One male staff and two members of AKB48 were slashed by a 24 years old unemployed man with a knife at a handshake event held in Iwate industrial culture center on May 25th, 2014 at 16:55.

The three injured victims were taken to hospital by an ambulance, they are considered conscious and in stable conditions. The operating company of AKB announced a formal comment that Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) (19), Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) (18) and a staff member of the venue were injured. The injuries have been described as "hand injuries".

Details of the incident have also been revealed in an interview by police. It is said the incident happened at 16:55 during the handshake event where fans were waiting in in line to shake hands with idols. Man with a knife was seen suddenly jumping out from the crowd and started slashing the members.

Information that Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) and Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) were injured has been swirling on the internet since the incident. It is said that the both of them have hand injuries. The operating company of AKB commented that their injuries are "not life threatening".

Rina Kawaei(川栄李奈) and Anna Iriyama(入山杏奈) were both in the same lane during the handshake meeting event.

Mayu Watanabe(渡辺麻友), Yuki Kashiwagi(柏木由紀), Haruna Kojima(小嶋陽菜), Minami Takahashi(高橋みなみ), Haruka Shimazaki(島崎遙香) were also present at the event today.


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Here is what spurred FRIDAY to write this report. There was a recent survey by Shukan Bunshun where they received 3,200 responses selecting the most liked and disliked actors and the following are the results with the number of votes in brackets:

[u]Most Liked Actors[/u]
1) Sakai Masato (76)
2) Takakura Ken (59)
3) Abe Hiroshi (49)
4) Takenouchi Yutaka (29)
5) Okada Junichi (25)
6) Nishijima Hidetoshi (24)
7) Sato Koichi (22)
8) Nishida Toshiyuki / Mizutani Yutaka / Watanabe Ken / Kagawa Teruyuki (18)

[u]Most Disliked Actors[/u]
1) Kimura Takuya (163)
2) Mizutani Yutaka (31)
3) Ayano Go / Sakai Masato (29)
5) Mukai Osamu (16)
6) Funakoshi Eiichiro (14)
7) Nakao Akira (11)
8) Nishida Toshiyuki / Takenaka Naoto / Ishida Junichi (10)

As you can see, Kimura was tops in the most disliked actors ranking with a big lead over No.2 Mizutani Yutaka. Many of the reasons given by those who chose him had to do with his acting which feels the same over the past 20 years and he's always putting on a cool front to maintain his aloof image. In relation to this, FRIDAY mentioned this incident in early May where Kimura was in Shibuya for the filming of "HERO 2" for 1.5 hour but did not acknowledge the presence of his fans who had gathered there nor even smiled at them. It was said that Kimura is never the type who is comfortable with the media's questions and would keep a distance from people. However, in the past, his aloofness might have been seen as being "cool" but of late, rankings such as the one above or another ranking from Josei Seven's double issue on 8th May placing him as the third most disliked man ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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It was about 1 am in the morning. At a street crossing near Naka-Meguro Station, Ikuta Toma (29) was spotted wearing a cap and glasses. Beside him was a petite female wearing a mask. They chatted as they crossed the street, heading towards a dim alleyway. He casually reached for her hand and they walked hand-in-hand, eventually linking arms.

They seem to be heading to a deserted park after their dinner date at a Japanese restaurant earlier, where they had spent about two hours. They continued chatting there, and laughter could occasionally be heard. After a while, they started walking again, out of the park towards the main street. He flagged a taxi but only she got into it.

Who is she? Maybe a little surprisingly, she's not an actress or a model. She is Kawakita Nao, the 38-year-old drummer and vocalist of the metal band 'Maximum the Hormone'.

Ikuta Toma is known to be an avid fan of the band. A music writer commented that Toma not only attends their live performances, he lines up with other fans to buy their merchandise. He also has gone out for meals with the band members. In other words, she might be someone he looks up to. But Kawakita Nao is also a married woman.

She married the bassist of the now disbanded band REMIND in December 2008, and gave birth to a daughter in May 2010. FRIDAY caught up with her as she was leaving her house.

