BANGKOK, Aug. 19 (UPI) -- Kim Kardashian has competition as the queen of selfies.

Instagram user Mortao Maotor of Bangkok has posted more than 12,000 selfies on the social media website.

Mortao, which is not her real name, has 20,000 followers and snaps an average of 200 selfies per week. She is not the stereotypical selfie-taking teenager but a married Thai woman in her 40s, Time reports. Mortao did not speak English but said through her husband's daughter that her reason for the high number of self-portraits is "quite personal."


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TOKYO –  A 111-year-old retired Japanese educator who enjoys poetry has been recognized as the world's oldest living man.

Sakari Momoi received a certificate from Guinness World Records at a ceremony Wednesday. He succeeds Alexander Imich of New York, who died in June at the age of 111 years, 164 days.

The world's oldest living person is also Japanese: Misao Okawa, a 116-year-old woman from Osaka.

Momoi was born Feb. 5, 1903, in Fukushima prefecture, where he became a teacher. He moved to the city of Saitama, north of Tokyo, after World War II and served as a high school principal there until retirement.

At the televised ceremony, Momoi wore a dark suit and silver tie, with his white hair neatly combed back. He stood up from his wheelchair and moved to a chair next to it with little assistance.

Asked how he felt about the record, Momoi pushed his back upright and said he wants to live longer.

"Say, another two years," he said.

Momoi, who said he enjoys reading books, especially Chinese poetry, has five children and lives at a nursing home in Tokyo.

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FLORENCE, Ariz., Aug. 15 (UPI) -- A prison inmate currently residing in a correctional facility in Arizona has filed about 6,000 lawsuits and is seeking $10 trillion in cash or gold.

Dale Maisano has filed the majority of the suits about prison food because it allegedly hurts his stomach.

"Stop the torture and give me food that will not make me ill," he claims in one suit. "Daily I'm given a diet that causes the plaintiff to be severely ill," the 62-year-old wrote in another.

Maisano, who filed 249 lawsuits on Jan. 24 of this year alone, has specifically filed 5,813 federal lawsuits to date.

"I don't have any delusions I'm going to get that kind of money. I don't have any delusions I'm going to get any money," Maisano told the Tennessean. "A lot of them are just nuisance suits. We're trying to get our point across."

He is currently serving a 15-year sentence for aggravated assault.

"Inmate Maisano has access to appropriate health care and his diet needs are met," said Arizona Department of Corrections spokesman Doug Nick. "The sheer volume of the lawsuits he has filed and the financial demands he makes speak for themselves."

Maisano began filing the lawsuits, most of which are dismissed on the same day they are filed, in 1986.


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An Australian hospital apologized on Thursday after mistakenly sending out death notices for 200 of its - very much alive - patients.

Austin Hospital, in Australia's second most populous city of Melbourne, erroneously killed off the patients when it faxed death notices to their family doctors.

The notices were the result of an inadvertent change to the templates the hospital sends to doctors once a patient has been discharged, operator Austin Health said in a statement.

"We apologized unreservedly to affected clinics who, for the most part, were very understanding about the error," it said.

Patient care had not been affected, the company stressed.

The Australian Medical Association said the error was unacceptable and potentially distressing to family doctors, while an opposition lawmaker said it was symptomatic of an overworked health system.


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FERGUSON, Mo., Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Police named Darren Wilson as the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown on Saturday, bowing at last to mounting pressure for transparency in the high-profile investigation.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wilson was a six-year veteran of the police force and had no disciplinary issues during his tenure.

Thomas also released some details about a strong arm robbery that occurred at a convenience store moments before Brown was killed. Police said they will release CCTV video of the robbery in progress, which may contain footage of a person whose description matches Brown.

Authorities initially refused to release his name, citing numerous death threats and fearing for the officer's safety. Others worried releasing his name and other details of the investigation would compromise a potential future trial.

On Thursday, hacktivist group Anonymous released the name and photo of a person they claimed to be the officer who had shot Brown. St. Louis County police later said they had named the wrong person.

Five days of growing frustration and violent clashes between law enforcement and protesters finally took a turn for the better Thursday after Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon removed St. Louis County Police and installed state troopers in their place.

State Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who grew up in the Ferguson area, moved among crowds gathered into Thursday evening, addressing protesters' concerns, giving hugs and generally spreading a sense that someone -- finally -- was listening to their voices.

