The Hong Kong singer and his wife-to-be recently had a 10-hour-long wedding shoot


Cantopop star William So and his fiancée Anita Fung, who will tie the knot at a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong on Dec 2, recently had a 10-hour wedding shoot in Las Vegas.

As the singer was in the city for Big Four's (consisting of William, Dicky Cheung, Andy Hui and Edmond Leung) concert, he made use of the opportunity to hold the shoot there.

'My wife-to-be wanted to go somewhere special. She really likes Las Vegas and I happened to be there, so we squeezed time out of our tight schedules to do it,' William explained.

According to media reports, the 46-year-old spent HK$300,000 (approximately S$50,000) to hire 14 helpers and rent two vehicles that brought them to a desert for the shoot. To capture the morning light, the team had an overnight ride and even got lost while navigating around the desert.

Instead of the conventional white gown and suit, William and Anita opted for black outfits matched with sunglasses. Afterwards, the entourage travelled to their second shoot location at Bellagio Hotel's musical fountain.

Attracting unwanted attention from tourists, the couple hired an escort, who is said to be Lady Gaga's designated bodyguard, to ensure that the shoot went on smoothly.




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The actress-model Shu Qi clears the air about her 'movie collaboration' with Hugh Jackman


After cosying up to X-Men star Hugh Jackman in a 15-minute car commercial, it is reported by Taiwanese media that Taiwanese actress Shu Qi is planning to make a foray in Hollywood.

At the launch of the commercial in Guangzhou yesterday, Shu Qi confessed her admiration for her co-star since the 2009 Oscars where he hosted, acted, sang, danced and cracked jokes. 'He is awesome. It is rare to have such an all-rounded star in Asia,' she said.

The 38-year-old also praised Hugh for having no airs as 'he had no bodyguards with him'.

As the filming process, which took five days, coincided with his wedding anniversary, the caring actor even brought his wife along and requested for time-off to celebrate the occasion. Even though Mrs Jackman was present, both actors had incredible chemistry on set.

Responding to speculations of an upcoming movie collaboration which stated that the actress-model will be playing Hugh's younger sister, Shu Qi laughingly replied: 'Really? How can I act as his sister? He maintains (his skin and body) so well!'

She revealed that Hugh eats as per normal while filming for the commercial as he does not see the need to control his diet for a job that does not require him to show his body.

Despite her co-actor's words, Shu Qi maintains she needs to stay slim as 'this will make me look nice in any clothes' although she does feel the chore of having to eat little.

Shu Qi adds that she hopes to try her hand at comedies before she taking on more sophisticated characters after she turns 40. The beauty even joked that she wants to put on weight when she ages to 'feel more blessed this way!'



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Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung was said to have gotten pregnant during her month-long holiday in the United States


According to Hong Kong media reports, 38-year-old Gigi Leung is finally going to be a mother after she tied the knot with Spanish husband Sergio in 2011. The couple adore kids and have been trying for a child since they got married, but to no avail.

After Gigi was diagnosed with shoulder periathritis months ago, plans for a baby had to be halted. However, it was when Sergio suggested a relaxing vacation to the United States in end-May that she got pregnant.

The singer attended fellow musician Eric Kwok's concerts as a guest star for three times in a row, and felt a discomfort in her abdomen afterwards. Thinking it was due to a bout of food poisoning, Gigi reportedly visited the doctor who then broke the good news to her.

However, the news remains unverified as Gigi replied to congratulatory messages saying she has 'no good news to share for now.' It is believed that the couple, though overjoyed, decided to keep it a secret for the first three months due to Chinese traditions.

Reporters who waited at their apartment in Hong Kong tried to congratulate Sergio on Gigi's pregnancy, but the father-to-be declined to respond to these queries.

In addition to these rumours, Gigi has turned down an event appearance next month, which she had originally planned to attend, to care for her pregnancy. However, her manager clarified that she still has several jobs on hand and had to reject the event due to family affairs. There was strictly no mention of Gigi's pregnancy.


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First time mothers Annie Wu and Angel Hou shared blissful photos of themselves and their baby girls


After announcing her four-month pregnancy in February, Taiwanese actress Annie Wu has finally given birth to a girl three days ago. Two years into her marriage with high-level executive at Phoenix Satellite TV Aaron Liao, the 35-year-old confessed to binging on anything and everything during her pregnancy.

