Jun Ji Hyun is the undeniably a queen when it comes to being an advertisement model.

Korea's Advertising Research Institute conducted a study regarding domestic advertiser's top candidates as the best advertising models for the month of June.

Hallyu actress Jun Ji Hyun grabs the top spot as this month's best advertising model, maintaining her position in the top three for the first half of 2014.

The results were highly influenced by the popularity of her drama "Man From The Stars," which became a hot topic among advertisers.

Following Jun Ji Hyun in second place is ice skater Kim Yuna, gathering 9.15% of the total votes. She has maintained her spot in the top three during the first half of the tear, placing first in January, second in February to April, and third in May.

Third placer miss A's Suzy, with 5.89% of the votes, is likewise maintaining her status as a top advertising model. During the first half of the year, she managed to grab a spot in the top five, placing fifth in January, third in February to April, and second in May.

Actor Lee Seung Gi becomes the only male in the top five, placing fourth for the month of June. Kim Soo Hyun comes in sixth, gagman Yoo Jae Suk places seventh, and top star Won Bin grabs the eight spot.

KDrama Stars

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Well-known hip-hop artist and entertainer MC Mong announced that he would return to his musical roots for the first time in four years with the release of a new album this year.

MC Mong is reported to have signed an exclusive contract with entertainment agency Wellmade Yedang and is working on an album to be released in September or October.

The star’s last album release was his fifth studio album “Humanimal” in 2009. Shortly after, he was caught up in a legal scandal that temporarily halted his career.

MC Mong left the public eye for nearly four years after being charged with violating the country’s mandatory military service laws in October 2010.

Evidence that Mong had deliberately tried to dodge his military enlistment led to a public outcry, which halted his public appearances, both on stage and on TV programs.

The artist debuted as part of the hip-hop group People Crew in 1998, but his career took off after he branched out as a solo artist. MC Mong is also widely known for his collaborations with popular stars including SG Wannabe, Jo Sung-mo and g.o.d.’s Kim Tae-woo.

Korea Herald

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Entertainer Yoo Chae-yeong, a prolific singer, actress and radio DJ, died yesterday at a hospital in northwestern Seoul.

She was 40.

The cause was gastric cancer, her family said, which she was first diagnosed with last year.

At the time of her death, Yoo was surrounded by her husband, family members and close friends.

On Monday, the media publicly announced that she had been battling her illness for months, overcoming some critical complications. However, she ultimately lost her fight with cancer, passing away around 8 a.m. yesterday.

Yoo first found out that she had Stage 4 gastric cancer last October during a regular physical exam. She underwent surgery and was later able to resume her normal activities after she was discharged from Severance Hospital in Sinchon, northwestern Seoul.

However, her condition had recently deteriorated, her husband told the press this week, and she was checked back into the hospital earlier this month to receive additional treatment.

Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, said Yoo had previously undergone surgery to remove the cancerous cells, though by that time it had spread to other parts of her body. She then continued with chemotherapy.

Yoo first made her debut at 17 years old as a member of the singing group Punsudeul (Idiots) in 1989, when she was still in high school. Afterward, she worked to expand her presence on stage, joining the group Cool in 1994 and catching the media’s attention with her shaved head, a bold hairstyle rarely seen on female celebrities.

She left the group a year later, going on to make up one half of the duo US.

Yoo went solo in 1999 with her hit song “Emotion,” which contributed to the nationwide spread of techno music.

She then branched out in the entertainment industry, showing off her comedic timing in a number of talk shows.

Yoo ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Park Bom, a member of the girl group 2NE1, will quit the television program “Roommate” after this weekend.

The episode set to air on Sunday will be the last episode featuring the singer.

Park has not participated in filming for the show since July 11.

The production team for the SBS reality show previously said that Park’s appearance on the program had not been problematic, though it was important for the star to decide whether she wanted to continue participating.

The broadcaster barely edited out Park’s appearance on the program even after she became involved in a dispute over allegations that she had smuggled illegal substances - specifically, amphetamines - into Korea four years ago.

She was caught by customs officials at Incheon International Airport attempting to bring in the contraband.

Amphetamines can be taken with a doctor’s prescription in the United States, while their use in Korea is prohibited. She was released without punishment.

JoongAng Daily

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A number of local celebrities are considering taking part in the upcoming KBS drama, tentatively named “Healer.”

The drama, scheduled to debut in November, centers on a novice journalist. The drama will reportedly combine elements of a thriller and a romantic comedy.

Actor Ji Chang-wook (pictured), of the MBC drama “Empress Ki”; Yoo Ji-tae, of the 2012 film “Mai Ratima”; and actress Park Min-young (pictured), of the MBC drama “Dr. Jin” have stated that they are interested in filming the show, media reports said.

