Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







 Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong has recently debunked rumours surrounding him since working on TVB's "Lord of Shanghai".


Previously, the actor, who is infamous for his unapologetic attitude, reportedly was unsatisfied with Kenneth's performance as the younger version of his character.


It was also reported that Anthony had a lot of issues with the production team including the script, costumes and outdoor shooting.


However, as reported on On CC News, the actor dismissed these rumours during an appearance at the blessing ceremony of the new series held in TVB City recently.


"The reports are ridiculous," said Anthony in regard to Kenneth Ma. "I don't have any scenes with him. How do you suppose I teach him?"

He also complimented the drama's costumes and expressed interest to take one home for keepsake.


"It's not nice to say such things. You know, I have sued people before and the other party had to pay me HKD 600,000," said the actor.


Meanwhile, Kenneth also denied the rumours, though added that he would not take issue with a bit of criticism from a senior star.

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Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







Inspired by their characters in Lawrence Cheng's "Break Up 100", co-stars Ekin Cheng and Chrissie Chau revealed that they are planning to open up a cafe together.


According to Mingpao News, while speaking to the media at the premiere screening of the movie on 28 July, Ekin admitted that he and Chrissie have become good friends since working on the movie and planned to open up a cafe together just like their characters did.


"I did ask the real owner of the cafe in the movie if he would sell the place but the owner only wanted to rent it out. So Chrissie and I will have to find a new location," said Ekin.


He confessed of being bad in business. "Years ago, I invested in an air gun store, but there were problems. The police even came to the store for inspection and I was arrested though it was not my fault. I didn't do business again after that."


However, the actor said that he is more confident about the cafe this time around as Chrissie is experienced when it comes to investments.


"We hope that the deal will happen in a few months' time," he enthused and added jokingly that they would force the director to invest in the cafe as well.

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Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







Action superstar Jackie Chan will be heading to Romania to launch the Chinese Film Days Festival.


According to CRI News, the festival, a joint project between China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPRFT) and Romania's Cinematography Centre to promote China's cultural products to new markets, will be held in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest from 11 to 18 September 2014.


The actor's 2012 hit movie, "CZ12", will also be screened at the festival on the first day at the Grand Cinema Baneasa.


Other films that will be screened at the festival include Chen Sicheng's "Beijing Love Story", Wong Kar Wai's "The Grandmaster", Tsui Hark's "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate" and Zhang Yang's "Full Circle".

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Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







 TVB actress Myolie Wu seemed to have rubbed mainland businesswoman Laura Lee the wrong way with her support for Sire Ma.


According to HK Channel, the actress recently wrote on Weibo encouraging others to let the "Bullet Brain" star be, after the latter's steamy dance clip went viral online.


Myolie wrote, "Imagine, what kind of mistake can a woman make that allow her to be punished in such a big way?"


"How much money did she swindle? How much love did she betray? If a woman did not love her partner, would she just give her body to the other person?"


The actress also asked her followers to think of what they would do if it happens to their own family members or friends.


However, Laura Lee, the ex-girlfriend of producer Wang Ziqi who cheated on her with Sire, was against Myolie's opinion. "If another woman uses her body to seduce your partner, would you support her?"


She also said that Myolie should know better from her own former relationship with Bosco Wong, hinting that the actor cheated on her multiple times before.

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Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







TVB actor Wayne Lai admitted that he was wrong to have a preconceived notion about Anthony Wong prior to their collaboration in TVB's upcoming series, "Lord of Shanghai".


As reported on Hong Kong's ON CC News, while speaking to the media at the series' blessing ceremony in TVB City recently, Wayne said, "I always heard that he [Anthony Wong] has bad temper. But when we started working together, I realised that he is very easy to get along with."


"We would always discuss our roles and scenes together. I guess everybody has some misunderstandings about him," he said.


The three-time TV King said that the rest of the cast, including Kent Tong, Ron Ng, and Myolie Wu also got along well.


"We feel very comfortable working together. We have a lot of things in common and enjoy eating together after filming ends," he said.

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Thursday July 31, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong actress Janice Man dismissed yet another relationship rumour and joked that she has lost a bit of her game after being single for a year.


According to Mingpao News, the actress denied rumours saying that she has brought a man home recently and clarified, "It was the night after the press conference announcing my joining the new company. A friend took me to dinner to celebrate, so I drove him home afterward."