'Whatever the elders told me I could eat, I would eat,' she added. It was only until the doctor warned her against eating too much that she stopped.

Annie also said, 'This is my first baby and the doctor advised me to go for a natural birth. But the baby was not in the right position, so I had to do a C-section.'

Her close friend revealed that both mother and daughter are well, and that Aaron specially flew from Mainland China to Taiwan to keep them company. The doting husband knew Annie's love for swimming and decided to name their daughter 'Ariel' after The Little Mermaid.

Posting a loving photo of herself and Ariel, Annie wrote a caption on her behalf: 'Good morning to all my grandpas, grandmas, uncles, aunties, brothers and sisters. This is little mermaid Mia and I'm 3 days old. I am very healthy and I weigh 3.5kg. Thank you Daddy and Mommy for bringing me to this world!'




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_30MB008_.jpgChrissie Chau and Ekin Cheng have chemistry on film so business should not be a problem._30MB009_.jpgCarman Lee pulls Lawrence Cheng's ear for "pranking" her about the premiere date_30mb304.jpgMiriam Yeung says that her husband Real Ting has high expectations that are hard to please_30mb305.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20140730fp05.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0730-00282-020b1.jpg?t=1406663488012Miriam Yeung says her husband is acting up over the lack of a birthday surprise0730-00282-020b2.jpg?t=14066634847640730-00282-020b3.jpg?t=1406663457330Carman Lee returns to support Lawrence Cheng0730-00282-020b4.jpg?t=1406663403644Chin Kar Lok and Angela Tong
courtesy of
The Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui directed film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) two nights ago held a premiere. Leads Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Alex Lam Tak Shun, C AllStar and Chin Kar Lok attended. Cheng Tan Shui's wife from the TVB series NEVER DANCE ALONE Carman Lee Yeuk Tung and the young M Club members also attended. Ekin and Sister Na became good friends after working together this time. In the film they opened a cafe, in real life they also wanted to open a cafe with director Ah Tan.

Ekin said that during the shoot he already asked if the property owner would sell the location, but the owner declined and said that it would only be rented out. Thus he and Sister Na had to find a new spot. Ekin joked that he would definitely include Ah Tan because he was very rich. Ekin years ago actually has been a boss. When he was hosting a children's ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0730-00282-021b1.jpg?t=1406664199241Babyjohn Choi0730-00282-021b2.jpg?t=1406664196251Eddie Cheung
courtesy of
Film industry new comer Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik yesterday attended a fast food restaurant's "less rice" charity event. He claimed to have a great appetite and would eat from the beginning to the end at hot pot casserole. Babyjohn revealed that in the summer he will do voice work for a film and promote his new film TWILIGHT ONLINE (HUNG BO JOI SIN). Speaking of Eddie Cheung Siu Fai's two Best Actor awards with the film, he admitted that he was happy for Brother Fai. "I wrote a thank you card to him like 'Chicken Little", to thank him for taking care of me during the shoot. I thought about how a man would personally tell that to another man, and I was bashful. It was a little token of my appreciation." As for any supernatural event during the shoot, Babyjohn said, "Once a co-worker surprised me in ghost makeup. (Are you scared of ghosts?) As long as it doesn't communicate with me in any way I am OK!"


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_30MI015_.jpgEric Tsang jokes that production wise Nicholas Tse is the elder_30MI013_.jpgBTL_30MI014_.jpgYe-A plays cute_30mi302.jpgDennis To is free to take jobs on his own. _30MI011_.jpgBonnie Lai feels positive energy is needed to escape the darkness of domestic violence
courtesy of mingpao.com20140730fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0730-00282-035b1.jpg?t=1406664458415Yumi Wan0730-00282-035b2.jpg?t=1406664442397Dennis To0730-00282-035b3.jpg?t=1406664439408Bonnie Lai0730-00282-035b5.jpg?t=1406664417454courtesy of
Star Gaze Entertainment Group yesterday held a press conference to announce an alliance with two major Korean entertainment companies Kiroy and C2K as well as Mainland music culture group Tianhe Culture. Korean groups BTL, N-Sonic and Ye-A performed. Directors Herman Yau Lai To and Roger Cheng Kin Kwok introduced their new films. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Dennis To Yu-Hang, Bonnie Lai Yin San and Donny Summer (Ha Siu Sing) showed their support.