JoongAng Daily

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JYJ will soon be making their comeback with a full-length album. On it, will even include a song featuring the popular US singer Chris Brown.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ's second full-length album "Just Us" will be released at the end of this month. One of the songs on it will be titled "Valentine", produced by Grammy-nominated Lonny Berealco and featuring Chris Brown. The group recorded the track in a studio in Los Angeles last summer.

"Just Us" will drop July 29th.

KBS Global

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Wednesday July 23, 2014

Source: on.cc / MingPao
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums






Last year, after news broke out about Sire Ma being the third party of Wang Zi Qi and wealthy upper-class woman, Laura's relationship, she was immediately frozen by TVB. Who knew that shortly after Sire resumed work again that a video of her doing a sexy dance would be leaked. The video appears to be filmed in a hotel, with Sire doing a sexy provocative dance. In the half-minute clip, short-haired Sire Ma is wearing sexy lingerie, which reveals all two "private parts", using all she has to "tease". With the background music, Doris Day's "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", she danced to the camera, and even spread her thighs, twisted her hip, touched her breasts, etc. A series of sexually flirty actions, definitely very daring. Afterwards, four more photos of her baring her "three points", and a photo with Sire Ma's head on a half naked body, lying on a bed, touching her own breasts were also leaked onto the internet. Some people suspect that the photo of Sire lying on a bed may be photoshopped, and that Sire's body doesn't seem to be as "plentiful" as the photo's. 

This afternoon, TVB's Commercial Communications co-director, Tsang Sing Ming expressed that he was in a meeting all morning, so he is not clear of the situation. Until dawn, Tsang Sing Ming faced reporters again, and expressed that he has already spoken with Virginia Lok about the situation, and said that standing in TVB's perspective, the company also feels that the situation is very serious: "Although the photos and the video happened in the past, but we still have to handle the situation." He admitted that they have immediately stopped all of Sire's jobs on hand, including hosting her entertainment ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0724-00282-033b1.jpg?t=1406147073739Ekin Cheng, Lawrence Cheng, Jase@C AllStar
courtesy of on.cc
Finally the cafe scene has been completed. As we evacuated from Po Hing Fong, we realized that the neighborhood was already used to having our team there. They missed us even more than I missed them, as countless photos were taken. Neighbors of Po Hing Fong and Pound Lane, thank you for accepting us......


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_24MB001_.jpgChin Wa plays a principal who insists on continuing despite only having 3 students left, Chu Nui (left), Kitty (second right) and Jenny (right)_24MB002_.jpgChin Wa cools down with a little fan in yesterday's high heat_24MB005_.jpgFor Chu Nui's 5th birthday, her parents, Chin Wa and producer Benny Chan present her with a birthday cake_24MB004_.jpgThe only 5 or 6 years old girls in the film are energetic and cute_24MB003_.jpgChin Wa takes a bicycle for a joy ride
courtesy of mingpao.com
Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday worked on the film NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JUENG (FIVE CHILDREN'S PRINCIPAL) in Tsuen Wan. Bonnie Wong Wai Man who played a cleaning lady made fun of her for only having three students in the scene. Yesterday the temperature reached 34 degree Celsius. Playing Principal Lui in the film, Chin Wa and her students Chu Nui, Jennie and Kitty had to wear long sleeve clothes for winter scenes. Thus they immediately cooled down with a little fan when they were not in the shoot.

Chin Wa worked on the film in Tsuen Wan. When she was not in a scene she took a bicycle for a fun joy around the set.

Yesterday was one of the child actor Chu Nui's fifth birthday. Chin Wa and Chu Nui's parents, producer Benny Chan Muk Sing and the team presented a birthday cake during lunch to celebrate with her. "Little classmates" Siu Suet, Jennie, Kitty and Ka Ka also sang birthday songs. Chu Nui was all smile and even gave Chin Wa a kiss.

With five children, Chin Wa admitted that at ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20140724fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com
The Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS (YU LAN SUN GUNG) after less than two weeks in release accumulated HK$10,191,113 at the box office, successfully broke the 10 million mark and many ghost film box office records. With Macau, its box office reached HK$11,183,891. As the director Ka Fai was very excited and thanked Hong Kong viewers for supporting domestic creativity.

Ka Fai recalled last year when he shot a night scene in which a female ghost in red appeared in a building, a group of students happened to pass by. Suddenly he pointed at the building and yelled, "Behind you!" The students saw a female ghost in red in mid air, screamed and ran. Ka Fai said, "This sudden scare is exactly the feeling that I want! Now I have pulled it off! This first filmmaking experience that received everyone's support was truly very encouraging. I hope next time will be even better." HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS not only received Hong Kong and Macau audience's enthusiastic support. Earlier an advanced screening was held, not only viewers showed their support with facial masks but also film critics praised the cast for their outstanding performance.


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