohajy; Haemul - sj-market; Secret 880203.er.ro; gyuhyunbar, gyuhyun.cn; SJ-World.net; Soompi.

Thread starter prepared by: nickestiara, Milanista_Kaka, sohyz, crol, glaides, Summer, Cml_Ryuki and TPOHV of AF

Graphics and Banners by: Nickestiara and Cml_Ryuki of AF.

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 04:59 AM

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Real Name: 조규현 Cho Kyuhyun
Stage Name: 규현 Kyuhyun
Chinese Name: 趙奎賢 Zhao Kui Xian
Japanese Name: チョ・ギュヒョン
Date of Birth: February 3, 1988
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Father, Mother, Older Sister (Ahra - 3 years older)
School: Shinchung Middle School, Yumkwang High School, Kyunghee University
Casting: Chin Chin Singing Competition 2005, 3rd place; Joined SM Entertainment August 2005
First Appearance: "Super Junior New Single Jacket Photoshoot" - news on television.
Debut: May 23, 2006 (on television) May 24, 2006 (official news article)
May 27, 2006 (official debut, SBS I-Concert) N/A, 2006 (unofficial)

Subgroups:Super Junior K.R.Y., Super Junior M


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:00 AM

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2005. Pre-debut. Cho Kyuhyun's singing talents were discovered after he won third place at the Chin Chin Singing Competition in 2005. He soon signed under SM Entertainment and was featured in the video remake of TVXQ's single "Hi Ya Ya" along with other Chin Chin idols.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

2006. Debut and K.R.Y. Kyuhyun was added to Super Junior right before their 200th day Anniversary. Before his addition to the group, the original twelve members were said to be separating and "graduating" from the group as the band was still presented as a project group at the time, the concept being very similar with Japan's popular girl group, Morning Musume. Although Kyuhyun's addition initially brought in an unpleasant surprise and dissatisfaction within the group's fans who supported the original twelve members, his addition ended Super Junior's life as a project group and began its life as a permanent group. Kyuhyun was quickly accepted and acknowledged by the fans as a part of Super Junior.

Kyuhyun's first media appearance was mysterious and not acknowledged. He made his first appearance as a part of Super Junior in a news broadcast on May 23, 2006 when the group was introducing their comeback single, "U". Kyuhyun made his debut performance on May 27, 2006 at SBS's I-Concert performing the new single "U", where it was also the group's first comeback performance as a permanent group.

Super Junior achieved wide success with their comeback along with Kyuhyun who easily fit in with the members of the group despite just joining. He participated in the promotions, with numerous guestings on radio and TV shows together with his bandmates, most notable of which is his stint on the MNET Super Junior Mini Dramas where he played a villain and a protagonist in two of the episodes, showing early promise in acting.

He also became a regular guest DJ on Super Junior members' radio shows such as Kangin's ChunBangJiChuk radio show, Yesung's Miracle For You and on Eeteuk and Eunhyuk's Super Junior Kiss The Radio (SUKIRA) where every Wednesdays, he co-hosts the segment 'Find the 14th Super Junior Member' with SJ's Shindong and the two members.

November 5, 2006 - on KBS's Music Bank, Kyuhyun, along with Yesung and Ryeowook, who were dubbed as the three strongest vocalists of the group, debuted as Super Junior's first subgroup, Super Junior-K.R.Y. The trio, whose unit name was derived from the first letters of the members' names, was projected to perform ballads and amaze audiences with their live renditions. They performed "Han Saramanuel (The One I Love)" on their debut, which is one of the two songs they contributed to the original soundtrack of the tvN drama Hyena (하이에나). Kyuhyun however, also recorded a solo for the said soundtrack, entitled "Smile" which is somewhat of the jazz genre and which showcased the versatility of his voice. Also, this made Kyuhyun the first member of Super Junior to ever record a solo track.

By the end of the 2006, Super Junior – K.R.Y. has also contributed to two more soundtracks of two large-scale dramas that aired on SBS and MBC, respectively named Snow Flower(눈꽃) and Billie Jean, Look at Me (빌리진 날봐요). The sub-unit's activities continued simultaneously with Super Junior's who by the end of the year and in early 2007 were sweeping the awards due to the success of their single "U".

Posted Image Posted Image

2007. The Accident and the Comeback. In the early morning of April 19, 2007, just one month before Kyuhyun's first anniversary in Super Junior, Kyuhyun, along with Super Junior members Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and two managers were all hospitalized due to a car accident when returning from a recording of the radio program Super Junior Kiss the Radio. The driver lost control of the vehicle as the van flipped over on its right side. Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver's seat when the accident occurred, was the most injured and had a fractured hip, pneumothorax from fractured ribs, and facial scratches and bruises. Kyuhyun had been in the ICU ever since the night of the accident, but after six days he was moved to a regular hospital room, unexpected of his fast recovery. Kyuhyun also did not need the respiratory machine anymore to support his breathing. Kyuhyun was discharged on July 5, 2007 after 78 days.

With the announcements of Super Junior's second album release in September 2007, it was announced that Kyuhyun would make his comeback along with the rest of the members. This is despite being released from the hospital only two months before and him not being fully recovered yet. This decision was made by Kyuhyun himself, who often expressed his wish to perform with the group as soon as possible, for the love of his fans.

Kyuhyun's comeback performance, together with Super Junior, was on September 21, 2007 on KBS Music Bank, performing the new promo-single, "Don't Don." He joined the group in the other performances and promotions for the Second Album after the comeback performance, but was limited to coming to the stage only when it's time for him to sing his part as he still recovering and the choreography would still be too strenuous for him.

It was reported that he received his last surgery related to his accident, late October 2007 before the promotions for the second single "Marry U" started in November. After recovering from the surgery, he joined the others in performing "Marry U" on stage, this time dancing to the whole song since it was a slower one with easier dance steps.

By December 2007, Kyuhyun has joined his bandmates in their SBS TV show "Explorers of the Human Body", appearing in the show's seventh episode. However, it wasn't until Episode 11 (also referred to as the "Kyumong" episode by fans because it involves archery in historical outfits) which aired on January 10, 2008 that Kyuhyun has been seen most active in the show.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

2008. Super Show, Super Junior M and conquering Asia Only months after the fateful accident, Kyuhyun has participated in so many Super Junior activities, all because of his determination, amazing will power, and love for his craft and his fans. He overcame his injuries in less than a year, all in time for him to join Super Junior in conquering the rest of Asia.

On February 22, 2008, Kyuhyun joined the rest of Super Junior in kicking off their first Asia concert tour named "Super Show." The first set of concerts ran for three days, the 22nd, the 23rd, and the 24th and was held in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea. It was the first of the concerts to be held in 9 cities all across Asia. The second concert was held in Bangkok in July 12, 2008.

On April 8, 2008, Kyuhyun debuted with the third Super Junior subgroup, Super Junior-M (for Mandarin, formerly SJC for China) at the 8th Annual Music Chart Awards and with the release of their first single music video, "U" - Mandarin version. This makes him part of two out of four sub-units of Super Junior to date. Super Junior M or SJ-M was formed to penetrate the Chinese market by releasing albums and performing in Mandarin. In China, Kyuhyun uses his Chinese name Kui Xian and continues to learn the language. As of today, the group has been garnering huge sales and gaining huge popularity in China and even in Hong Kong and Macau, where they have also received awards despite debuting only a few months before.

In between SJ-M activities in China, Kyuhyun also participated with Super Junior in their activities in Korea and all across Asia. One event would be the Dream Concert that was held in Korea on the 7th of June. This marked Kyuhyun's first participation in the event since his debut as he couldn't attend in 2007 because of his injuries. At the event, aside from performing with Super Junior, he also performed cover songs with other SM artists on the opening of the concert, once again showing his vocal prowess.

Other activities so far that Kyuhyun has participated in around Asia are Super Junior's fanmeeting in the Budokan Arena in Japan, dubbed as 1st Premium Event in Japan, which marked the group's debut in the Japanese Market. He also performed with Super Junior in the 2008 MTV Asia Awards held in Genting, Malaysia last August 2nd where the group won the Favorite Artist of Korea award.

Also, he has performed in the SMTown concerts in Korea (August 15, 2008) and in Shanghai (September 13, 2008). During the concerts, aside from his band's songs Kyuhyun also performed a duet with Shinee member Jonghyun entitled 'Goose's Dream' and also, there was the much anticipated live performances of "Just For One Day", the song he featured in on CSJH The Grace's album 'One More Time, Ok?' that was released in May 2007.

On September 2008, Kyuhyun topped the list in Arirang TV's Top 7 Most Loveable Magnaes of KPop Groups which was based on an online poll held in the station's website. During the announcement aired, Kyuhyun was described as a member with exemplary vocal skills and talent on and off screen which made him one of the most valuable members of the group. The winning the poll also somewhat exhibits Kyuhyun's popularity with the international Kpop fans.