Reporter: Excuse me, I'm from Friday.
Nao: Eh.... yes.
Reporter: Did you have a meal with Ikuta Toma-san at Nakameguro the other day?
Nao: Ah, we often go ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Utada Hikaru and her Italian husband held their wedding at Santa Maria Assunta Church in Polignano a Mare, Italy on 23 May around noon where she was surrounded by 4 bodyguards who used umbrellas to block reporters from taking photographs of the bride.

When Utada made her marriage announcement on 10 Feb this year, the response to the news was so overwhelming that she asked for the media not to disturb her husband and his family and that their privacy be respected. She commented that her wedding ceremony is not a show and hoped that the media and fans would not focus too much on it. As such, even the guests invited to the wedding were not allowed to bring cameras into the church. After the ceremony, the newly-weds and the guests gathered for a party at the nearby Certosa di San Lorenzo.

Utada had met her husband last year when she was staying in London and he was working as a bartender at a hotel there. They began dating soon after and introduced each other to their parents during summer.

Utada previously married movie director cum photographer Kiriya Kazuaki in 2002 when she was just 19 and the couple divorced in March 2007.


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ASKA of the popular singing duo CHAGE and ASKA was arrested on suspicion of possessing stimulants on 6 April but had denied the accusation, according to reports on 17 May. ASKA was first named in some weekly magazines during July last year for being suspected of using drugs but had denied those reports. In response to the scandal, his agency also announced in October last year that ASKA was taking a break from his musical activities out of his own will.

Meanwhile, CHAGE also released his statement on their official website on 17 May where he commented that he had been waiting for ASKA to return to work but feels regretful that things have come to this stage. As ASKA's arrest had come as a surprise, CHAGE said that he is confused and not sure how he should respond for now but he will be taking on the scheduled fan club events on his own for the time being and promises to do his best. He also apologised for the worry and inconveniences caused to fans and related parties.

As for the duo's agency, they also released an apology statement for the worry caused to everyone and indicated that they will decide on the appropriate action after finding out more about ASKA's case.


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The rumor of the two having matching rings, the time when the two were discovered visiting Shun Oguri's place as a couple, the speculations of Jun Matsumoto(松本潤) (30) and Mao Inoue(井上真央) (27) dating each other have been whispered for some time now. In the latest issue of Shukan Josei magazine released on May 13th, 2014, it is reported that the two has a plan to get married within the year. The fact that they are dating is no longer a "urban legend" anymore but when will they go public with their relationship?

In the magazine, it covers the sighting of the two's secret date at a yakiniku restaurant in Shibuya. In regards to "wedding date", it is said it will be determined after the filming of Inoue's starring NHK taiga drama series "Hana Moyu(花燃ゆ)" set to broadcast in 2015. There is no doubt that if the two are going to host the upcoming NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen, they will announce the marriage at that time.

"Ever since the two co-starred in the drama series Hana Yori Dango(花より男子) in 2005, fans were already suspected that MatsuJun and Inoue were dating. Also, it was revealed last year that Mari Kagaya(加賀谷真理), the PR person for "Ralph Lauren Japan" was introduced to MatsuJun and Inoue when she was at Mr. and Mrs. Oguri's place. In January of this year, one weekly magazine had decisive pictures of the two dating. After Johnny's intervened, it was reported that the supposed images of the two dating were replaced with gravure pictures of everyone from Arashi."
-Weekly Magazine Reporter

With Matsumoto as the member of one of the most popular groups in Johnny's, the agency is doing everything they can to stop the relationship from going public and to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Pictures of what seems to be Jackie Chan embracing a nude woman has been spreading on the Internet

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan has been plagued by relationship scandals throughout his many years in the industry, and it seems that Jackie has found himself embroiled in yet another scandal.

Recently, a photo of a person resembling Jackie embracing a nude woman in his underwear has been spreading like wildfire over the Internet. The man pictured bore strong resemblance to a younger Jackie, and the woman was thought to be Japanese actress Mizusawa Aki.

Netizens even claimed that the woman looked like Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung, but it was later revealed that the faces had been superimposed onto the picture.