"I wasn't 'smuggling' a man to my house," Janice reiterated.


Asked if there's a chance for the two of them to develop their relationship, Janice said that she hopes to focus on her work, since she has just started working with a new agency.


"I do want to date but I am not in a hurry. I also need time to understand and look around. I know the media are concerned about my love life but I haven't been dating for a year and am a little dry," said Janice, jokingly.


Asked if the new company has a clause prohibiting her from dating, Janice said that it was not part of the negotiation and that she would not keep her relationship a secret once she found the right man.

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Kim Jae-joong, actor and member of boy group JYJ, sent his support to his former TVXQ colleague Jung Yun-ho during an interview with local news reports on Wednesday.

“Yun-ho, how are you doing? I’m doing fine. Filming a historical drama for the first time is going to be hard. There will be many outdoor scenes and you will need to have a lot of practice at sword-play. Drink lots of water and take care of yourself in the hot weather,” Kim was quoted as saying.

During the interview, Kim also expressed his concerns about Jung’s health.
“Yun-ho once suffered from dehydration when we were working together. I hope he can take good care of his health,” he added.

Jung is currently filming the upcoming MBC drama “The Night Watchman,” which is to follow up Kim’s drama “Triangle.”

A day before Kim’s comment, Jung attended the press conference for “The Night Watchman” on Tuesday, where he complimented Kim’s acting skills, saying, “It is nice to see Jae-joong working hard as an actor.”

Kim recently finished his drama “Triangle” and is to focus on his career as a singer with the newly released JYJ album, “Just Us.”

Korea Herald

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Jun Ji Hyun represented Korea at a Gucci show.

The actress attended the Gucci 2014-15 F/W Collection in Taiwan on July 25.

She wore a Gucci F/W Collection white mini dress with crystal details, and was much welcomed as the Korean rep.

Gucci′s President Patrizio di Marco and Italian fashion star Lapo Elkann were also present at the event this day.

Source: MWave

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Two boy band members are proving that they can make it big in musicals. Fans have lauded performances by Kim Jun-su of JYJ, who appears in the dark tragedy "Dracula," and Jo Kwon of 2AM, who appears in the bubbly comedy "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

◆ Kim Jun-su

Kim plays the lead role of Count Dracula in the musical and makes the most of his singing skills and voice. His uniquely hoarse voice has proved well-suited to Dracula's gloomy personality.

He dismisses previous criticism about his performances in musicals that he could only sing, not perform, and wows fans in scenes where he seduces women or bites off their necks with red glaring eyes, laughing villainously.

His character especially comes to life when he confesses his feelings to his lover, who is reincarnated after 400 years.

◆ Jo Kwon

Jo brings his animated personality to his drag queen character and singing skills to old pop songs from the 80s and 90s, when he was just a baby.

He plays the youngest and liveliest of three drag queens who discover family values while traveling across the Australian outback.

Though Jo previously appeared in "Jesus Christ Superstar," it is "Priscilla" that seems to have really launched his musical career.

Chosun Ilbo

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Singer Lee-teuk, leader of the all-male group Super Junior, completed his military duty yesterday.

The celebrity refused to comment as he walked out of the military base in Inje, Gangwon, where he was being discharged from, although many reporters and fans were waiting to see a glimpse of him.

Lee-teuk previously made clear his intention to walk out of the base without fanfare to his agency, SM Entertainment.

It is said that Lee-teuk wanted to keep quiet as he was once an entertainment soldier.

Many local celebrities were serving their duty by using their talents as singers or actors, but the scheme was disbanded last year after some entertainment soldiers were caught drinking alcohol and visiting a massage parlor.

Although Lee-teuk wasn’t one of the soldiers revealed in the documentary program that initially reported on the issue, it seems that he is trying to keep a low profile as he was also an entertainment soldier at the time.

Many speculate that Lee-teuk also wanted to avoid media attention because of a family issue that was widely reported on by major news outlets in January.

Lee-teuk’s father euthanized his ailing grandparents before committing suicide.

The singer will join his group immediately to embark on its sixth world tour. “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 6” will start in Seoul on Sept. 20 with a two-day concert before moving elsewhere, including Japan, China and Thailand.

JoongAng Daily

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