Another milestone in Kyu's career came in October 2008 when he became a product endorser and shot his first TV commercial in Thailand, sans the other members of Super Junior except for Siwon. Early 2008, a poll was conducted by the Thai health and beauty products brand 12Plus where fans were asked for the Super Junior member who they wanted to endorse 12Plus alongside Siwon, who was working with 12Plus already in the previous years. Kyuhyun emerged as part of the top three with Kibum and Donghae, mirroring his popularity among Thai fans who fondly calls him 'Lucky'. He was in Thailand for the whole third week of October to shoot the commercial and do interviews and press conferences/fan meetings for the 12Plus Love Cologne.
The widely successful Super Junior M closed 2008 by doing a hit concert in HongKong and by receiving numerous awards in Chinese music award shows and gaining lots of endorsements. Due to SJ-M’s massive popularity, Kyuhyun also became one of the first Koreans to be in commemorative postage stamps in China, together with the rest of SJ-M.

2009 The 3rd Album and 7 Years of Love In progress

Hidden Text:

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:06 AM

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10 Monday
Super Junior's 4th Album title song release

12 Wednesday

Super Junior's 4th Album title song MV release

13 Thursday
Super Junior's 4th Album release

14 Friday with SuJu:
PM 6:30 KBS2 Music Bank: Super Junior Comeback Stage
PM 10:00 KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Bora)

15 Saturday with SuJu:
PM 4:00 MBC Show Music Core: 4th Album Comeback Stage
[taping] PM 7:30 Recording of KBS Yeollim Eumakhwe

16 Sunday
with SuJu:
PM 4:00 SBS Inkigayo: 4th Album Comeback Stage

18 Tuesday with SuJu:
PM 7:00 Arirang: The "M" Wave (Konkuk University Millenium Hall)
PM 8:00 SBS Power FM: Kim Heechul's YoungStreet (BORA)

19 Wednesday
with SuJu:
PM 6:00 KBS: The World's First 3D Live Concert (Seoul Yeouido Park) also broadcasted through KBS1TV

20 Thursday
with SuJu:
[Radio] AM 12:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri's Sim Sim Tapa (Bora)

21 Friday
with SuJu:
PM 5:50 KBS2 Music Bank: Miinah (Bonamana)

22 Saturday
with SuJu:
PM 4:20 MBC Show Music Core: Miinah (Bonamana)
PM 7:00 2010 I Love Korea Dream Concert (Seoul World Cup Stadium)

23 Sunday with SuJu:
PM 1:00 Super Junior Official Fanclub E.L.F. - 2nd Fanmeeting 1st edition (Olympic Hall, Olympic Park)
PM 1:00 Arirang: The "M" Wave
PM 6:00 Arirang: The "M" Wave (replay) as stated in Newsen
[TV] PM 8:00 Arirang: The "M" Wave (replay) as posted in Arirang TV
PM 7:00 Super Junior Official Fanclub E.L.F. - 2nd Fanmeeting 2nd edition (Olympic Hall, Olympic Park)

28 Friday
with SuJu:
PM 5:50 KBS2 Music Bank: Miinah (Bonamana)

30 Sunday
with SuJu:
PM 3:50 SBS 2010 Dream Concert Broadcast (Open Concert 열린음악회 )
PM 5:30 KBS1 Yeollim Eumakhwe (Open Concert 열린음악회 )
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]Shanghai Expo Korean Music Festival [/size][/size][/size](Shanghai, China)[/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]

31 Monday
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] with Eeteuk, Heechul, Shindong & Donghae: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 11:20 MBC Come To Play Idol Special - Super Junior vs Wonder Girls [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 5:30 KBS1 [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]Yeollim Eumakhwe[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"] (Open Concert [/size][/size]열린음악회[size="2"][size="2"] )[/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]

[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]May 18 - 20
Melon Special "Ask Super Junior" event


[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size]

[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]1 Tuesday[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] with Donghae, Ryeowook & Siwon: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[Fansigning Evemt]

4 Friday
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] with SuJu: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 5:50 KBS2 Music Bank: Miinah (Bonamana) [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]

5 Saturday
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] with SuJu: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 4:00 MBC Show Music Core: Miinah (Bonamana) [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]

6 Sunday
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] with SuJu: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]NOT IN OFFICIAL SCHEDULE
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 3:50 SBS Inkigayo: Miinah (Bonamana) [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]

13 Sunday
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]with SuJu: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]PM 4:10 SBS Inkigayo: [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"]Miinah (Bonamana) [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]
[size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"] [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size] [size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="2"][size="3"]

[size="2"]*Korean Time for all local shows[/size] [size="2"]
additional credits:
[size="2"]superjunior.smtown.com; sj-market.com; baidu; SJ and SJ-M threads@soompi.com; sj-world.net; sj-m.cn; sjzip.com[/size]

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:09 AM

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[Super Junior]


Posted Image

1. U - 2006
2. U/TWINS (Japanese Single) - 2008
3. Marry U (Japanese Single) - 2008
4. Sorry, Sorry (Japanese Single) - 2009
5. Seoul (With Girls Generation) - 2009

Studio Albums:

Posted Image

1. 2nd Album - Don't Don - 2007

Posted Image

2. 3rd Album - Sorry, Sorry - 2009
3. Don't Don (Japanese Ver.) - 2009
4. 3rd Album - It's You (Sorry, Sorry Version C) - 2009

Live Album:

1. Super Show - The 1st Asian Tour Concert Album - 2008
2. The 2nd Asia Tour Concert : Super Show 2 - 2009

[Super Junior K.R.Y]


1. Hyena Original Soundtrack - 2006
• The Night Chicago Died
• 한 사람만을 (The One I Love)
• Smile (Kyuhyun's Solo)
• Bossa ChaCha (Kyuhyun Special Featuring in the chorus)

2. Billie Jean Look At Me OST - 2006
• Just You

3. Snow Flower OST - 2006
• 걸음을 멈추고 (Stop Walking)

4. H.I.T OST - 2007
• H.I.T (K.R.Y + Donghae, Sungmin, Kangin)

5. Partner OST - 2009
• 꿈꾸는 히어로 (The Dreaming Hero)

[Super Junior M]

Posted Image

1. 迷 Me - 2008
2. Super Girl (Mini-album) - 2009


Posted Image

1. 2006 Summer SMTown
• 태양은 가득히 (Red Sun) - SM TOWN
• Dancing Out - Super Junior
• Smile! - Super Junior

Posted Image

2. 2006 Winter SMTown - Snow Dream
• Snow Dream - SMTown
• Tic! Toc! - Super Junior
• 그것뿐이에요 (Just You) - Super Junior - K.R.Y.

Posted Image

3. 2007 Winter SMTown - Only Love
• 사랑 하나죠 (ONLY LOVE)- SMTown
• 첫눈이 와 (First Snow)- Super Junior

4. 2009 Summer SMTown - We Are Shining
• Seaside 휴게소 (Boom Boom) - TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee
• 카니발 (Carnival) - Super Junior


1. One More Time, Okay? - CSJH - 2007
• Just For One Day

2. Mirotic (Version C) - DBSK - 2008
• Wish (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and DBSK's Changmin & Junsu)

3. 7 Years of Love (Digital Single) - YYS Album Showcase - 2009
• 7 Years of Love


Posted Image

Super Junior 1st Premium Event in Japan - 2008
Super Junior 2nd Premium Live in Japan - 2009

Posted Image

Super Show: Super Junior The 1st Asia Tour - 2008
Super Show: Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour - 2009

Posted Image

Boys In City Season 1 - 2008
Boys In City Season 2 - 2009


Posted Image

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:11 AM

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[indent]{ With Super Junior }
{ With Super Junior M }
[indent]*Cut(s) only
**No video(s) found

Please review the above information and advise me if there are broken links, wrong information and/or missing information. Mostly are linked to an English Subbed videos so updates come regularly. Thank you.


Posted Image

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:18 AM

Posted Image



Super Junior
Dancing Out

Super Junior K.R.Y
The One I Love

Red Sun
Snow Dream


Super Junior
돈 돈! (Don't Don)
Marry U

Only Love


Super Junior
One Love

Super Junior M
U (Chinese)
迷 Me


Super Junior
Sorry Sorry
Sorry Sorry Dance Ver.
Marry U [Japanese Ver.]
It's You
It's You [Drama Ver.]
It's You [Dance Ver.]
7 Years of Love (Kyuhyun's Solo)
Seoul (With Girls Generation)
Sorry, Sorry - Answer (Eng Sub)

Super Junior M
Super Girl (Eng Sub)
Blue Tomorrow (Eng Sub)

Seaside 휴게소


Ivy Club (Winter 2006)
Ivy Club (Winter 2007)
NII (Spring 2007)
Sunkist Sweetie Ade (2008)
Yamaha Fino With Golf & Mike (Thailand - 2008)
Yamaha Fino Music (Thailand - 2008)
Yamaha Fino Fashion (Thailand - 2008)
12Plus Love Cologne(Thailand - 2008)
Semir Clothing (China - 2009)
Pepsi Summer 2009 (Hong Kong - 2009)
Korea Sparkling (Korea - 2009)
Infinitely yours, Seoul - Super Junior (Korea - 2009)
Infinitely yours, Seoul - TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior (Korea - 2009)
Kyochon Chicken Version A (Korea - 2009)
Mini Star Crackers (Korea - 2009)
Oppo REAL Mobile Phone (Korea - 2009)
Happy Bath's Happy Bubble (Korea - 2009)
Yamaha Fino Sea (Thailand - 2009)
SPAO (Korea - 2009)
Semir Clothing (China - 2010)


