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'Durango' rumoured to be next Xbox...

sChiZoO14's Photo sChiZoO14 17 Feb 2012

Microsoft's next Xbox console is rumoured to have the codename Durango.

According to Kotaku, multiple sources close to the project have stated that Durango is the system's internal codename.

Codenames are seldom the same as a system's final name. For example the Wii was codenamed 'Revolution' for a time, PlayStation Vita was called 'NGP' and Microsoft's own Kinect was known as 'Project Natal'.

Another recent rumour has suggested that the next Xbox will have a controller similar to the Wii U, featuring an HD touch screen as well as traditional buttons.

Other reports have mentioned that the next Xbox may launch in two editions.

One edition is reportedly codenamed 'Loop', which will be cheaper with a focus on Kinect.

Durango could be the codename of the second edition, though it may also be the codename of the entire project encompassing both editions.