The release of the incorrectly identified officer's name remained a main concern overnight, and demonstrators chanted "what's his name? What's his name?" Police fielded accusations of selectively releasing information after they revealed the officer had been treated at a hospital for swelling in his face, but have given no details on Brown's autopsy.

Witnesses from the scene of ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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CORAL GABLES, Fla. –  Police say seven teenagers wanted to see how a professional basketball player lives, so they walked through an unlocked door at the home of former Miami Heat player Ray Allen.

The teens were attending a party next door early Thursday when they entered the Coral Gables home. Allen's wife and children were sleeping upstairs. Police spokeswoman Kelly Denham says Allen's wife woke up, screamed and the teens ran. She called police.

The Miami Herald reports the party host directed police to a home where they found the 18 -and 19-year-olds. They told police they thought the Allens had moved.

Dunham says officers questioned the teen but released them because there was no forced entry, no intent and nothing was taken. She says Allen's wife intends to file trespassing charges.

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 A video of hundreds of commuters pushing a train to free a trapped passenger is proving a viral hit online.

More than 2.4million people have watched the clip of the heartwarming rescue operation in Perth, Australia.

The CCTV footage shows the unlucky man slip and fall, getting stuck in the gap between the train and the platform.

Before emergency services could arrive, hundreds of commuters managed to push the train, tilting it to give the man enough room to escape without serious injury.

Perth Transport spokesman David Hynes said: "There were lots of them, off the train, and we organised them to sort of rock, tilt the train backwards away from the platform so they were able to get him out and rescue him."


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NAPLES, N.Y. –  Authorities say a 46-year-old man is hospitalized with serious injuries suffered when he fell about 40 feet while hiking near waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region.

The Ontario County Sheriff's Office tells local media that Philip Defranco of Farmington was hiking with friends Wednesday afternoon in Grimes Glen in the town of Naples, on the Steuben County line 40 miles south of Rochester.

Deputies say Defranco lost his footing at the top of the waterfall and fell some 40 feet, landing on a ledge and injuring his head and chest. He then fell into the water and began drifting downstream before his friends pulled him out.

Defranco was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, where he's listed in guarded condition Thursday.

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 A motorist and passenger escaped unscathed after an axe hurtled through their car's windshield along a busy stretch of Massachusetts highway.

The axe became dislodged from the back of a truck just north of Boston and broke the glass of the car behind it before becoming lodged in the dashboard, state police said.

A photo posted on the department's Facebook page showed how close the axe came to hitting the vehicle's passenger.

"Thankfully, the axe only went halfway through the windshield," the post said.

Authorities said the passenger was "shaken up" but not injured. The motorists were not identified.

State police said it was fortunate the driver of the car was obeying the 65mph (105kph) speed limit at the time of the accident.

"If he had been speeding, the increased velocity of his car would have increased the power of the axe's impact, meaning it could very well have gone through the glass and injured his passenger," the Facebook post said.

The driver of the landscaping truck was cited for failure to secure cargo, which carries a $200 fine.


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 Two more craters of unknown origin have been spotted in Russia's Siberia region, weeks after a similar-looking hole was found in the isolated northernmost area, a local paper reported.

The Siberian Times, an English-language newspaper, published pictures of two new giant holes discovered by reindeer herders, one located in the Yamal and the other in the Taymyr peninsula, both above the Arctic circle.

The paper said that theories of their origin range from meteorites or stray missiles to aliens or an underground gas explosion. The report could not be confirmed independently.

Russian state TV reported earlier this month that a giant hole had appeared in the gas-rich Yamal peninsula where temperatures plummet below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) and the sun barely rises in winter.

A Russian scientific expedition arrived at the site to inspect the first crater, nicknamed the "Yamal black hole", earlier this month, according to a recent report by state-run website.

Yamal, inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas.

A meteorite, which weighed about 10 metric tonnes, hit central Russia last year, injuring more than 1,000 people.

Experts drew comparisons with an incident in 1908, when a meteorite is thought to have devastated an area of more than 2,000 sq km (772 square miles) in Siberia, breaking windows as far as 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the point of impact.

(This version of the story corrects conversion in paragraph 8 of 2,000 sq km to 772 square miles (not 1,250 miles))


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