Posted Image

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:20 AM

Posted Image

Unforgettable Performances

Kyu Hyun - Dahl Paeng Ee ( Snail ) ROM. & ENG. LYRICS
071013 Super Junior Kyuhyun + Charice ( A whole new world)
KyuHyun Solo SJ-M 100Days Anniversary 080716 (fancam)
[FANCAM] 080815 SM Concert - 하루만 (Just For One Day) (Kyuhyun)
090223 [HQ] Kyuhyun + Jonghyun - Goose's Dream
090402 S0ng B@ttle - Kyuhyun Singing Cuts
090418 Lotte Concert - Let's Not (Kyuhyun ver.)
090422 KJE's Chocolate - Kyuhyun Cut
[090714] Maybee turn up the volume radio - Kyuhyun sings 7 years of Love live
[HD]090718 Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook - Kyuhyun Perf and Interview Cut [Eng-sub]
[090827][HD] EverGreen Concert - S0rry S0rry + Talk + Let's Not

Unforgettable Kyu-Moments

2007 Asia Song Festival Interview
2007 MKMF Super Junior wins Mobile Popularity Award(Eng Sub)
080505 SJM Sina Interview Kyuhyun Cuts (Eng Subbed)
HanChul vs KyuTeuk_game cut
[HD] 090404 SGB Kyuhyun Cuts [Eng-Subbed]

[HD]090424 JeolChin Note - Kyuhyun the Impudent Magnae Cut [Eng Subbed]
SGB Witty Kyuhyun Cuts
090404 090509
[HD] 090513 Love's Family - Sungmin and Kyuhyun [Eng-subbed]
Part 1 Part 2
DongHae, KyuHyun ft Han Ji Min - Happy Bubble CF ( MV ver )
Fino Sea CF

Favorite Fancams

The Suju Guide : Let's learn about Kyuhyun

[CAM] 2007 August - Kyuhyun Sings "How Great Thou Art" in Church
[fancam] SuperShow Chengdu 003079 Believe [Kyuhyun]
[FANCAM] 090321 Song Battle (Kyuhyun)
[fancam]090719 Kyuhyun - Korea Super Show II - Gee
[Fancam] 090801 SuperJunior Premium Live in Japan - Self introducing
[Fancam]090802 SJ Premium Live in Japan - Pajama Party
[Fancam]090816 Kyuhyun Singing in Church
The secret show - it's your day kyu


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• He has a sister named Ahra who is 3 years older than him, who is currently studying abroad. During a Shim Shim Tapa radio broadcast in March 2009, apologized to his sister for being busy and not taking the time to talk to her when she calls him. Kyu has stated several times that Ahra loves him so much that she treats him like a son. Kyu's nickname "Captain Cho" comes from Ahra. Ahra is friends with fellow SJ noonas Sora (Eunhyuk’s sister, Heejin (Heechul’s sister), and Inyoung (Leeteuk’s sister).
• Is from the Nowon (노원) District of Seoul.
• Is right-handed
• Is a Christian and has been singing for his church since he was a little kid. He has also recorded some Christmas carols for his church when he was about 8 years old in Korean age. His sister was also in the album. In addition, there are a few videos of him singing hymns at religious gatherings. [see video section]
• Has confessed that he suffered a middle ear infection when he was younger thus his hearing on his left ear is impaired.
• Has a dimple just below the right corner of his mouth
• His bandmates said in an SS501 Youngstreet Radio guesting in 2006 that Kyu cooks tasteless ramen. However, both Kangin and Siwon have said that Kyu actually cooks well, but only when he makes the food for himself.
• He wears soft contacts lenses and can be seen wearing glasses in practices and some performances
• Is a modern music major
• Notorious for his witty and unforgiving replies to fans on MTV UFO.
• Loves to imitate other members' voices. Pretty good at it too. There are YouTube videos of his imitations of Eunhyuk, Hankyung, and Ryeowook.
• Well-known for imitating singer Sung Si Kyung's famous expression "Jal jayo."
• So far he has sung in English, Chinese, a little Japanese and Spanish, and all with good pronunciations, even though he is not fluent on any of those languages. [See Language Saga]
• Is known by various nicknames [see nickname section] given to him by members, managers, and fans
• Been playing the clarinet since the 3rd year of middle school. Can play the piano. Would like to learn the saxophone because he thinks it sounds beautiful and can move people’s hearts. [Boys In City Season II photoshoot]
• Has said in a magazine interview that if there were an extra hour in the day, he would want to spend it in space [EasyMag 2008]
• Well-known for his fist-pumping-in-air and finger-pointing dance moves
• Owns a headphones necklace given to him by Yesung
• Went to the same high school as Jung Sun Hee (MTV’s Sunnyside)
• In high school, got into a fight with a friend because of borrowed money. He ended up breaking his friend’s nose and having his own tooth broken as a result [Sunnyside 11/16/06]
• Was a Math Olympiad grand prize winner in school [EHB Ep. 9]
• Likes the snow and is a good skier, snowboarder
• Likes sports such as football (soccer) and basketball
• Loves the beach and has, on more than one occasion, expressed his interest in going to Phukhet, Thailand
• On occasion, has been known to enjoy drinking wine with roommate, Sungmin.
• Joins Leeteuk, Sungmin, Donghae, and Kibum as the Suju members with blood type A
• Known for his less-than-stellar driving skills
• Has expressed a wish to go to Hollywood [Dream With Tablo radio – March 2009]
• Family has owned a very large college entrance preparation academy (hakwon) [MBC’s “Radio Star” 2009]
• Has been told by various MCs that he looks like actor Choi Sung Gook.
• Insists that his main hobby includes reading and that he usually does it in the dressing room before shows/appearances

• He loves playing online games (such as Starcraft) so much and is known for his exceptional gaming skills, so much so that he was nicknamed 'GameKyu' [see GameKyu Saga]. He expressed in radio interviews that if he wasn't a singer, he'd like to be a professional gamer. He has said that gaming helps him relax. He is well-known for liking the game Star Craft, in particular.
• Was obsessed with the historical drama Jumong. And according to him in the 11th episode of Explorers of the Human Body, he loves watching other historical movies and dramas too.
• Admires Korean actresses Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun.
• Was a fan of DBSK member Mickey Yoochun
• Sung Si Kyung and Lee Sok Ra are two of his favorite singers. Also mentioned Taiwanese singer A-mei as his favorite in one of his radio interviews.
• His favorite type of girl has long hair, big eyes, a pair of beautiful legs, and only cares about him
• His favorite colors are white, blue, and black
• His favorite foods are pork chops and seafood
• His favorite movies are <The Constitution of Crime> & <Romeo & Juliet>
• Favorite Chinese expressions: Wo Bu Hui Han Yu (I don't speak Mandarin), Tai Bu Xiang Hua Le, and of course, Fuwuyuar (Waiter)
• Favorite Thai phrase: 'Rak Na Dek Ngo' (I love you silly baby)
• His favorite Super Junior song is 'Believe' from the first album, and whose lyrics were written by Heechul.
• His favorite song from the Second Album is 'Disco Drive', because of the melody.
• His favorite song from the SJM album is 'Miracle', he said it was because he wasn't able to sing it on the first album because he hasn't joined the group yet then.
• Favorite instrument is the clarinet [Boys In City Season II photoshoot]
• Mentioned on an episode of Star Golden Bell (May 09, 2009) that his favorite member of Shinhwa is Shin Hyesung because this sunbae was able to introduce Kyu to a lot of professional video gamers. Kyu later retracted this statement, in preference for Andy (another member of Shinhwa), who was in the studio at the time.