Chi Wai and Star Gaze had no plan to collaborate yet but would not eliminate any film collaboration. He and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung were rumored to start a production company, Chi Wai admitted that he had such an intention. Mainly it will focus on post production. Because they were still in negotiation he could not talk about it yet; he also said that he has always liked Ting Fung very much. In film he was Ting Fung's elder, but in post production he was a late comer. Ting Fung has been in the business for many years and done very well. Would he join Ting Fung's current production company? Chi Wai revealed that they would open another one ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_30ME007_.jpgJanice Man_30me301.jpgJenny Xu sends her blessing to old flame Hinson Chou and Lily Ho_30ME006_.jpgAlfred Hui, Tony Hung, Janice Man, Fred Cheng and Him Law
courtesy of
Janice Man Wing Shun, Alfred Hui Ting Hung, Fred Cheng Chun Won, Law Chung Him and Tony Hung Wing Sing yesterday unveiled the ONE PIECE exhibit that officially opens today at Causeway Bay Times Square. JM said that when she made her new film HELIOS (CHET DOH), she spent half a year on martial art training. Everyday she did 100 push ups. If she did not have the determination to pursue her dream, she truly could not have endured.

Recently a magazine caught him "smuggling" a man home. JM said that that day was her new company press conference. A friend took her to dinner and an after party, then she drove him home. She was not smuggling. Would she and this man have any chance to develop? She said, "Now I just have a new start at work, I hope to focus on work first. (Do you want to date?) I do, but I also need time to understand and observe. I know the media are very concerned with my love life. I haven't dated in more than a year, I am a little dry but I am in no hurry. (Would the new company prohibit you from dating?) We haven't studied the dating issue, but dating is very normal. If I date I would admit it, I wouldn't talk about it during the observation period. I would wait until it is stable."


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At least 10 more compromising clips of Hong Kong actress Sire Ma may be leaked anytime


Following the release of Hong Kong actress Sire Ma's private video clip which featured her dressed in barely-there lingerie and making steamy dance moves last Wednesday, the TVB starlet has admitted that more clips may be leaked in due time.

Sire has reportedly admitted to having filmed at least 10 similar clips using her and her close friend's mobile phones; these included shots of her having intercourse, as well as vacation and kissing photos taken mostly in Shanghai.

Although Sire has reported the matter to the police, the actress' reputation has been badly damaged and she is now emotionally unstable. It was said that after the 26-year-old broke up with 'the person she had loved wrongly,' she claimed to have lost her phone and requested for her ex to delete those clips.

There have been speculations lately that Wang Ziqi, who used to be in a relationship with Sire, is the culprit behind these leaks, but the former emphasised that she has deleted all clips.

Sire is now down with depression and has a phobia of crowds due to the emotional stress caused by this incident. She believes that the police is unable to help her as she said someone is out to destroy her reputation.

An insider revealed, 'After the incident, Sire looked for the other party and asked for mercy but the other party played dumb and there was no room for discussion. This was when Sire decided to call the police. Her friends also stepped out to request for those in possession of those clips to keep them private.'

At a press conference last week, Sire had told the media she will face the crisis courageously and be accountable for her actions.

In fact, the insider continued, 'She was ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Stephen Chow's "Mermaid" to begin filming this year

Monday July 28, 2014 Hong Kong







Ever since the success of "Journey to the West", audiences have been anticipating the next project from comedy guru Stephen Chow, "The Mermaid", which has been developing quietly.


According to the latest news on Phoenix, the movie is expected to begin shooting in the later part of this year, beginning with an audition for the lead actress that will be held at the end of July.

It was reported that Stephen has high expectations for his next "Sing Girl", a term used to describe actresses

like Cecilia Cheung, Eva Huang and Kitty Zhang who found fame through his movies, and will be taking his time before deciding on the perfect candidate.


Meanwhile, a source from Stephen's Bingo Group disclosed that the movie will not be a fantasy costume drama as it was previously reported, but a modern drama.


"Specific information including the storyline, budget, and investors will not be revealed for the time being," said the insider, who added that Stephen also hopes to repeat his previous collaboration with another director like he did with Derek Kwok in "Journey to the West".


However, there is no news on the actor who will play the lead role, after comedy star-director Xu Zheng reportedly turned down the movie.


While the release ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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