TAIPEI: Mandopop singer Jay Chou’s girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan offered up some interesting insights into their relationship when she appeared as a guest on a talkshow on Wednesday (Nov 19), reported Taiwan media.

Quinlivan was questioned relentlessly by hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai during the show, and revealed that she often addressed Chou by the nickname “Chou Chou”.

The 21-year-old model added that he loved to eat the desserts she prepared, while she would cut up the vegetables when he cooks for her.

Quinlivan also revealed that they first held hands when they were watching a horror film together. She said she was covering her eyes with her hands because she was afraid, when Chou gently took one of her hands and held it in his.

Hsu also asked her if Chou snored in his sleep. “I haven’t heard him snore before!” said Quinlivan, realising too late that she had perhaps said too much.  

“They are already going to get married. This is normal,” said Tsai, in a bid to rescue Quinlivan from the awkward situation. Chou had previously said that he intends to get married early next year, but declined to give more details.


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Luhan, former member of K-pop boy band EXO, was named the most valuable male star in China on Thursday.

The Chinese idol received The Most Valuable Male Star Award at the 2014 Baidu Moments Conference, held by China’s largest portal site Baidu, in Beijing Thursday.

Luhan’s appearance at the event attracted the media spotlight in China as it was his second official event since he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract.

Earlier, Luhan also appeared at the promotional event for his upcoming film ”Back to Twenty,“ less than a month after he waged the legal battle.

As Luhan accepted the award, he said, “It is thanks to all my fans that I can stand here today.”

The Most Valuable Female Star Award went to Chinese actress Li Bingbing.

The idol-turned-actor’s Chinese rom-com, “Back to Twenty,” a remake of the Korean film “Miss Granny,” is to be released in China on Jan. 15 next year.

KPOP Herald

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Lee Byung Hun has returned to Korea.

BH Entertainment, Lee Byung Hun’s agency, stated on November 21, “We’re making the announcement en bloc because we’ve received many inquiries. Lee Byung Hun entered Korea on November 21 at 6 a.m. (KST). We hope there are no misunderstandings in regards to his schedule.”

Having carried out his official and unofficial schedules in America, Lee Byung Hun will likely have no problem attending the trial on November 24, as he secretly returned to the country on November 21. During his stay with Lee Min Jung in America, Lee Byung Hun carried out his schedules as the honorary ambassador of California and wrapped up work for his Hollywood movie.

Lee Byung Hun’s agency previously stated, “We did not rearrange the schedules to avoid the trial on the 11th in the first place and have no reason to avoid it so we will definitely be attending the trial on the 24th,” adding, “Even if a special circumstance arises there is actually nothing more important than the trial right now. We will be attending after becoming familiar with information related to witness attendance.”

In September, Lee Byung Hun was the victim of attempted blackmail of 5 billion won by Glam’s Da Hee and model A. Da Hee and model A were arrested and charged for making a joint threat and the first round of trial was held on October 16, during which Da Hee and model A partly admitted to making a threat but also made new claims.

About this, the police requested Lee Byung Hun as the witness and the second trial was to be held on November 11 but when Lee Byung Hun gave a notice to not attend the trial due to his stay in America, it was postponed to November 24. On that day, Lee ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s former member Jessica will be making her first public appearance in Korea since leaving the group.

According to Dimaco on November 21, Jessica will be attending the photowall event for the fashion brand ‘Fendi’ taking place on November 25 in Lotte World Mall, Songpa-gu.

Apart from Jessica, actress Song Ji Hyo will also be attending the photowall event.

Jessica left SNSD as of September 30. Afterwards, Jessica gathered attention by attending an event in China but this will be her first time attending an event in Korea, about two months after she left the group.

Jessica has been focusing on running the brand ‘Blanc & Eclare,’ which she recently launched.


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Super Junior′s Shindong will be postponing his military enlistment.

On November 25, Shindong was scheduled to enlist at the Uijeongbu 306th Reserve Corp, but due to pain from a herniated disc, he will be postponing his enlsitment.

Following treatment for the herniated disk, he plans on enlisting as an active duty soldier for his country. The enlistment period wil be sometime in early 2015.

Before his enlistment, Shindong will focus on his treatments.


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Big Bang members G-Dragon, right, and Taeyang will join forces on a project dedicated exclusively to hip-hop, the singers’ agency, YG Entertainment, announced on Thursday.

YG produces music that is loosely based on the genre, but this is the first time the major company has formed a group fully focused on it.

Under the name GD X Taeyang, the duo will release a digital single partly composed and written by G-Dragon. Producers Fliptones and Freedo were also involved in making the track.