Super Junior and Career
• Joined SM when he was 19 years old (Korean age)
• Was encouraged to pursue a singing career by his high school band teacher
• When he joined Suju, he became the magnae (youngest) forcing Ryeowook to give up his claim as the magnae although Kim Kibum had actually been the magnae prior to Kyuhyun's addition to the group. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are considered the magnaes of the group.
• Used to share a room with Sungmin and Donghae when he first joined Super Junior. He had no bed so he slept on the floor and played with his computer on the floor. It wasn't until months after that he got his bed (Jan 2007), which was placed between Eeteuk and Ryeowook's beds, hence his new room mates. [See Bedless Kyu Saga]
• When Super Junior transferred to another dorm, he became roommates with Sungmin again of the 11th floor of the building
• He hit the bull's eye with an arrow during the 11th episode of Explorers of the Human Body. He later won the challenge for his team by hitting the red portion of the target, and helped the other team win their challenge by being the archer who shot the arrow into Donghae’s hands.
• He loves to bully (one PD termed 'harass') Ryeowook, Kangin and Yesung. Was actually notorious for bullying some of his hyungs (older 'brothers'), even though he is the youngest. [See Jeolchin Note episode in TV appearances section]
• After his and the 3 other members' accident, all of the members of Super Junior requested to have a break from work because they all felt they could not work when the others were hurt.
• He was supposed to play the basketball flower guy in the Super Junior movie Attack On the Pin-up Boys (2007) but due to the accident, he was replaced by Hankyung instead.
• Was voted #34 in Mnet's Top 100 Must Have Males in 2007.
• Was the first member of Super Junior to record a solo track, which was 'Smile' from the Hyena Soundtrack.
• Was featured in the Korean Version of CSJH The Grace's Just for One Day
• Sings the back-up vocal on Donghae’s version of “My Everything” in the Super Show: The First Asian tour concerts. Also sings back-up to Siwon's solo in the Super Show II concerts.
• Along with Donghae, Siwon, and Ryeowook, is the first Korean artist to be featured on Chinese stamps. (Stamps benefited reconstruction of Sichuan, an area in China destroyed by an Earthquake on May 12, 2008.)
• Was voted by fans as one of the members in Super Junior most likely to cry if he gets rejected. Kyuhyun agreed that he has a fear of rejection and thus is afraid of confessing his feelings to girls he likes [Mini-Con Marriage Survey]
• According to Siwon, Donghae, Hangeng, and Ryeowook, Kyu is the most mischievous/practical joker in SJ-M [SJ-M fanmeeting 12/08]
• Likes to text his DJ hyungs while they are working, sometimes calling them “Jagiya” (Honey)
• Was voted “Most Loveable Magnae in K-pop” in a Summer 2008 Arirang poll, beating out fellow labelmates Changmin and Taemin among others
• First appearance on Star Golden Bell was in March 2009; he wore No. 11.
• Has appeared on Star King eight times so far. The October 2007 SK episode is where Kyuhyun sang A Whole New World with Filipina child singer Charice Pempengco. It was his first special performance after recovering from the accident. [See television appearance section]
• After his comeback performance after his accident, Kyu had to go check the video tape to make sure that it actually happened and was touched to find out that the fans had been chanting his name.
• Premiered his dalkkangjeong (a type of fried chicken) version [see Fried Chicken saga] of Sorry, Sorry on 3/29/09 at the Inkigayo Encore after Super Junior won their first Mutizen for the 3rd album
• He won on his first appearance on 대결 노래가 좋다 “Song Battle” [aired 4/2/09]. The songs he successfully sang are (in order): Shabang, Shabang (Park Hyunbin); Nest (Nam Jin); Couple (Sechskies); Left-hander (Panic). During that same show, he also was voted as the “Super/Best Voice.” After winning, he thanked his opponent in the final round, his roommate Sungmin, who stayed up late with him the night before to practice.
• Was the only Super Junior member selected by TV viewers of the show Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo to be included in the Top 10 members from K-Pop groups who are most likely to succeed if they debuted solo [April 2008]
• Was the only Super Junior member to be included in the 2008 Mnet Top 20 list of Best Male Vocalists in Korea [June 2008]
• Was invited to sing the title song (7년간의 사랑 by White) on Yoo Youngsuk's 20th Anniversary album. [April 2009]. Kyuhyun's live solo performance of this song, "Seven Years Love," was premiered at a showcase on June 16, 2009. The song was digitally released at the end of June and all proceeds go to UNICEF.
• Plays the part of Sooyoung in Suju's rendition of SNSD's Gee during their Super Show II concerts. He wears golden pants, a long wig with bangs, and a shirt that says "KyuYoung."
• During shows, Kyuhyun has introduced himself as: "Magnae," "The member who lowers the average age of Super Junior" (Come To Play, April 2009), "Charismatic Height" (Song Battle, April 2009), "Magnae on Top" (Super Show II), among others. [please help me add more!]


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Kyuhyun's Driving Skills
Fun Facts
UFO Replies 1 2 3 4 5
Recent Kyuhyun's (and his sister's) Cyworld/Fancafe Entries

Translated Guestings/Articles/Interview Transcripts:
Kyu and Sungmin @ Kangin's Chunji - October 24, 2006
Kyu and Sungmin @ Kangin's Chunji - January 9, 2007
Kyuhyun and Ryeowook at Kangin's Chunji talking about Kyuhyun's butt...
Kangin is Intimidated by Magnae Power
Kyuhyun and Ryeowook at Kangin's Chunji Radio, February 27, 2007
Gamekyu, Drakyu on Sukira, February 28, 2007
If Kangin was in the Toilet without Tissue Paper
Comeback Interview Transcript - S Magazine October 2007 Issue
Kyuhyun's Radio Interview Excerpts After His Comeback in 2007
Synthesis of Contradictions: Cho Kyuhyun - Magazine article by Ryeowook
100116 "Have you tried this song ?", meet Super Junior Kyuhyun with the OST for drama 'Pasta', Interview with Kyuhyun from Bugs music

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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GameKyu - given by the members and managers, because he LOVES playing computer games.
DraKyu - given by the other members because he loves watching historical dramas, and he was obsessed with Jumong.
KimKyu - given by Heechul because the latter thought the new addition to Super Junior at the time was named Kim Kyu Hyun. Nowadays, Heechul still calls him that as a joke. smile.gif
SkiKyu - given by Eeteuk on radio because he was said to be and admits to being good at skiing.
KyuMong - given by the members and fans, inspired by the 11th episode of the Explorers of the Human Body and his love for Jumong.
Magnae On Top - his nickname together with Ryeowook because when the two of them were guest DJs on the members' radio shows, they are fearless and good at bullying their hyungs who cannot control them.
Lucky - given by his Thai fans because he is the 13th member.
Fuwuyuan-rrr - also means 'waiter' ; although his Chinese name is Kui Xian, Chinese fans sometimes call him this because Kyuhyun likes to say it and does so with a perfect Beijing accent.
Xiao Shi San or Little 13 - given by Chinese fans because he is the 13th member and the baby of Super Junior.
Ling Dao (Leader) - a nickname Kyu was "baptized" with by Xie Na, a popular Chinese host, who found Kyu to be adorably serious and formal whenever he would say his greetings in Mandarin. His marked confidence also exuded leadership.
Jagiya - given by Leeteuk and Eunhyuk when Kyu sent them a text message in Sukira near the end of February 2009 saying, "Jagiya, I am stuck in traffic."
Scholar Kyu - given by Leeteuk on March 4, 2009, when Kyu successfully answered 10 questions in a game in Sukira. In addition, he is touted to be "the smart one," having been a recipient of the President's Award after excellent results of his participation in a Math Olympiad.
Chokyu - obviously a combination of his surname and the 1st syllable of his first name; given by fans.
Captain Cho, Chubby Thing, Little Boy - the names Ahra, Kyu's older sister, called him in her cyworld entry last July 7, 2009. (For the complete text of her post, click HERE)


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Cyworld: Sneezes
Fancafe: Aekyu
Fancafe: K-afeteria
Fansite: Secret
International SJ Forum: SJ-World
Kui Xian's Baidu Bar
PrinceKyu Youtube Channel
XtinaMaria's Youtube Channel - subbed Kyuhyun performances

The Voice
The Impudent Magnae
Kyuhyun's Solo: 7 Years of Love
The GameKyu Saga
The Bedless Kyu Saga
Kyu's Flair for Languages
The KFC Saga

Kyuhyun's Hundred Different Expressions
Kyuhyun's Hairstyles
The Spectacular Kyuhyun in Specs & Sunnies

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Posted Image

The Voice

Although Kyuhyun's voice is classified under Bass, his voice is more bordering on the Baritone range.
What with rich low tones, controlled vibratos and smooth falsettos,
kyu's beautiful velvet chocolate tone stands out and helps define Super Junior's over-all sound.
Since he only came in during SuJu's comeback -- beginning with the single U -- (and was not even able to fully participate in all activities due to his car accident injuries), Kyuhyun was only able to fully mesmerize everyone with his amazing vocal range during KRY's activities, as well as with SJ-M's, and in the 3rd album. He is part of the few SuJu members who rendered all the background vocals for the current album, plus doing lead/major vocal lines in (almost) the entire line-up. He knows when to emphasize his vocal strength, and when to let the others shine. He can switch delivery of pitch & tempo from techno to pop to falsetto back-up support perfectly.
And since Kyu's articulation on foreign languages is impressive, his delivery is always stellar and easily melts the hearts of those who gets to hear it. His improved confidence shows in his voice when he hits his low and high notes, all with such amazing control.
He's giving top balladeers a run for their money

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By now, we all should have known what a brat kyu is when he is with his hyungs. Thus, earning himself the nickname of "magnae on top" which kyu readily accept.

Back in the days where he used to guest on Kangin's Chunji radio, Kangin often referred to kyu as his elder or sunbae (senior) lol.


Kangin says... today's guests... oh these two... they're my elders, ryeowook and kyuhyun.
kyuhyun: hello~ i'm super junior's strong man, kyuhyun (this is normally kangin's introduction)
kangin: hello~ im super junior's magnae, kangin (kyuhyun's introduction). it's been a while since these sunbaes/elders have been here. talk to me in impolite form, it's okay.
kyuhyun: oh but it's on air i can't.
kangin: it's okay, you don't have to speak polite form.
kyuhyun: kanginah, go out and bring me some water.
kangin: ...................................... i said talk in lower form, not order me to do things.

