The singer's daughter was seen crying in the preview of the next episode and said, 'Bye, I have to go.'


Malaysian singer Gary Chaw and his two children Joe, 6, and Grace, 3, have joined the second season of China version reality show Dad, Where Are You Going? early this year. But his younger child will now be leaving the show as she bade farewell to co-stars and viewers in the preview of the next episode.

Grace was seen crying and saying goodbye to the other children, 'Bye, I have to go.'

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one of the fathers on the show, hugged and consoled her, 'Grace is my goddess.'

Gary's management explained, 'Gary respects his daughter's decision and will not force her to do anything against her will.'

The production unit shared, 'Grace will leave the show and will not participate in the last stop of Dad, Where Are We Going?'

In addition, the host of the show, Li Rui, published a book which included conflicts of the show. A portion mentioned how Francis got angered by Gary during their first meeting when the latter told him, 'I grew up watching your movies,' and elaborated, 'Including the ones with explicit content.'

When this was made public, Francis expressed regret over participating in the show as 'he thought he only had to bring his child to the zoo. Now he has become a gorilla (laughing stock).'




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The singer jumped out of nowhere to grab the bouquet from the ladies who were standing in line for it


Hong Kong actor Kenny Bee and his girlfriend of 17 years finally tied the knot on Monday in Bali, where he reportedly spent HK$5million (approximately S$800,000) for the grand affair.

Many celebrities joined the couple in celebrating this occasion and rumoured lovers Elva Hsiao and Elroy Cheo also attended the event together. The bouquet toss from bride Fan Jiang saw Elva, Hong Kong actress Niki Chow, Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang and many others line up for it.

To everyone's surprise, Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo jumped above them all to grab the bouquet and the guests exploded in cheers and laughter. The 35-year-old, who had previously revealed his wish to get married and have three children, took a celebratory photo with the newlyweds and the ladies who 'lost' to him.

The wedding was filled with song and dance by celebrities' children and singers who attended. Jacky Cheung, Alan Tam, Show, actors Nick Cheung and Eric Tsang as well as Hong Kong band The Wynners, which had Kenny and Alan on the lead vocals, gathered to sing for the couple.




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0828-00282-050b1.jpg?t=1409179235188Simon Yam says his two films hurt mentally and physically0828-00282-050b2.jpg?t=1409179219971Shawn Yue0828-00282-050b3.jpg?t=1409179204608Jazz Lam0828-00282-050b4.jpg?t=1409179201890Louis Koo
courtesy of
Artists Simon Yam Tat Wa, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Jazz Lam Chi Sin and Philip Ng Won Lung two nights ago attended the Ringo Lam Lan Tung directed film HUSTLE (MAI SING)'s wrap banquet. Goo Jai and Lok Jai both said that HUSTLE was not difficult. Chi Sin joked that he loved to get beat up. As for Director Lam's preference to use real weapons in place of props, he said, "Director Lam isn't that crazy. My relationship with him is very close. We get along very pleasantly."

Brother Wa just finished working on his new film SPL II (SAT POR LONG II) in Thailand. He said that he had fight scenes in SPL II and joked that he was almost tortured to death. Was he tortured more in HUSTLE of SPL II? Brother Wa said, "Director Lam's torture is mental, the other one is physical. In the end they both hurt." He also congratulated Wu Jing on becoming a father.


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0828-00282-005b1.jpg?t=14091788888940828-00282-005b2.jpg?t=1409178826813Alice Li has worked on AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT0828-00282-018b1.jpg?t=14091787401020828-00282-062b1.jpg?t=1409178526405courtesy of on.cc_28MA010_.jpgSimon Yam and Jennifer Tse_28mb401.jpg
_28MB014_.jpgChen Bo-Lin celebrates his 31st birthday_28MB007_.jpgNicholas Tse works with Alice Li on BUT ALWAYS_28MB020_.jpgGao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse promote BUT ALWAYS in Beijing_28mb402.jpgYijo has photos with Ko Chen-Tung on her Weibo
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The Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) and Ko Chen-Tung drug arrests in Beijing had news everyday. Reportedly two female artists were with them that day. Yesterday a magazine reported that they were Beijing Emperor artist Luo Si (Alice Li Xiaonan) and former Korean girl group RaNia's Chinese member Yijo (Xiang Yijiao). Both were assisting in the Public Security investigation. Emperor executive Mani Fok Man Hei yesterday said that for now she still has not been able to contact Luo Si.

Luo Si has starred in films like AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG) and THE MIDAS TOUCH (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN). Recently she also had a part in the Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan starred BUT ALWAYS. Reportedly those involved were worried about the effect of her assisting the investigation would have on the film, thus they have been locking down information.

Simon Yam Tat Wa has worked with Luo Si on AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT. He said that rumors have to be confirmed to be true or false and should not be random speculation. "Fong Tung" have already made ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Andy Hui is Sammi Cheng's stress relief

Wednesday August 27, 2014 Hong Kong







Good boyfriend Andy Hui has been keeping his lady love, Sammi Cheng, company while she prepares for her upcoming year-end series of performances.


As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who attended the first session of the Cantonese Songs Ranking Award Ceremony, revealed that he has been accompanying Sammi on her jogs and talking to her to relieve her stress.


"We discuss things like what music we want to listen to, which songs she should sing and what songs would I want," said Andy.


When asked what songs have Sammi decided on, Andy replied, "I will not tell you. If she ends up not using the songs I mention, I would be embarrassed!"


