Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun will work together again in the upcoming TBS Winter 2015 drama "Ouroboros" (timeslot undecided) which will be shown from January next year. The drama which is based on the manga by Kanzaki Yuya that had sold 1.2 million copies to date, is the first real-life adaptation production and the title means ancient symbols of a snake and dragon which bite their tails to form a circle that represents "death and rebirth" as well as "destroy & create". (Click here to see a picture of the ouroboros)

Ikuta and Oguri who are close friends and had last worked together in the 2007 FujiTV drama "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise", will be playing childhood friends Ryuzaki Ikuo and Danno Tatsuya respectively this time. Ikuo and Tatsuya who grew up together in an orphanage, chose entirely different paths in life where Ikuo is a clumsy and seemingly ordinary police detective who actually has the best arrest rate and is extremely fit. However, Tatsuya uses his good looks and cleverness to rise to the top of an yakuza organisation but secretly helps his buddy Ikuo to handle his cases. In addition, the two of them strive to find out the truth about the murder of their beloved Yuko-sensei who took good care of them at the orphanage 15 years ago. Back then, they had testified to the police that they saw the murderer but the case was written off by a police officer who they remembered was wearing a gold watch at that time. While trying to find the police officer concerned, they become unlikely allies who seek to punish evil when justice cannot be upheld by the law.

Filming is due to begin at the end of November.




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Comedian Oshima Miyuki won the best actress award for her performance in the new movie "Fukubukusou no Fuku-chan" in the 18th Fantasia International Movie Festival held at Montreal, Canada, on 9 August which makes her the first Japanese winner in 5 years since Mitsushima Hikari won it for her role in "Ai no Mukidashi" in 2009. The interesting thing is, Oshima shaved her head to play a man by the name of Fuku-chan who develops a phobia for women because of his first love (Mizukawa Asami) and later overcomes this condition when he reunites with her and falls for her again.

When interviewed about her win, Oshima commented that it was fascinating to win a best actress award even though she had acted as a man. She expressed her gratitude towards the director Fujita Yosuke for helping her to make the character Fuku-chan come alive. As for Fujita, he also praised Oshima for giving her all in playing this role and admitted that it was a gamble to get a woman to play a man but Oshima made the gamble pay off handsomely.

In response to Oshima's win, her husband Suzuki Osamu posted on his blog that he was very surprised to hear that his wife won the award by playing a middle-aged man which is something rarely heard of. Suzuki revealed that Fujita had brought the script to his wife some years ago before the March 11 tsunami crisis but there were many hiccups along the way before the movie was finally filmed. Suzuki expressed his joy at his wife's achievement and congratulated her for winning the best actress award.

Oshima is currently taking a break from work in order to prepare for motherhood.

The movie "Fukubukusou no Fuku-chan" will be shown nationwide in cinemas from 8 November.




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Singer BoA is releasing her eighth album in Japan in September, according to her agency SM Entertainment on Saturday.

It has been just more than four and a half years since she debuted a regular album in Japan. The singer’s seventh, “Identity,” was released in February 2010.

The new record not only includes new songs, such as “First Time,” but also some that were previously popular, such as “Call My Name,” “Message,” “Woo Weekend,” “Shout It Out,” “Milestone,” “I See Me,” “Close To Me” and “Baby You.” Each track came out after July 2010.

Songs released last month, like “Masayume Chasing,” are also included on the record, meaning that there will be 14 new tracks on the album in total.

“Masayume Chasing” is well known because it was the theme song for the TV animation “Fairy Tail” in Japan.

To celebrate the new album, BoA will hold a concert tour in Japan for the first time in four and a half years. The singer will start in Tokyo for two days starting Sept. 6 and will then move elsewhere, including Osaka and Fukuoka.

JoongAng Daily

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The newest album released by Korea’s Girls’ Generation has swept Oricon, the Japanese music chart.

The album, titled “The Best,” was released on July 23. It ranked No. 1 on Oricon’s daily and weekly album chart as of yesterday. Up until July 27, almost 75,000 copies of the album had been sold.

On the newest record, the nine-member group put together Japanese versions of many of its popular songs, including “Gee” and “Mr. Mr.” The album also includes the new ballad “Indestructible.”

The group recently completed its tour in Japan, which started on April 26. The group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that 200,000 fans gathered to see the nine members during 17 performances in seven cities, including Hiroshima, Kobe, Nagoya and Osaka. The “Girls’ Generation Love and Peace Japan 3rd Tour” began in Fukuoka.

JoongAng Daily

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