Especially when Ryeowook and Kyu goes on Chunji together, it freaks kangin out so much he actually pleads them to not ever go again together.


translation credit to sides of soompi

Kangin: The two people who are joining us for Tuesday's new corner.. are here... ah, these people -_-
Kyuhyun: The people who were meant to come are here~
Kangin: It's Super Junior's magnaeline... Ryeowooksshi, Kyuhyunsshi came today. Hello~
Ryeowook, Kyuhyun: Hello, we are Super Junior~~~
Kangin: How was the 10 minutes that you spent with us today? Okay, please leave now.
Kyuhyun: Okay~
Kangin: It been a long time, so why don't you guys introduce yourselves
Ryeowook: Ah yes, I'm Super Junior's Ryeowook~
Kyuhyun: Yes, I'm Super Junior's Kyuhyun~
Kangin: Ah yes welcome... I definitely remember asking before for you two to please not come onto my radio show anymore~
Kyuhyun: I think the writer noonimdeuls like bothering Kangin a lot, so last time on your last "Can't you give me an award?" segment they called for us too... anyways...
Ryeowook: I think the listeners really like it when us two come out too~
Kangin: Okay but I'm requesting that you two please don't come on together.. I'm asking earnestly~
Kyuhyun: Yes, okay
Kangin: I'm really earnestly asking.. I usually don't use that term, but you two... whenever you come and go I feel like I lose all my energy, and I feel like I just suffered something because of you two... really...
Ryeowook: Not me, but probably because of Kyuhyunsshi~
Kangin: It's because of those kinds of words...
Kyuhyun: Ah, it's like that~

You can see from most of their videos that the hyungs all give in to kyu a lot, mainly because he is the magnae and probably because they are scared of him too. Instead of retaliating physically, Kyu will retort with his witty remarks.
In SJ's episode of Initimate Note, Kyu was totally driving his hyungs crazy with the witty remarks and notes he wrote. Kangin even called him SJ's very own Kim Gura, a tv host well known for his sarcastic and straight-forward remarks.

Intimate Note - Impudent Magnae Cut

In the cut, he kept trying to deny that he was the one who wrote those notes the informal way but the hyungs all knew it was him, because he is indeed our well-known impudent magnae.

Not done yet! Needs more editing lol.
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reserved post for 7 Years' Love. will come back & edit :)

credit: princekyu

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Kyuhyun's Flair for Languages

Music is said to be an instrument that connects people despite disparity in language. It can affect us in ways that enable us to smile, laugh, cry, and experience all kinds of feelings just by listening to the melody of the song and how it is delivered by the singer.

Kyuhyun, gifted with an inimitably outstanding voice, is one of those singers who are able to bring their audience to the throes of sadness or to the comfort of tranquility through vocal expression. However, his musicality does not end in rendering songs beautifully with his voice. What we have witnessed Kyu do in the past 3 years is an occasional display of his skillful expression of emotions in songs written in languages that are not his own. To speak or to sing in your native tongue flawlessly is tough as it is, but to do it in a foreign language is an even more challenging call.

Back in 2006, in one of the Super Junior Mini Drama episodes, the group went to Japan, and Kyu was able to make a couple give him 100 yen in a game due to his singing of “Tears,” a Japanese song by X-Japan. Two lines were all it took to make the pair hand over their coin. Even Kangin was surprised to know that Kyuhyun knew a Japanese song. That was a moment of discovery for Kyu fans who got to know that Kyu learned songs that were penned by foreign writers.

Kyuhyun Sings "Tears"
credit: Xtina_Maria of YT

As a member of SJ-M, so much preparation had been done in order to produce an album that had him and his Korean groupmates sing believably in Mandarin. ‘Til this day, Kyu cannot claim to be the most improved in speaking the language due to lack of vocabulary and deeper understanding of Chinese, but once you let him say things he knows and sing songs that he has learned in the aforementioned language, you will not feel that it is a Korean who is doing the talking and singing. As stated in the section above [Kyu’s Favorites], his favorite expressions are “Wo Bu Hui Han Yu”(I don't speak Mandarin), “Tai Bu Xiang Hua Le” (That’s unreasonable), and the very popular, “Fuwuyuan-r.” (Waiter). In Chinese shows, he would utter very little Chinese, but the little he knows was enough to endear him to many fans. His pronunciation leaves little to be faulted. In SJ-M’s CRi interview last April 2008, the host asked Kyu if it is true that he can pronounce Mandarin words well. Kyu answered humorously on the affirmative, but it was leader Hankyung who confirmed it. The latter also proudly hugged Kyu in the group’s guesting at Very Big Star when Kyu said the Chinese tongue twister like a native. In addition to the spoken words, he gained the respect of more fans when he sang “Bu Rang Wo De Yan Lei Pei Wo Guo Ye” (Not Letting My Tears Accompany Me Through the Night), originally sung by Qi Qin. According to Ryeowook, Kyuhyun put a lot of effort into studying the song after a fan gave him a copy of Qi Qin’s cd. From the Chinese fans came comments saying how Kyu was able to pronounce the words very clearly and with so much passion.

Kyu Sings "Bu Rang Wo De Yan Lei Pei Wo Guo Ye"
credit: Septenby of YT

In Thailand, his popularity keeps on growing because even if he has not sung any Thai songs yet, his expressions of choice never fail to evoke loud cheers from the audience. He may have said “Rak Na Dek Ngo” (I love you silly baby) so many times already, yet his Thai fans continue to squeal in so much delight when they hear him say it. In an SJ-M interview that came out recently in Arirang, he also chose to greet the televiewers in Thai instead of greeting in Korean. If that doesn’t earn points with the Thais, I don’t know what will.

More than a year ago, Kyu along with Yesung and Ryeowook also had the chance to sing “Feliz Navidad,” a Christmas song in Spanish. When Kyu sang it, his R’s rolled of his tongue without any difficulty, and his pronunciation of the words made it seem like the song is a natural part of his usual repertoire.

The attraction to Kyu begins primarily from recognizing his vocal gift, but when non-Korean fans heard him sing in English, all the more that the English-speaking fans felt a connection with him. For one who was born and raised in Korea, his ability to pronounce English words very well comes as a marvelous surprise for a lot of people. As many believe, if only Kyu can focus on learning the language more extensively, he can advance his international appeal. So far, the fans have had the pleasure of hearing him sing “Now and Forever,” “A Whole New World,” Heal the World,” “White Christmas,” “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and a number of English words scattered in different SJ songs. He sang these with confidence and ease, which made the listening part by the viewers even more enjoyable.

credit: cassiopeiatvxq of YT

Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Spanish, or English as a spoken language for him may be far-fetched at this time, but the sparse occasions we have heard him speak and sing almost masterfully in those languages only add to the amazement with and love for this singer. His flair for the different languages and stamping his own style with depth of feelings in singing those songs make all of us admire him more. His efforts to learn and extend himself to his international fans cannot and should not be discounted. His strong regard for and dedication to making himself understood by fans around the world is something that is much appreciated.

Kamsahamnida. Arigato. Xie xie ni. Khob khun krab. Gracias. Thank you. Whatever language it is that we speak, we thank Kyu for reaching out to us through his songs. With eagerness to connect with us, with sincerity in his voice, with fervor in carefully choosing the words to surprise us with his sweet messages, indeed, Kyuhyun has touched our hearts in more ways than one. Regardless of language, how wonderful it is to be united with him thru music.

Listen. Learn. Love.



October 24, 2006 - Kyuhyun Speaks a Bit of English in Chunji Radio

October 13, 2007 - Kyuhyun-Charice Duet: "A Whole New World"

October 15, 2007 - "Heal the World" at MBC Peace Concert

July 8, 2008 - Kyu Introduces Self in Japanese (7:46-7:58)

April 17, 2009 - "Heal the World" at KBS Open Concert

April 18, 2009 - Brief Greetings in 4 Languages

April 18, 2009 - Kyu Sings "You Are So Beautiful"

April 24, 2009 - Kyuhyun, Donghae, Taeyeon, Jessica
Sing "Way Back Into Love" in Music Journey Lalala

April 24, 2009 - Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung Croon to "She"
in Music Journey Lalala

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:50 AM


Okay, this might be an exaggeration, but we're seriously going to compile his different facial expression (and mannerisms, possibly) because he's often too amusing not to notice. ;) Let me give you a preview:

This is... About-to-cry Kyu:
Posted Image

See what I mean? LOL. We'll edit this when we finish! Please anticipate! :D

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:52 AM


Kyuhyun is known for his excellent singing voice, but if there is another thing that is always and almost exclusively associated with him, that would be his passion for gaming. With many nicknames attributed to him, it is “Game Kyu” that one would often hear people, especially his SJ hyungs and managers, call him. Even Kyu himself favors that monicker.