"She has a lot of good songs and I like some of her songs that were not even as popular as her hits. I wish she will sing them," he added.


However, the singer admitted that due to the influx of fans, he wasn't able to get a hold of the tickets to Sammi's upcoming "Touch Mi" concert.


"I would like to personally come to the concert to support her. I think I will speak to her company to see if there are tickets for me," he said.

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Wednesday August 27, 2014 Hong Kong







Nicholas Tse is a golden divorcé after all, after it was reported that his net worth is now over RMB 800 million (approximately USD 130 million).


According to Mingpao News, in an interview with a Chinese media recently, it was revealed that the actor's special effects production company in Hong Kong, Post Production Office Limited, now has an annual net profit of RMB 110 million (USD 17.9 million), with the company's sales value up to HKD 6 billion (USD 774 million).


The company, with two branches in Beijing and Shanghai, provides services for movies, video games and advertisements. Though it only started with four people, the company is now creating jobs for 200 people and expanding, ET Today reported.


The actor joked, "I am a generous boss. Not only do I cook for my employees, I also create a homey feeling at the office so they would feel comfortable."


However, the actor said that the company will not be listed on the stock exchange.


"Technology has become rapid these past few years, especially in phone app advertisements. There are a lot of things to see in a tiny space," said Nicholas.


Aside from his production company, Nicholas also invests in real estate, catering, entertainment and sports brands.

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Wednesday August 27, 2014 Hong Kong







Actor Timmy Hung vehemently denied rumours saying that he is cheating on his wife, Janet Chow, after a photo of him holding hands with another woman was published online.


As reported on Phoenix, on 24 August, several Netizens claimed that they saw the actor with a mysterious woman at the Macau Ferry Terminal.


Reportedly, after attending the premiere of "The Expendables 3" on 22 August at the Venetian Macau with Janet, Timmy continued to stay in the city to attend the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) while his wife returned to Hong Kong.


Netizens claimed that they saw the actor with the mysterious woman after the event, laughing together and holding hands while waiting for their ferry.


In response to the rumours, the actor explained, "There was a group of people waiting for the ferry. We were not holding hands at all."


"Aside from my brother and sister, there were also other stars like Philip Ng, Toby Leung and Andy On. If you don't believe, you can watch the CCTV recordings from the ferry terminal," he said.

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Wong Cho Lam clarifies Leanne Li's post: We're not pregnant!

Wednesday August 27, 2014 Hong Kong






 Comedy actor Wong Cho Lam recently clarifies rumours about girlfriend Leanne Li's pregnancy, after the actress sparked speculations with her easily misinterpreted Weibo post.


Previously, Leanne announced that she will be going for a stage performance in the United States with Wong and a group of artistes.


In her Weibo post, Leanne stated, "We will be sharing human lives together by that time", sparking rumours that the two of them will be having a shotgun wedding in the US due to an accidental pregnancy.


However, according to On CC News, the actor quickly dispelled the rumours by replying to Leanne's post.


He wrote, "We are not the kind of artistes who will register their marriage secretly in Las Vegas. We are only sharing 'human lives', as in stories of the ups and downs and struggles people go through, not creating 'new life'."


Leanne later clarified her post. "Sorry for the mistake. [It seems] that there is no improvement in my Chinese yet."

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The identities of the two women who were arrested with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan, the only son of Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, during a drug bust in Beijing have been revealed.

The two women, Chinese actress under Emperor Group's management Alice Li, and Joyce Chang, former Chinese member of Korean group RaNia, were in Jaycee's house before being arrested at a foot reflexology centre.

Alice had acted in Chinese movie But Always, which also stars Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan and has yet to open in cinemas. Sponsors are worried that the drug scandal will cause her to be banned from the Chinese media industry like Jaycee and Kai.

Both Alice and Joyce were said to have pleaded with authorities for leniency and hoped their identities and actions will not be exposed.

In addition, Jaycee has reportedly been fined NT$25million (approximately S$1.06million) by the production unit of Chinese variety show 2 Days & 1 Night for missing a recording session last Monday after he was arrested.

Jaycee's management agency M'Stones International had already requested to stop collaborating with the production unit after the arrest and refunded the NT$7.4 million (approximately S$310,000) deposit. However, they asked for further compensation for 'being unable to fulfil contractual terms'.

Jaycee's manager responded and said all sponsors and production units have been informed of the 31-year-old's arrest and M'Stones International will settle all financial matters as Jaycee was the one at fault.

Jaycee Chan loses 3kg after 11 days in detention
Kai Ko to make a public apology for doing marijuana
Jaycee Chan admits to taking drugs for eight years


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Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan was admitted to the hospital yesterday for Rhabdomyolysis, a condition where damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down rapidly. The 31-year-old was said to be in so much pain that he broke down in tears while being rushed to the hospital.

According to media reports, Ethan had been burning candles at both ends with promotional activities for his new movie Paradise in Service and training for the upcoming Taiwan Speed Festival (TSF), a series of go-kart races to be held at the Pen Bay International Circuit in Taiwan this weekend.

On Aug 26, Ethan's good friend posted on Facebook that the actor had undergone intense training for the competition, where the test drives were done under the blazing sun. Due to the lack of rest, the avid racer started showing signs of muscle breakdown. Fortunately, Ethan's condition was discovered early and he is currently recuperating at home.

To assure everyone that he is doing fine, Ethan posted a photo on Weibo which showed him lying on the hospital bed and posing with a 'victory sign'.




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