Both the song and its music video will be unveiled at midnight on Nov. 21.

G-Dragon and Taeyang began training at YG when they were 13 years old and have been performing together for the past 14 years. Although the two have been involved in Big Bang, it’s the first time the two will work together as a duo.

YG said the two have been sharing their thoughts on the hip-hop project for a while.

The agency has a second hip-hop project in the works, which will be revealed on Dec. 2. YG said three of its musicians will participate in the second project.

JoongAng Daily

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The return of four-member band Ulala Session was marred by a leaked video in which some of the members are seen urinating in the street.

Because the video went viral on the day the band released their fourth studio album “reJOICE,” one Internet user, echoing the comments of many others, suggested they were “attracting much-needed publicity” before their comeback.

A spokesperson for Ulala Company, the band’s agency, confirmed the people in the video were members of Ulala Session, but countered the criticism, saying, “Some say it is a marketing strategy, but that’s not true.

“As far as I know, the video clip has been on the web for a week, but it became the talk of the town because the band has released their new album.”

The agency assumes the video clip was leaked from a rental car company the band often rents a vehicle from because the video came from a vehicle’s black box.

Ulala Session was the third-season winner of the popular TV audition show “Super Star K.”

The band had five members when they first joined the reality TV show, but their front man, Lim Yoon-taek, lost his battle with stomach cancer in February 2013 shortly after winning the competition.

The band’s first studio album is filled with upbeat pop tracks.

JoongAng Daily

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Former figure skater Kim Yu-na has reportedly broken up with her ice hockey boyfriend Kim Won-jung.

Local news outlets reported on Wednesday that the date of the breakup has not been identified, but multiple close friends of the two athletes confirmed unanimously that it has happened.

The former Olympic gold medalist, who often goes by Queen Yu-na, confirmed her relationship with her boyfriend in March after a local Internet news website published paparazzi photos of the two together.

Kim’s agency shared further details of the relationship by releasing a statement when the couple was confirmed.

“The two first got to know each other as Yu-na entered into Korea University in 2001 and they began to develop a romantic relationship as the two happened to practice at Taereung National Training Center,” the agency said in a press release.

After the romance was revealed, however, Yu-na’s boyfriend was involved in a series of scandals.

He was serving in the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps at the time but was kicked out of the sports division in August and transferred to an ordinary Army unit as punishment for being absent without leave during his military service.

It turned out a drunken driver had run into Kim during his leave, but Kim did not report the car accident to the military.

JoongAng Daily

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K-pop idol boy band GOT7 has returned with their first full-length album “Identify.”
GOT7 celebrated their comeback by holding a special showcase for “Identify” on the 17th at the AX Hall in Gwangjin-gu. The group performed new album tracks including “Gimme,” “She's a monster,” the title track “Stop Stop It” and more on the stage.
The title track “Stop Stop It” was created by producer Park JinYoung for the group’s unique groove and special performance. During the album production work, producer Park showed authentic leadership helping the members to establish their identity as musician. One of the members JB mentioned about their identity and said, “We wants to be the best on the stage, but also a friendly group to the fans.”
Meanwhile, the group’s first full-length studio album “Identify” was released at midnight on November 18th.

KBS Global

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1121-00282-093b1.jpg?t=1416534658687Eliza Sam calls the entire team Malaysian Family1121-00282-093b2.jpg?t=1416534622238Jeana Ho and Eliza Sam have quite a presence1121-00282-093b3.jpg?t=1416534594478Wilson Chin demonstrates before the shoot1121-00282-093b4.jpg?t=1416534562677Joyce Cheng performs a full flip as the director requested1121-00282-093b5.jpg?t=1416534523076courtesy of
Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and Jacquelin Chong Si Man worked on additional shoot for the Wilson Chin Kwok Wai directed film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA). Before the production began, Chin Kwok Wai asked everyone to cover their ears as he demonstrated firing a gun. Then the actresses tried with 100 bullets, which was quite an investment. Yun Yi later also followed the director's guidance exactly, pretending to shoot while performing a flip. She was very professional and agile.

During the break the ladies chatted, Yun Yi was so excited that she kept singing. Only Chong Si Man sat in a corner alone. The ladies even whispered and laughter on the sofa. They talked about men and made dinner plans. Chong Si Man only looked around and waited for the production to resume. However Jeana and Heung Heung said that everyone got along very harmoniously.

Jeana said that because she was able to see the sisters from the Malaysian shoot she was excited. "Back then we were with each other for over ten hours a day, we ate and hung out together so we had a lot of spark very early on." She also said that the film theme was youthful inspiration, so she had less sexy scenes. She even gained 8 kilograms for the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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