Regarding this issue, Charlie's management agency replied yesterday: 'This is a joke; it's obvious that the editing work done on this picture is very haphazard. This whole incident is too funny; everyone should know that Jackie had just celebrated his 60th birthday. The 'Jackie' in the photo looks to be about 20 to 30 years old; at that time, Charlie couldn't have been more than 10 years old.'

However, it's also true that Aki had claimed to have had an affair with Jackie 30 years ago.

She revealed the details during her appearance on a variety program in December last year: 'When I was younger, I was once sent to Paris as a correspondent for Fuji Television Network. They sent me to Spain to interview Jackie, who was filming a movie there. We dated after that, and I often flew to Spain to visit him, in order to [maintain] the relationship.'

Aki also praised Jackie for his sweet nature and beautiful muscles. She claimed ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Takeshi Kaneshiro's The Crossing co-stars say that they grew up watching his films

Japanese-Taiwanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro has hit the 4-0-mark, but is he considered to be aging?

At the press conference for upcoming movie The Crossing (directed by Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo) yesterday, Takeshi turned up with his co-stars Huang Xiaoming, Song Hye Kyo, Masami Nagasawa and other actors.

40-year-old Takeshi was paired up with Masami Nagasawa, 26, for the first time onscreen, and when asked about working with him, the Japanese actress unintentionally hinted that her co-star is rather old. 'Takeshi is very well-known in Japan,' she said. 'I've admired him since I was young.'

Following suit, the other actors started to speak up about Takeshi, with whom they are on good terms.

Chinese actor Wang Qianyuan chipped in: 'I'm a John Woo fan, but I've grown up watching Takeshi's movies.'

Popular Korean actress Song Hye Kyo added: 'I'm very happy to be able to work with so many outstanding actors, and though I'm not Takeshi's partner in the film, I've watched his shows since young too!'

These comments drew much laughter from the crowd, while Takeshi appeared both exasperated and amused at the same time.

In the three-minute trailer played on the screen, Takeshi has the most screen time '“ he appeared tanned and energetic, and John even told reporters: 'This is Takeshi's best work ever since he stepped into the film industry.'

Takeshi revealed that this movie required him to speak in Mandarin, Taiwanese dialect, and Japanese onscreen. 'It's quite special using Taiwanese dialect to act, to bring out the feel of that era. It's very different from now. Although I don't speak it well, I feel that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Fans of monster movies or big Hollywood blockbusters are no doubt aware that a reboot of the famous Godzilla franchise is due to hit theaters this month. As you might imagine for a movie featuring one of their most beloved pop culture icons, the Japanese are deeply interested in how America is going to bring their national kaiju to the screen.

When clear pictures of the creature hit the net, the response was probably not what studio execs were hoping for. Some Japanese fans are apparently calling this incarnation of Godzilla “fat”. Ouch.

The pictures, released by Warner Legendary through the Los Angeles Times, were immediately picked up by fan sites here in Japan. While some commenters said this Godzilla looked stronger than his ancestor, others were not as impressed.

“He’s so fat, I laughed.”
“Where’s his neck?”
“He’s gone and supersized himself!”
“I’m not surprised. A spare tire is expected in middle age.”
“Gee, even Godzilla has metabolic syndrome these days…”

Sure, this Godzilla is much larger than his predecessors, but I’m not sure calling him fat is a good idea. Even gigantic lizard monsters have feelings, you guys. And do you really want to make a 100-meter-tall reptilian sea beast more angry?


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The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Special Stage event at the Niconico Chōkaigi 3 convention announced the cast of the new Sailor Moon anime, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal:

Kotono Mitsuishi as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Kotono's feelings on returning to the role she started 22 years ago: "I want to hurry up and meet moving Usagi again." She thinks that there are some people who are worried about the new cast. This is because the fans loved the work, and they loved the characters. She added that she is the same way. She said that she will not put a lid on her feelings about the earlier anime and throw them away, but she will take them with her into the new work. She asks fans to cheer the staff on, and "miracle romance" with her.

Hisako Kanemoto as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

Rina Satou as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Satou remembers playing Sailor Moon as a child. She always wanted to be Mars, but was always forced to be Makoto because of her height. She is happy that her dream of becoming Mars came true in this way.

Ami Koshimizu as Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter

(article cut to save bandwidth)

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