As early as 2006, the year he joined Super Junior, Kangin and Leeteuk, in their radio shows, would already mention about Kyu’s zeal in this hobby. When he is in the dorm, playing computer games takes up much of his time.

credit: princekyu of YT

Back in his 1st year with the group, even if he had no bed yet, it would not stop him from playing his games on the floor. Kyuhyun also mentioned in one of his old cyworld entries that in his 3rd year in high school, he was supposed to prepare well for an important exam, but because he was so drawn to playing, he was not able to study well. However, the smart person that he is, he still passed his test.

On August 2008, he was shown on MBC Game It’s Cool watching competitors play Star Craft, one of the games he is known to be good at. He was there to support his friend, So Kyung Jung, who is a pro gamer.

MBC Game It's Cool - Kyuhyun cut
credit: sj07vn of YT

So passionate is this guy in this hobby that his level of playing equates to a professional gamer’s standards. His hyungs in SJ-M even attest to how good he is.

credit: xsingingfairiex of youtube

“The Kyuhyun gaming part: basically he's the most skilled, and once Donghae, Siwon and Henry were all playing against him, he won. Donghae says that Kyuhyun is not obsessed with gaming and only does it to relieve stress.”
[translated by xsingingfairiex of youtube]

“As for the gaming part, they say, Donghae, Siwon, Henry vs Kyuhyun. Even when they play 3 to 1 against him, they can't beat him. Donghae says also Kyu's a genius.”
[translated by eggy1004 of youtube]

On October 23, 2008, the SJ-M members were invited to guest on Ifensi. Donghae, Zhoumi, and Henry talked about how well Kyu plays computer and handphone games. (You may check out their description of Game Kyu here: SJM Ifensi Interview)
[translated by –dreamx of soompi]

In an interview for a Chinese publication (Easy Magazine) last December 2008, the SJ-M members were asked this question:

Who do you envy the most in the group?
Zhoumi: Kyuhyun. Everyday after our schedule he will be gaming in the dorm, unaffected by other things happening. If one can focus on only one thing everyday and not feel vexed over other stuff, he will be really happy. [translated by sohyz of Kyuhyun’s thread in asianfanatics.net]

Then a few days before 2009, the group guested on A Date with Lu Yu, a popular talk show in China, where Hangeng was quoted to say, “Kyuhyun is really smart especially in games.”

On March 18, 2009, Super Junior members, who promoted their album on Shimshim Ta Pa, were asked by Shin Young (female DJ) what other titles they want attached to their names aside from their group’s name. In the case of Kyuhyun, it was all about gaming once again.

Shin Young: What about Kyuhyun? What other roles do you want?
Kyuhyun: Uhm, Kangin, ah (realized his mistake)…Kyuhyun--professional gamer. (Kyu and his hyungs laughed)
Donghae: Pro gamer! Pro gamer!
Kangin: The debut of a professional gamer.
Shin Young: Is he the master at games?
Kyuhyun: That is what I want personally. Kyuhyun--game champion.
Hyungs: Oooooh!
Eunhyuk: You are so serious. You look like you are going to work hard to be a pro gamer.
Kyuhyun: Hahaha!
[translated by sugarzai of YT]

What is funny is that he likes to deny his game addiction occasionally. When he is not with the other members, his hyungs assume right away that Kyu is busy with his games. However, Kyu would say that he is preoccupied with reading. In YeoYooManMan last June 10, 2009, a clip was shown of the SJ members in the waiting area of a studio before their performance. Clearly, Kyu was shown playing his favorite Starcraft game. :lmao:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

While it is true that he also loves to read, when it comes to gaming, there is no denying that he is the KING in the dorm. Yes, Kyuhyun is THE resident game expert in Super Junior. With his intelligence, quick eyes, and nimble fingers, he has the right ingredients to make it big in the gaming industry if he decides to take his hobby to the next level.

As a member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun works hard to give his best to the fans, but when the stage lights are off, when the curtains are down, Kyu hies off to his own world and beats his opponents in cyberspace. He has gone through a lot in his young life, but he is one big fighter. It is often with fascination and amusement that we think of Game Kyu, but on a deeper level, hopefully you will allow your mind to see not only the superficial side of that nickname but rather see the victories he has had in hurdling the odds. Afterall, Kyuhyun has always been a winner in the game called life.

#19 crol


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:55 AM


The Kyuhyun Hairstyles

We are all anticipating each and every hairstyle that Kyuhyun is having. Some did not suit our tastes while some did make us swoon. After all, it's Cho Kyuhyun and so we couldn't help but fall in love with his oozing charisma whatever hairstyle he has. Here's to show the evolution of his hairstyle.

{SJM - Incheon Korean Music Wave, 2009}
Posted Image

{SJ - UFO Japan, 2009}
Posted Image

{SJ - 3jib Photoshoot, 2009}
Posted Image

{SJ - 2jib Promotion, 2007}
Posted Image

{SJ - SM Town Bangkok, 2009}
Posted Image

{SJ - We Got Married TV Guesting, 2009}
Posted Image

{SJM - 1jib U Music Video, 2008}
Posted Image

{SJ - Super Show 1 Korea, 2008)
Posted Image

PM me if you have any suggestions. :)

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:58 AM



[size=1]When Kyu Hyun joined Super Junior on May of 2006, he was set to live in the Suju dorm with the rest of the guys. I don't know when exactly he moved there but when he did, he was assigned to room in with DongHae and Sungmin but unfortunately, without a bed of his own.

Not alot of people knew of this arrangement (Bedless Kyu Hyun) until January 9th of 2007, about 8 months after he joined Super Junior, when he guested together with roomie Sungmin in Kangin's Chunji Radio show. Here is how the 'Bedless Kyu Hyun conversation' went:

I uploaded the conversation audio cut [url="http://www.mediafire.com/?yz9ilme2lx"]here[/url], so you can hear them while reading the translation, unfortunately it wasn't veiwable radio... such a shame it wasn't viewable radio.

[quote]CHUNJI RADIO, January 9, 2007
Translation credit to Lalaloo of soompi

kangin: oh yea so what happened to your bed?
kyuhyun: [says something, i don't really understand]
kangin: no but honestly, you like sleeping on the floor better. even your computer is all over the floor.
kyuhyun: no, i like the bed better.
kangin: okay come over today, i'll give you my bed. i'm saying this on air so this is a real promise.
kyuhyun: eeteuk already promised me two weeks ago that he'll buy me a bed.
kangin: that person is different from me. i bet you somewhere at this VERY MOMENT he's lying to another dongsaeng.
kyuhyun: no, i trust eeteuk. he's the leader, i don't think he would lie to a fellow member.
kangin: no, he does that sometimes. he's done it to me couple of times.
kyuhyun: i know, it's not just once or twice.
kangin: i used to share a room with him and he was like "kangin ah~ i couldn't sleep." so i was like, "why?" and he's like "cause i was too worried thinking about you"
kyuhyun: yea, right. [it was something else but it means the same thing]
kangin: EVERYDAY it's a lie.
kyuhyun: it's okay, i hope someday i'll get to sleep on top of a bed. For now I'll have to accept the fact that I'm a magnae.
kangin: noo!! it's not cause you're the magnae~
sungmin: yea, it's not cause you're the magnae. We really want to buy you a bed but there's not enough room right now.
kangin: ahjummas keep telling us to move, people/neighboors keep telling us to move~ so we were talking about buying it once we move..but we weren't sure.
kyuhyun: no it's okay, i'll accept the fact that i'm the magnae
kangin: IT'S NOT THAT!!![/quote]

When I read about this I was like shocked because it's been too long since he has joined Suju and still he has no bed?? I started to get more curious than ever so I looked for more translations about Bedless Kyu (actually this is how my backreading in Soompi started hahaha). It turns out, after that broadcast, the fans became more and more curious of Kyu Hyun. Moreso because the day after, January 10th, 2007, during Kyu Hyun and Sungmin's guesting this time on Eunhyuk and Eeteuk's SUKIRA (Super Junior Kiss the Radio), the guys were still talking about Kyu's bedlessness and then Kyu Hyun debuted his 'Bed Song CF' to the tune of Super Junior's Believe. And LOL he really came prepared. I was ecstatic when I found the video for the broadcast so I uploaded it here, for you to watch.

070110 Sukira - Kyu's Bed Song

I was so lucky to able to meet bed
because bed would make me smile/laugh by just being near me~
I could find bed even if it goes far away.
Because bed is smiling inside of me
credit La'MISS:Fairy @ soompi

See how Sungmin was giggling as Kyu was singing so seriously about his non-existent bed? After that, the fans grew more and more interested in Kyu Hyun saying they all thought was this shy, boring kid but then he's surprising them with his wit and funny antics as time goes by. He even composed his bed song, for heaven sake.

And then another comment surfaced a few days after the Sukira broadcast:

[quote](akirasberry @ Jan 14 2007, 07:36 AM)
this kyuhyun bed thing is going so far o.o
one time kangin came back from his schedule and found kyuhyun sleeping in this dunkin donut tent LOL... they said he got upset when they threw it away..[/quote]

With that ^^ I was like :blink: DUNKIN DONUT TENT???

It turns out, it even came to a point where the fans made a video out of the bedless situation showing the Donkin Donut tent at the Suju house. Too bad I couldn't find that video, it must have been taken down... but I think it was a blue and orange tent.. and probably a small one! haha.

(edit: I found a picture of Kangin with the tent in the back ground.. and nicolamartinne from Asian Fanatics found another photoshopped one of the tent it was quite funny. haha. here they are:


And then at the same day, a Kyu comic strip surfaced:

translation credit to jazzler of soompi:[quote]Late one night, Leader Teuk was woken up from his sleep cos he could hear Kyuhyun's voice. Eeteuk asks "Kyuhyun-ah, why are you crying?".

Eeteuk continues, asking "Are they airing a sad movie on OCN?" Kyuhyun replies "Hy~ung~ This is so sad~"

The third panel shows a tv ad for a bed that costs 199,990 won (a little bit less than 200 dollars for a bed, which is fairly cheap). 'The ad says to call now for this great deal!'

And then lastly, Eeteuk is speaking to a hyung, prolly a manager hyung, saying "Hyung, we really need to get another bed for the dorm otherwise our magnae is going to run away from our dorm...."[/quote]

See how everything went too far? The bed situation really created a buzz amongst the SuJu fans that January. They were talking about it for ages. And most of them wanted to give him a bed for his birthday (February 3rd). LOL.

Moreso as on January 18th 2007 he shamelessly (hehehe) debuted his Bed Song on TV during the MNet Wide News coverage of their Nii Photoshoot. For those who hasn't watched it click here:

070118 M.net Wide News - Kyuhyun Bed Song Cut
credit to carolynx@YT

With all this Bedless Kyu Hyun craziness, lots of fans wanted to get him a bed, especially because his birthday was coming up. But then again, he wasn't bedless because they didn't have the money to buy a bed (duh hehe) but because the Super Junior dorm had no space to accomodate another bed. There were 9 members + 2 managers living together in the 4-bedroom dorm (info credit to damifino @ soompi).

After this I don't remember reading any updates on Kyu's bedlessness until after his birthday, when it was confirmed that he finally has a bed. He got it on the same month, January. Maybe because of all the buzz, the managers decided to buy him a bed already. It was put between Teukie's and Ryeowook's beds because there probably no space at Donghae and Sungmin's room but judging from the photo below, you'll see how they barely made the new bed fit in Teukie's and Wookie's room. hahaha.

I don't know the exact date when he posted this pic at the Sukira website for his fans to see his new bed. Look at that dork, he's sprawled all over the place. hahaha. After months and months of being bedless and complaining about backaches (LOL), he finally got his wish.

Epilogue: A few months after, the lease of their old dorm has ended and the boys moved into a new dorm (with fingerprint recognition locks no less) and until now, he's rooming in with Sungmin again with his good old controversial bed. He's Bedless Kyu no more.

#21 sohyz


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 06:06 AM


The Kyuhyun Pairings

It wouldn't be the same without the pairing but don't give it the wrong impression. This is just to show that Kyuhyun is such a sweetheart.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 06:08 AM


Surprisingly he opened his Cyworld's Diary Section with this entry:


Kyuhyun's Diary Section

2009.03.26 at 21:09 Weather: snow Mood: bored

Wherever you go, smiling superbly you're Fried Chicken*
A good girl being a matchless beauty is thought of a Fried Chicken
Hard to get, unstoppable, you're truly Fried Chicken
I am irrevocably lost for Fried Chicken

If you're envious of me, then they're Fried Chickens

After all MuBank's lunch is Fried Chicken

..... in between breaks hihi

* 닭강정 is Fried Chicken with Sweet & Spicy Sauce [x]

Original Source. 조규현 Cyworld
Translated by La'MISS:fairy at sj-world.net

He must have been really bored that he thought of modifying the Sorry, Sorry lyrics and dedicated it to a Fried Chicken. Furthermore, it wasn't snowing that time or maybe because his boredom got into his head that he imagined it was snowing. Fans thought of many things upon reading his strange entry. He might have been craving for that fried chicken. He might have been fed too much of that fried chicken. He might have been overworked. Etc. Okay, it's mind-boggling so let it be. He's crazy and it's contagious.

Ha! Without a doubt, it was only the beginning of something crazier. He promoted his own version of the song during their 090329 SBS Inkigayo performance where they've won their 1st Mutizen Award. The video below presents how he let himself go crazy over his dalk-kang-jeong. Hilarious and got to wonder up to what level of mindset this boy has. Seriously, he has talent of making people go gaga over his hidden wits.

credit: kirraTwELF

Indeed, he was successful promoting his version that it became popular over the Internet so If you don't want to be left behind, get your own now by visiting THIS link. ;)

Just when we thought it's over but what's this? His Leeteuk-hyung was claiming the copyright of the song? These two dorks battled through their Cyworld sidebars as shown below.

Posted Image VERSUS Posted Image

Ring the bell! So who do you think have won?

Posted Image

Kyuhyun: "Fried Chicken is mine!" :dance:
Posted Image
credit as marked

Yay! He was saved by the bell! Our spoiled-brat magnae won this battle because his hyung gave up on him and merely returning the pride. Declaring his victory, in his Cyworld's sidebar is this:

Posted Image

DorKyu already stamped his patent over the song. :V

To continue with his promotion of the song, other SuJu members helped him by singing it during their 090405 SBS Inkigayo performance where they've won their 2nd Mutizen Award. Watch it HERE and listen carefully on the very last part. Well, the saying "Birds of a feather flock together" makes a lot of sense now but they're all Chickens after all. :whistle

Now, let's enjoy DorKyu's Finger Lickin' Good present for us. Yum! Yum!

Kyuhyun's Fried Chicken (KFC)
Posted Image
credit: heartquake@sj-world.net

KFC Side Stories:

090330 Super Junior Kiss The Radio - Lee Teuk & Eun Hyuk talking about dak kang jung 닭강정
credit: chateuki

credit: pr13ansj
^Pay attention at around 1:28 & you'll see this:

Posted Image

Eh? A flying chicken in Leeteuk's laptop? What's that supposed to mean?

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 06:10 AM


The Spectacular Kyuhyun in Specs & Sunnies

You guessed it. From specs to sunnies to avi to ajjumas's shades, with that nose curved down like an eagle's beak, you'll never go wrong. Sure he knows how to hide his face while looking hot or simply being a KyuNerd while looking sleek at the same time.. ;)

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Want more?
Posted Image

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 06:12 AM

.... and we're done! A few things are still in progress, hope you bear with us and make sure to check out things again after a few hours. We're going fix and update stuff here and there. :D

The I'm so happy and proud of the conKyubines for reaching Thread 5! Kyu should be very happy about it, he has more than 8000 posts and 4 closed threads about him already O.O He's getting much love! Let's continue Kyu-lovin here! :D

To start off, thanks to Aeddum from sj-market, I already have gifs of my favorite moments from the Sohu Interview :)

First, saying his SuperGirls are his fans and then looking like he couldn't believe he said something greasy like that hahaha. Dork.

Posted Image

Then, do you know how happy I was that his laugh after being dissed by the kid is captured on gif? He looks amazing all like this: XD

Posted Image

and lastly, Kyu being too cool to dance like the kids. haha! He looks bored and embarassed. LOL. Maybe his ego was scarred so he won't cooperate. haha.
Posted Image

Ahh :)

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#25 :~: Summer :~:


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 08:56 AM

:yeah congratulations everyone for reaching the 5th thread!!! :yeah

we're stopping for gas, so i took advantage of the free wifi and took a peek :)
couldn't resist sharing this vid that i just watched of the boys, backstage at the Asia Song Fest last night. they were rehearsing steps in the first few minutes, and around 4:22, guess who could not resist to peek back at the huge crowd outside? :) he did not go out like hae did because he had to go back inside..

#26 Milanista_KakA


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 12:37 PM

yeah!! finally we reached thread 5 after racing like crazy. lol
congratulations, conkyubines. now, let's spazz and race!

i just wonder did you girls notice kyu put in the pink (candy pick!!) blush on from the Gee performance onward.

here are some pics
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
cr: as tagged

including the one summer posted last thread too.
this one Posted Image

lol, it was so obvious and i was like wth!!?? when i saw these pics. but he looks really like a little kids in that kangaroo head with the water gun and pink cheeks. lol
be back later with more pics :D i have some now but they don't deserve to be put into thumbnails so i'll wait ;P

#27 crol


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 12:56 PM


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

credit as tagged

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 01:05 PM

continue after crol sis

Posted Image

hello beauty
Posted Image

this is a gif from the vid i posted in the last thread but got deleted
Posted Image

and kyuyoung in action
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

cr: as tagged

our pretty kyuyoung gets crazier day by day

#29 nickestiara


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 01:11 PM

Posting KyuTeuk pics from Super Show 2 in HK... I don't know about you but I loled at these.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

som sis I'm really curious why Kyu has candy pink cheeks hahaha. I want to thank the make up artist haha. And lol his kangaroo is less pointed and scary now, before it looked like a fox. haha.

Racing, are we? :P

#30 crol


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 01:14 PM

^OMG. Kyuhyun-ah gone wild & crazy! LOL.

Another pretty KyuYoung!
Posted Image

And Another Blush-on Kyu!
Posted Image

But here's Sexy Kyu!
Posted Image

credit as tagged

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 01:22 PM

some fancams from Asian Song Festival anyone?

090919 Asia Song Festival - Kyuhyun Focused Heal the World

cr: seetwinnie

090919 Asia Song Festival Super Junior - Its You


[090919][FANCAM] Asia Song Festival - SNSD & Super Junior - S.E.O.U.L

cr: minminalways

Iya sis, i think the nunas put the blush on on the "girls" there..since i saw heechul's too and yuting saw ryeowook's ROFL

#32 crol


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 02:00 PM

Was this boots from SJM's?
Posted Image

LOL. He's chubby & I love it.
Posted Image

Posted Image

credit as tagged

#33 AkuenKigahen

    <3 STMAVH

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 06:29 PM

Hello ConKyubines. I like the name it’s cute.
Congrats on Part 5.

I hope I'm not interrupting the race! haha.

I’m Mary and I just got into Super Junior earlier this year actually when I watched Come to Play. haha. I always knew about them though from when they first debut but didn’t really get into them until now. I know a lot of people have said this but I was surprised when I found out that Kyuhyun was the youngest. haha. He is so cute though! I’m learning more about Kyu by reading everything in the Topic Start and watching videos. There is just so much info on him! Anyway, Kyu is my 3rd favorite member he is tied with Sungmin actually. I can admit though that Kyuhyun is AMAZING and a GENIUS and has the BEST voice out of all the members. I know talent when I see it and this boy has a whole lot of it. I just amazed at all he knows. Kyu should have a solo album singing in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and whatever other language. I'm sure that he could do it since he is good with foreign languages.

I have watched the mini drama with KyuMin. That was the first thing I watched with KyuMin. haha. They were so cute!! I kind of had a feeling that Kyuhyun wasn’t a good guy though no matter how nice he was to Sungmin in the drama. The NG is hilarious when they were in the car trying to do the hug scene. I watched it so many times but never knowing what they are saying. They are just way too cute.

Ok, so I’m watching all of Kyuhyun’s Unforgettable Performances because I haven’t seen any and the ones that I have seen so far are really great. I love when he sang Dahl Paeng Ee (Snail) so amazing. He has such a beautiful voice. WOW! When I was listening to him sing I Believe - My Sassy Girl I was like I know this song! haha. Actually this is my first time listening to it in Korean I first heard the Filipino version! I never knew that Kyuhyun and Jonghyun sang Goose’s Dream together. KyuMin’s duet was so nice I loved it a lot!! I listened to it twice. Oh wow, when I listened to him sing 7 Years of Love I felt like he was telling a story and not just singing. I can talk about his singing all day. Who wouldn’t? He just has such an amazing voice. His voice was the second I recognized in the group!:D

When I read that Kyu didn’t have a bed for so long I was like WHAT how can they not give him a bed? It is kind of like Seung Hyun (the member who replaced Wonbin in FT Island) he doesn’t have a bed he sleeps on the floor. Well, it is good that Kyu has a bed now!!

Does Kyu really like fried chicken that much? I loved that he changed the Sorry Sorry lyrics with a fried chicken. haha. After reading all about Kyu I can definitely tell that he is the Magnae with his actions. It's cute though.

LMAO! The pictures with Kyu in that wig. He looks so pretty! He looks so adorable with the kangaroo on his head. haha.

I guess I should end it here before I write a novel.xD

I should share a picture too since everyone else is posting pictures!:D
Posted Image
credit as tagged!

#34 conkyubine13


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 07:33 PM

Look who's back. B)

Hello ConKyubines! Are my sisters doing good?
I can't even find the words to say how much I missed you all. :kiss

I missed the thread. I missed Kyuhoney. :iloveyou:

CONGRATULATIONS! The thread reached its fifth part. I'm so proud of everyone! It's a pity that I'm not active during the fourth one. But I promise to be here until the next chapter! :yeah

The thread got better! I love the new layout and format! Specially the quotes, I love it! Well done unni! :worship

KyuYoung is so beautiful! I'm inlove with her! :rofl He can be a twin of Cho Ahra. Really. :iloveyou:

Kyu is getting fatter! I'm happy for him. He looks more gorgeous. And I noticed that when he gained weight, you can see a cute dimple point on his right lower lip! Yay! :drool
I think his makeup artist had put a thick blush on him. But he's really cute with it! He resembles the kid in the picture of Alaska milk here in the Philippines. :loool:

Ate Iya :
Hi unni! I missed you! ^_^

I love the expression when he said his kind of super girl! Maybe he realized that he's being too greasy. :lol: And I noticed the part when he bit the rose, he really looks like a fox. :rofl

How's your trip? :blush

Som :
Som unni!! :oro

Thanks for the pics! Kyu looks funny when Hae pulls his leg! How are you? :blush

Ate Carol : Hey hey hey! :lol:

When you posted the pic of Kyu with boots, it's my first time to see him wearing that. Hahaha. He looks cute. And his outfit suits our weather here. Hehehe. Belated Chuchuchuchu! :rofl

Hello to newbies! I'm Len... :lol:

Hello to my other sisters! I missed you all!

Be back later. ^^

#35 nickestiara


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 08:12 PM

Hello conkyubineS! How is everyone doing with all the goodies coming in. So many Kyudies... O.O

Hi Mary thanks for stopping by and getting to know kyu :) did you finish everything? hehe. Please feel free to spazz here too, even if they are novels. hehe. Just curious, who are your number 1 and 2? :)

I come bearing Secret pics from the Asia Song Festival last Saturday. :) I was right, the Secret team was there.

Posted Image

Kyutie patootie.. Sorry if it's mushy but kyu is just so squishable even with all that poofy messy hair. What happened to the JunpyoxJihoo hybrid hairstyle? LOL
Posted Image

Kyu, what are you fixing on your back?
Posted Image

Race on? :D

edit: len how are you, glad you can spazz again here! Yup he's growing chubbier and I love it too. You're right about the dimple. I hope he stays healthy. What Alaska kid? LOL :) And its weird how we use SHE for KyuYoung hahaha.

Edited by nickestiara, 20 September 2009 - 08:20 PM.

#36 Milanista_KakA


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 08:30 PM

YEY!! racing

more pics from secret
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
cr: secret

i must admit, i'm not a big fan of his hair right now.

hi, Mary. welcome!! enjoy writing your novel here. we would love to read that. lol
Len hi, sis!! welcome back!! i miss you. visit here often when you have time so we can spazz on our lovely kyu okay?
i'm fine sis. i'm quite busy with the study now but its almost done. hopefully i can be back to stay here "full time" by next month. lol.

#37 nickestiara


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Posted 20 September 2009 - 10:09 PM

as Som sis has said... the night shifters are back. LOL.

I bring pics from the Asia Song Festival... All by momotachi@LJ.

Posted Image


Posted Image

Seems to be more Kyuchul these days huh?

And then last one for this post:

Posted Image

Racin :)

#38 Zinno


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Posted 21 September 2009 - 02:05 AM

Anniong to all Kyulovers!~

I promised my self to post for thread 5, I really love this thread, you have made it so beautiful :3

Anyway I'm Zinno, I'm 21 years old and I am a chilean conkyubine (love the word :D ) (sorry for my broken english)
Hope I can contribute to this lovely Kyu world :yeah

And to not make it spam....
3 pics from SSII in Hong Kong!

Our Kyu is so passioned when he sings!!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Credit: gyuhyunfamily, 出前小丁

#39 sohyz


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Posted 21 September 2009 - 06:00 AM

Som, we should be the dawn shifters. XD We are always awake spazzing about this boy even at like 3+, 4 am!!

Posted Image
I died at this pic. The fan is so lucky!! HE LOOKED INTO THEIR CAMERA AND SMILED!!! *spazz and die* Reminds me of that time eunhyuk looked into my U fancam at SMtown but i didnt even realise until i got home cos my eyes were on kyu although my cam was on eunhyuk. EPIC FAILS.

Posted Image
More tongue kyu! :P

Posted Image

Posted Image

*dies more from hotness*

#40 Milanista_KakA


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Posted 21 September 2009 - 07:06 AM

morning everyone :D

closer fancam of Super Girl in sushow II HK was up on youtube not so long ago
we can see kyu only when its his parts since it's not kyu-focused but the fancam is worth spazzing. we can clearly see the huge improvement here....although i think the mic system here was also a lot better than in the first performance.

090918 SJ-M Perf. SuperGirl @ SuperShow2 Hong Kong [cat_lap]

but again, i don't like kyu's outfit at all..plus there're those boots...:(

Yuting sis: yeah, our body clock was ruined by now, blame kyu's hotness lol
OMG in the pic you posted, how pink his cheeks can be??? ROFL

Zinno and khansa: Hello. welcome to the thread. i'm glad you both decided to post now.
my name is som. nice to meet you girls. let's continue spazz on kyu here clapclap

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